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Lets be alive forever

Updated on May 21, 2012
I give you my Heart
I give you my Heart

I am sharing this hub as the awareness of this is very important among all of us. As hub forum has always been supportive, which is the reason of my sharing this hub here?

As we all know technology is changing everything. Thus the modern sciences have made impossible looks possible, but it is still dependent on us which means it can only happen if we all think unified and balanced for everyone who exist on earth.

Earlier people use to die due to the failure of the working of the main organs the functioning of the organs depends upon their health but sometimes, either due to any deficiency upon their health but sometimes either due to any deficiency or any alcoholic habits their functioning gets disturbed and they stop working as required which is dangerous for health and sometimes becomes the reason of death.

But as time spins and with every spin there is a change, thus a new change that has taken place is “TRANSPLANATION of the organs”. It means that the organ which is not functioning properly is transplanted with the other piece of the same type of organ so the person can live extra years of life. But the sad thing is there are still lot of people who are not aware of this Transplantation and medical Advancement which thus makes hard to get enough positive result.

My aim in this article is too ask everyone to take responsibility towards society both in educative as well as donatives’ way. We should teach the theory of transplantation to more and more people so that they come to know about this latest technology and secondly we should promote the organ donation .So, that we have the organs to transplant .We can teach the significance of that, that we are alive after death also. We all have the moral responsibility towards society which is the ultimate duty of each one of us.

We all should to take a pledge for donation and should help the precious lives from being lost before their time. Organ donation is a help for those who lose their closed ones due to organ failure. It is help that you do when you really don’t need them in your body as you can still go to heavenly abode without them.


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    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I am an organ donor as well, I feel that is the least I can do after I am gone to help others who are still here.

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 5 years ago

      I am signed up as an organ donor and I have made sure that my family knows this so they will honor my wishes. It is amazing what can be done now to help improve a person's quality of life. It all starts with organ donors. Glad you posted this reminder. Thank you.