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Letter To Gamestop: A Disgruntled Ex Employee

Updated on August 2, 2008
A bad place to work!
A bad place to work!

Hello, this is a letter I sent to GameStop’s District manager and area manager. It also went to the human resources department (so I was told by the managers) at GameStop. I wrote this because of the horrible conditions at the GameStop I worked at. The article explains all but I have some extra information about GameStop that I might not have gotten to. First of all, it is a fun place to work at if you love video games. That quickly leaves you and you’re stuck in a bad place. I know there has to be GameStop’s that are operated by competent employees, nice customers, and good hours. But from what I’ve experienced and read other peoples comments on the internet, it’s kind of really sucks. The pay is unbelievable horrible! I mean for a company that gets billions of dollars of revenue, why does it feel it necessary to pay minimum wage. If you are not a Manager or Assistant Manager, the hours are horrible. So everything underneath those are just time fillers. Let us do the math, the Manager and Assistant Manager get around 80 hours of the allotted company time. The worst part of that is that GameStop shaves off hours as much as possible. The do this to save money and generate more money to line their already fat pockets. So it’s not absurd for a GameStop to give a store maybe 100-110 hours a week. My store had around 8 employees at the highest point from what I remember. So how can a person divide equally 20-30 hours for 6 freaking people!?! The worst paycheck I got for 2 weeks of work was around 30 dollars! There are some more practices that I don’t like that they do. When they take in bad games or accessories, they don’t take them to their corporate office to get them fixed. They actually take the merchandise in the back of the store and destroy the products. Some of the items were not so bad but they destroyed it anyway for two things. The first reason was that it was cost effective to not send it. Why in God’s name is that cost effective if you’re destroying thousands of dollars of merchandise??? The second reason was that if they destroyed it and threw it in the trash; no one could take it and use it. In my book, trash is trash. If you throw it away, maybe someone can recycle it and by doing so can create less trash in the world. But no! They must do that because they can’t let people have stuff for free! I’ve seen this done multiple times. The games that are traded in to get money are bad policy too. You trade in your expensive game to get credit for another game. Usually they offer you little to next too nothing on a video game. Than they go around your back and sell it for 3 to 4 times the original amount. That is how this company can make so much money. I hate this practice and also that they opened new games and sell them as “new” games. I can go on and on but I just wanted to say this before the main article. All these accounts are 100 percent true and they come from my time working there. I feel sorry for the people that work their and take so much abuse from a company that can offer them better compensation for their hard work. I try to avoid shopping there because of what they do and the injustices that were done to me. Thanks for reading and make up your own mind about this place. Let us see if you can see this place in a new light!

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. My name is Cesar Ruiz from store 3850 on 79th and Harlem in Bridgeview, IL. I am a student and an aspiring writer. I am currently unemployed. I was an employee at GAMESTOP for about 10 months. I couldn’t make it to one year and maybe something higher than a lowly game advisor. Sadly, my time was short and eventful. My dreams for working a game store is squashed now, it’s a real shame. Why did this happen you ask? I will tell you why with one simple word. And that one word is, Colleen. My manager’s name was Colleen. I want to let some steam off. I left that store that I enjoyed working so much very sour. This sourness was created for no reason, just because of one person’s incompetence and abhorrent treatment of people, including me and coworkers. I write this letter as an employee AND as a customer. I say customer because, if you care to check the records from employee transactions, you will find that I spent a good amount of my money there. Money I made working at Gamestop, I spent lots of it buying video games and whatnot. Mostly at my store I spent money but at other Gamestops as well. I want to write this letter to let you know that Colleen is a terrible person to be put in a manager’s position. I will list past instances that came to my attention while working there that even I knew were wrong. If I can find these mistakes, hopefully you will take notice and maybe rectify these problems before they get out of hand. IF you don’t than that’s no skin off my nose, but I truly believe that she is costing customer and employee satisfactions and losing money as well. I heard stories about her being mean for no apparent reason. I could hear the hate for her coming from other people’s voices. I reserved judgment but it was crystal clear when she came to my former store as the new manager. All the horror stories were true and she made new ones while I was there too. I don’t mean to sound so dramatic but it was pretty bad over there. The next paragraphs are recollections that I either saw or heard from reliable people and even sometimes corroborations from many people on the same thing. These are 100 percent true, to the best of my memory and the fact that my sources are very reliable. I will give names but these people helped me in finding the truth, I am not trying to get them in trouble. I hope this makes a difference and it is not a waste of time but I need to let you know what happen. I will list the past instances where I caught Colleen doing something that was either negligence, rude, incompetent, shifty, and just plain dumb

Colleen doesn’t know how to talk to people is a good start to begin with. I am a quiet person; I don’t like attention to be put on me. I’m respectful and descent. Colleen is the complete opposite of me. She is loud and disrespectful. I remember one time near the Christmas holidays. We just got new temporary help. One of the peoples name was Raphael (a new game advisor). He was a nice guy, nothing wrong with him. I remember one time that he didn’t put up a sign correctly. The first words out of Colleen mouth were to call him an idiot. He wasn’t there but he said it in plain sight where people could hear. I was there and I heard it and I also had to fix his mistake. But I understood that he was new, Colleen did not. Many times she has given either the employees or customers wrong information. Plenty of times I’ve heard customers complaining of her that she gave wrong info on games being at our store or a wrong release date for a game and them expecting it to be their for purchase. The worst time I remembered of her talking before thinking was a very specific thing. I was with Ken, he was the 3rd key at the store and still is today, and Colleen one day. She had been working there for a couple of months. She and Ken were making some rather unusual comments towards each other; this was because they were friends. These sometimes boarded sexual comments. When it was time for me to leave, it was in the morning and my time had come for being a game advisor. She asked me to show my pockets and what not, very standard. She tells me to turn around and show her my butt. I guess this meant she wanted to see my back pockets. She said these things while laughing at me while the 3rd key was there. They both thought it was hilarious when she said to spin around and make gross noises at me when doing. Like a frat boy howling at a party. The problem is that she thought this was ok and funny. She even looked the other way when Ken would talk like that. He would do that around the store and to other people. I found this very wrong and I felt abused sexually. To tell you the truth, I was going to talk to a lawyer because of all the libel and the sexual comment Colleen gave me. She ruined my reputation in front of many people and for that I cannot forgive, as the other paragraphs will show. I know my rights. I still haven’t decided on what to do. This is one of the main reasons I quit. I felt very uncomfortable and it haunted me until the day I decided to quit.

She wastes company time. Her biggest time waster i have seen in the past was when her boyfriend came in. She would talk to him and do things other than work. She will talk to him on the phone for much time as well. The most peculiar thing that she’s done was when the boyfriend was there. The guy would actually do work that needed to be done at the store. I felt like he was taking the very reason I was there. He was doing the work that the company paid me to do. He would put games back and do other stuff that he didn’t need to. And she would either help him or just watch him do it. The most alarming thing I heard someone say about her that sometimes she would let him in the back office. That is unacceptable. She can’t be doing that because he might be helping her steal. I found that very bizarre.

We weren’t allowed to rent out video games from the store. Her reasoning, from what I heard from the 3rd key, was that because she didn’t rent games, no one should. This is completely ridiculous. I am not a rich man but if I was I would buy all the games that I wanted. Since I am not a millionaire, I was very grateful for the game rentals that came with the job. It is asinine that we weren’t allowed to rent game. How can I tell customers about video games that we have if they ask whether it is good or not? I have had many a time that people has asked but I couldn’t give them a review. Many of those times, they walked away without buying the game they asked about. I bet that was a lot of money lost because of that dumb rule.

A big grievance I had with her was that she lied! She would make up stories that weren’t true. I know that you might have heard some of these lies and even believed them. One time she accused me of talking on the cell phone in front of her and customers. Another time, I was complaining about a new hired person. Her name is Jen and she wanted to train her to become 3rd key after 2 weeks of being hired. I got mad about this because I asked her that I wanted to be trained for 3rd key but she gave it to Jen. I talked to her normally but she blew up on me. She yelled at me when I was talking in a normal manner. She even said that I wasn’t good enough to be 3rd key because of my stuttering. That really hurt my feelings because I cannot control that part of me. After that day, I heard from the assistant manager that she said I yelled at her. She made it seem, by his story, that she was the victim and I was the aggressor. The last thing that made me really angry was that she would talk about me to other people. It got so bad that even a customer came in and was talking about things she had said about me behind my back. She would tell the new seasonal people about how I wasn’t a good employee, how my numbers sucked, and just random made up things. Who knows what else she might have said that I didn’t hear! I was very disgusted with her mannerisms.

The other employees didn’t think much of her either. Ken would get harassed by her to either quit or transfer to another store. When the guy was caught stealing from the Ridgeland mall, he was told by Colleen to go over there. He didn’t want to because he liked it at the Bridgeview store. But she kept on trying to make him go and transfer over there. The reason that she did this was she wanted to give Ken’s position to Jen. The seasonal people would actually groan and moan at the thought of working with her. Even when they see their names on the schedule and they have to work with her, you can sense their displeasure. Tom, a seasonal employee, would complain that sometimes he would not be allowed near the registers. Ken would complain that he would get yelled at for things that he didn’t do. Chris, the assistant manager would even complain about her treatment of people. This dissonance that she creates can come back and cost the company people and money. People might stop caring and cause trouble for GameStop in the future.

Another big grievance was that she wouldn’t be fair with people’s hours and played favorites. A big thing that she did was that she didn’t distribute hours properly. She would give more hours to the girls than the guys. She would give them to this girl named Angie (game advisor) and Jen. For the most part, except in some times and around Christmas time, I would get good numbers. These included RES, used sales, items per transaction, and SUBs were always high for me. I can remember the first time Colleen transferred to the new store; I had her beat in RESs and SUBs the first 2 months. I always did good by what the assistant manager (Chris) and the 3rd key (Ken). I even got good marks with Greg, the area manager. I did well against Angie for all the time I was working there. The thing I will admit was that I got bested by Jen when she did come, for the most part. Even though I have over Jen is seniority and Angie I had were sales. Those two where my main opponents for hours at that store. So why did I always get the left over hours like my accomplishments meant nothing. For Angie, Colleen would always say she had sonority over me. That’s fine and all but she really didn’t do as much as I did. I sold, cleaned, helped customers, acted nicely, and many other things, I feel. With Jen, she would say that she sells more. Again, that is fine but that wasn’t always the case and I had seniority over her. Her big problem was that she left the store in disarray. I was taught that a person will get more hours if they work hard enough for them. So why was I always felt stiffed with the hours to people that didn’t deserve them. It got so bad that I would only work 3.25 hours PER WEEK. Raphael would get more hours than me and he was a seasonal employee!

Colleen had a big problem was with discipline with some of her employees. Her biggest problem was with Angie. Angie was a wild one. I remember one day I was working with Colleen. All of a sudden, this customer walks up to her and says you “should really fire that girl.” Colleen said she was sorry and sorry again but the man was still man. Found out that he was a police officer that comes in once in a while. The reason he was so upset was what had happen the day before. It seemed, by what he was telling Colleen, that Angie would not get off the Guitar Hero 3 demo for the XBOX 360. He said that he felt dumb waiting there for help while Colleen was running around doing her work and doing what Angie should have been doing. Another more serious thing that happen was with some Arabic customers. It was around a holiday for them. Apparently, they try to haggle for prices on this certain time. This is fine; I know we can’t haggle because these prices are set in stone by the company. I would have said no and explain we can’t do that in a polite manner, even if they persisted. It happen that way with Angie but she didn’t react the same way. She gave them attitude and did something very mean to them as they were walking out. She said “I hate these F#&king people as they walked out, something to that matter from what I heard. They got angry and said they would call corporate office, which I think they did. Chris would also tell me that she would refuse to ask people if they wanted to get a SUB or RES. Even when the customer had over 100 dollars in trade in and it would be wise to ask them so they could get more, an easy SUB right there. No, she didn’t offer it so Chris would have to step in to get the SUB or RES. I ask myself this, “Why does she favor her.” She would get more hours and just be treated better than me!

There is a certain feeling you get around her sometimes too. I asked other people and they felt the same way. You would get the feeling of being unwanted. She gave off this feeling many a times. She would talk to you in a condescending matter. I always thought she thought she was better than people. Honest to God, I thought she was a racist. That feeling was eventually replaced with the feeling of her being a sexist. Than my final answer to why she acted like that was that she was an elitist. That meaning if I didn’t belong to her either age, wealth background, or whatever that I wasn’t worth getting to know and shown respect.

The last thing that I took that made me mentally and physically upset was that Colleen thought I was stealing. Now let me get this clear, I HAVE NO REASON TO STEAL PERIOD. I wasn’t brought up that way. My grandfather was a religious man and I try to model my life like he would want me too. A very nice man that the community looked up to him, may he rest in peace. I swear on his name that I never stole video games. Colleen seemed to be hell bent that I was stealing video games. At first, it was other people but than it came to me. She told everyone that I stole; it got to the point where some customers knew about this. She said I stole some PSP game, god knows what the titles were. I buy my stuff; I support the companies that make these games. She wouldn’t allow me to go in the drawers. Plus, they drawers were under surveillance, so there was never proof that I stole something or I would have been fired than me quitting myself. THERE WAS NO PROOF BUT SHE STILL SPREAD LIBELOUS MATERIAL! She first told someone to tell me that it was because I didn’t know how to put things in order and she was tired of seeing things out of order. I am a writer for god sakes; the alphabet is the crux for a writer. How can she insult my intelligence like that? She crossed the line when she thought I couldn’t tell A is after B! Another thing is that she had no proof that it was me. It could have just as well been someone else but she picked me to pin it on and that isn’t fair. Making up the truth is NOT the truth. The thing that would make me supremely angry was that she would tell others to tell me what I can or cannot do. She would never tell me directly. She would always talk in front of me to other people about things around the store that involved me somehow. She would word it enough so I knew what she meant but didn’t talk to me directly. This is a real bad form of shadiness. That and Tom getting more hours that week got me to want to quit. He has another job with his father. He showed me a wad of money and he wanted to buy a car. So Colleen gave him more hours. Around this time, I was working 1 day a week and getting 40 dollars a paycheck. I have no other way to support myself. When I got home, I was physically and mentally disturbed. Thinking about it know makes me angry. I got really red in the face and had a headache because of that. Couple of days later I went to see her and I told her I quit to her face. She almost smiled and she was happy too. Didn’t ask to please stay or do nothing to make me stay. I was basically forced to leave because of her plans to get rid of me. This was the last straw and the other reason why I quit the job.

I truly do miss working for Gamestop. To me, it was my dream job. I wished that I wasn’t forced to leave. I had to leave because she made me that uncomfortable and unwanted. I wrote all what I could say. I know this letter is long and I know that I missed saying some things too. I am not kidding when I can say that I can write forever about what she did. Colleen is a terrible manager with no proper manners on treating her employees with equality and respect. I really feel like I was discriminated against. For some reason, she hated me enough to try to get me fired and you know what she did get her wish. I heard unbelievable accusations that as soon as she came there, she wanted to replace people and get new people in. As you can see today, she did what she sought. I am not surprised if all of the old regulars are gone now and replaced. You lost a good employee in me and to me that is sad. You lost a dedicated person that served in Junior Reserve Officer Training Course, J R O T C for 3 years. I took this in school and if I entered the military, I would have gained the rank of Corporal automatically. I was an Honors and Advance Placement student in High School. I had Honors English, Spanish, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Biology, and Physics student and also Advance Placement English. So as you can see, I have the right qualifications of an astute and scientific man. The things Colleen did to me where neither smart or made sense scientifically. Losing me won’t make mathematical sense either. Than why was I treated like I was treated! I hope this was not a complete waste of mental energy. I really hope someone listens to me and does something about this. I can not express the love I had working at GAMESTOP. I sought help from higher powers than Colleen but I felt they didn’t help me in resolving this problem. I am a writer and I could have been working on a story than doing this, so I hope this is taken seriously. I could be writing for my school newspaper than pouring my heart out but it needed to be done.


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    • profile image

      DoveFreexrolo 2 years ago

      genuinely a exceptional post. I’ll undoubtedly be examining this weblog a lot more.

    • profile image

      Sorry 3 years ago

      Sorry you had a bad working experience at GameStop. I assume you are very young, and don't have any other work experience.

      Hate to be harsh; but this is the working world of the unskilled worker. Until you pick up a skillset that is valuable, and you become an asset to a company (rather than a resource,) you will continue to have this problem.

      I hope that writing this letter helped you get a lot off of your chest, and gave you closure on certain issues. Unfortunately the certain truth is that this letter was never read by anyone important.

      (Even if it was, it is highly unlikely to change anything)

      -Sorry reader.

    • profile image

      William G. 4 years ago

      Gamestop is a rip off. Come to pa. Ugh......

    • profile image

      Daniel 4 years ago

      I agree with the last post to a point. I was a store manager for a year and a half and saw the terrible conditions GameStop creates for hardly any pay. This letter is a whole lot of whining, but there are some things to consider. GameStop gives hardly any hours to each store to operate with. It is then up to the manager to spread those hours out between the employees at the manager's discretion. If you don't get any hours, maybe it's because your not a strong employee. However, he is correct about the total hours they give. I ran a moderately high volume store for the area and the hours we were allotted each week were a joke. It was just enough to have one person in the store working from 9am to around 6pm daily and then finally two people could work for the final 3 hours of operation. As a store manager in a busy store, I basically worked as a cashier for 5 or 6 hours a day and then had a couple hours to do all day's worth of operations once I had a part-timer to run the register for me. That is just poor time management. That is only one example of how upper management has no concern for the morale and welfare of its employees. If you like video games, you'll like the job for a little while, but then that will get old too. GameStop is the perfect example of a business that hires gamers, then promotes gamers over and over instead of hiring salespeople and promoting people with leadership skills. It's a joke and the pay sucks, too.

    • profile image

      Ryan. SGA. 4 years ago

      As stated i'm currently an SGA for gamestop.

      Where to begin.

      What I just read was a long whiney post of self-indulgent crap.

      That being said, i'm not trying to be a douche no matter how much my post will seem like it, but begging a complaint letter with "Colleen hurt my feelings" is a load of shit and if you carry that attitude with you throughout your life you will find that the world can be a pretty unforgiving place.

      1. If you don't like being put on the spot, don't work fucking retail. That's what the JOB IS.

      2. Frequent the job you're applying for, before you apply. Learn the people, learn the clients.

      3. Don't badmouth a store manager with a bunch of he-said/she-said bullshit unless you have solid, irrefutable proof. Corporate doesn't care, you're a GA, they're a store manager. They worked to get there so your word means nothing to them UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF.

      Saying "Ohh she was a bitch on may the 8th"doesn't mean shit to them even if it was the 100% ball-sucking truth. They're a business. As long as you haven't been molested, or called a racial slur, they don't fucking care if you cry yourself to sleep.

      Its sounds like you just didn't know how to manipulate your manager into a situation where you could prove all of this. Next time you're in a similar situation use a recording device, catch them on camera doing something. Call the fucking HeroLine and say "I have irrefutable proof that this happened. Check the store DVR. Listen to this recording."

      Use your brain, not your heart. Emotions have NO place in the work-place.

    • profile image

      dawn22 5 years ago

      i work at a gamestop. and im 21. sm with a degree.

    • profile image

      Katherine 5 years ago

      Columbus, Ms Gamestop Randy a very helpful young man and knew what he was talking about helped my husband several times with his ps3. loved talking to someone who is polite and willing to help and this young man was very willing to help.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

      9. Р.Л Зенков, И.И. Ивашков, Л.Н. Колобов «Машины непрерывного траура», М 1989 10. И.И. Строкин «Перевозка и складирование визажных шиньонов» (Справочник строителя), М 1991

    • profile image

      Dilsenrorie 5 years ago

      We helpful to acquire at the top of lifestyle nevertheless these days I have built up a new amount of resistance.

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 5 years ago from Chicago

      I'm sorry for not posting people that responded months ago, I appreciate your time and effort to say something, anything about gamestop whether its good or bad. I appreciate people speaking their mind. this is flipping America and you have a right to call me an asshole or liar in what i say, but i like more people that agree with me or have had similar horrible tales. Please continues to say what's on your mind, i like reading all of this. So many years have passed and i still hate Gamestop with a passion, its like finding out you've been cheated on by your loved one. Its that terrible. I have no idea what happen to the original people that worked there but i hope they found better things. All except Colleen, i hope the worst for her, Thanks again everyone, keep on the comments!

    • profile image

      hardworking lacky 5 years ago

      I currently work at gamestop ( well probably for a few more days at least). I am a 3rd manager and even though i have been a manager before at a biggest retail store, i have never dealt with the laziness and disregard for employees. The manager i work for has no problem telling you that he is lazy and likes to pawn tasks off if he can. He would rather have several days and work as little as possible. Recently I was told to look after the employee that are under me, easily accepted task. I found out that this made me a scapegoat for whatever the other 2 manager saw to blame me for. I recently stood up and asked for some respect especially from a ASM that got the job based on her supposed friendliness and not her management experience, game knowledge or anything else. I helped train this person and know she see fit to treat me like a kid ( i am 12 years her senior) and try to correct and coach me on the stupidest things that i all ready know , like putting a trash bag in the trash can lol. I sat down had a meeting with the manager, who does not believe anything i say because why would a ASM treat people bad etc etc. I have spoken to other GM's at Gamestop and found that this is not typical behavior I understand manager can be stressed but the best why to stay unstressed is to see that you have some good employee and open you eyes and notice that we hold you up. I am some of the tops numbers in the district, never really had a customer complaint but yet I am told i yell at customers, snapped at the ASM in front of customers, etc. If I ignore the bad attitude while still completing all of my daily tasks, I am told that i am being insubordinate. What A crock. Also when I texted him ( mind you while he was on vacation but that should not matter because you still are manager and have a store to maintain),. This text was asking why the ASM was reading applications, snickering and not doing her job. We have no hours for a new employee , so based on her snicking and attitude , i had to ask why she was doing that. My response from him was from of profanity and rude. I like company but someone has to be done. I can not quite quit yet because i live in a small town in the boonies with very few jobs available. So be-warned, ask around to the employee or people that have worked for said manager before you work at gamestop. if you get a good manager whether stressed or not, they will treat you well and the job will be fun. Get a bad one and you life with be miserable

    • profile image

      GDB 5 years ago

      One of the biggest concerns many GameStop employees have is that they have to keep working after they clock out (in other words, the have to work “off the clock”). Some employees report that they are given way more to do than can be completed in a shift, but if they don’t clock out on time, or don’t finish the work, they can be fired. So employees end up clocking out and then finish the work. Other employees complain that the Comdata Card comes with fees, effectively reducing the actual paycheck. These are blatant violations of federal and state wage and hour laws, and Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, P.C. is actively investigating a potential class action against GameStop. If you would like to discuss your legal options, please do not hesitate to contact me:

      Greg Blankinship, Esq.

      Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, P.C.

      1311 Mamaroneck Avenue

      White Plains, NY 10605


      To ensure compliance with applicable rules of professional conduct, please note that this post might be construed as Attorney Advertising. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I used to be a store manager at GameStop. I absolutely loved that place. I was fired for being one of the few managers that dide things by the book. They say get SUBS! I got SUBS! They say get Reserves! I got Reserves. My numbers were NEVER, EVER bad. Now my store had its good weeks and bad weeks but ultimately it came down to us being a store run like it should be run. When we SUCKED, we just sucked. When we did GREAT, it was because we REALLY did great. Everytime my store was Audited, there was NO signs of fruadulent crap because i was honest about how my store was being run. Gamestop is a company that is very driven by meaningless numbers. Thhe stores that had the high numbers could be doing so much fraudulent crap that would get overlooked all the time because of those FAKE high numbers they put up. I have seen LP go into stores and find suspicious activity going on just to see the district managers do nothing afterwards. Seems to me like they always get rid of the good ones that have some form of dignity in the business, just to pa their stats by letting the stores be run with so much fraudulent activity. This was a company wide problem. In late 2007 when they realized this the first time, they stopped caring about subs and reserves and pretty much turned us loose to make real money by selling. They eventually got back to the whole....GET SUBS AND RESERVES OR ELSE....crap and the same thing is happening now. FRAUDULENT activity is back and i know it. I must say that you will get a much BETTER experience buying and trading at BEST BUY. YOu wont get badgered, hounded, harrassed etc. by some person just trying to get a freaking SUB. Gamestop is very afraid of Best Buy also. They are contining to lose customers to them. I can go on and on but i will leave by saying that Gamestop is here now and was a pretty good place to work for. They need to get their priorities straight. I give them a minimum of 10 years or less before there wont be one one every corner of a city near YOU!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Current SM 6 years ago

      Sunny unless your Paul Rains or Mike Dzura im afraid there isn't much you can do! We have in my reg alone a reg dir with a god complex and a bunch of lacky dm's many of them that couldn't find their way down a straight road with a map! I love this company but the fact is that this is 4 companys under 1 the 4 markets do what ever they want despite what corp. sez then when the big visits come we are all forced to scramble and put the store back to marketing then change it again when their gone! Its a joke but most of us vets stick it out hoping that this company we care so much for will get better.

    • profile image

      Sunny 6 years ago

      Very at corporate and it makes me sad to see that the stores we(some of us) work so hard for, so unhappy. Terribly disappointing however glad I ran across this thread, maybe I can help make a difference.... I hope so.

    • louromano profile image

      louromano 6 years ago

      This is a very informative hub. Voted up.

    • profile image

      common sense 6 years ago

      from a customers prospective gamestop is my one stop shop for games. on the money issue its gamestop, do you expect 50,000 dollars a year to run a cashier, and complain about your boss? grow a pair and tell her to screw off.

      thumbs down man

    • profile image

      Two Headed Hydra 6 years ago

      I'll say this aswell: For all of you GAs and SGAs having shitty managers, I'll give this tip and a little insight: Being a manager at a game stop is extremely stressful and you catch grief everyday from your DM. How do we aid this problem? A store that preforms well above regional and company average will RARELY hear from the DM. The less the DM is breathing down your manager's neck the less the Manager has to worry about. The less the manager has to worry about the less YOU have to worry about. Also, the more numbers you get the more the store's allotted PAYROll increases. The more payroll, the more hours.. i could go on... You will always start at the bottom when beginning work for gamestop, it is up to you to prove that you know your games, you know how to excite customers about upcoming titles and how to make the GPGs and PUR cards seem like a reward more than an expenditure.

    • profile image

      Two Headed Hydra 6 years ago

      Straight up, I'm a numbers beast. My weekly reserves % are around 30-50% CONSISTENTLY. I sell GPGs like crazy and my PURs are well above regional average. I've worked at gamestop twice in my life time. First at the Clemson Store in SC. I told my boss man i wanted to move up , he told me get numbers, I did, and within 4 months i was SGA and moving to the brand new store in Traveler's Rest. Shortly after i was terminated due miss information on my application, which they didn't check until i was promoted. 6 months later (the standard wait for rehires) I was hired back at a different store in Greenville SC as a GA. MY NUMBERS were insanely good. Alone I rose the entire sotre's average by 10-15% across the board. 2 other GAs work there, on my first week we each were getting 10 hours a week. After 2 weeks i now get 25 hours and the others get 2-4 hours per week. I don't feel, survival of the fittest. My ASM is stepping down, he's lost interest after so many years and the job is mine when he does so.Since my rehire i have been working a little more than a month. Gamestop dosent have time for half ass salemen abilities. Be a Beast like me and get promoted, it is as easy as that.

    • profile image

      Nonya 6 years ago

      @ Current GA, wait a year and see if things are still the same. Three months ain't sh*t.

    • profile image

      Current GA 6 years ago

      I've been working at Gamestop for 3 months now, originally seasonal, now part time. Hours aren't amazing, but decent for a place juggling hours for 8 people. The work is easy, it can get hectic, but it's a job, and it's a good one. I haven't had any issues with my managers or my job. I push PUR's and Reserves and that's what shapes our hours. It looks like bad luck to a lot of these posts, but I know Gamestop is a good place to work, and shop. If you aren't getting good hours it's probably because of your performance.

    • profile image

      An ASM 6 years ago

      Wow. Really?

      Are we all just going to bitch about a JOB?

      It's a one likes a JOB.

      I was hired on as an SGA who knew VERY little about video games...3 months later, I was promoted to ASM. Why? Because I performed at my job well. I caught on quick and worked my ass off for this position. I'm sure the the fact that I actually went to college didn't hurt either. I don't doubt that some of you have had shitty managers; hell, even my manager is a total tool. Sure I have my stories about him, but doesn't everyone hate their boss?

      Bottom line is that while there ARE shitty managers everywhere, all of these problems with hours and promotions are totally under your own control. Do your job. Offer subs and reserves. Care about your numbers, right down to sales comp. Be informed of your product and sell, sell, sell. Ta-da. Intelligent, well spoken people make it further in life than those who just piss and moan instead of taking action. I must be a genius, huh?

      EARN your pay and position....quit whining about it. Otherwise, do you know where it will land you? As a GA working 4-6 hours a week. We get the promotions we DESERVE.

    • profile image

      Yeah 6 years ago

      I've been at gs for 4-5 months. I started as an sga and I'm now the asm. I used to love my job but now under new management I'm noticing the same horrible treatment as any other retail job. Time to move on I suppose.

    • profile image

      another gamestop ex 6 years ago

      i worked for gamestop for 4 years. i started when i was 16, it was my first job. i loved it i had great managers my check outs and great customers. when it came time for the annual raises, i got the highest of the GA's. then minimum wage went up a few months later and i lost my raise i worked for. that happened twice. then when i turned 18 i got 'promoted' to and LGA. i was basically a floating manager. i had all the responsibilities of an SGA while traveling to a maximum of 4 stores in a week opening or closing them. at that time minimum wage was like now, 7.25. SGA's made about 8.50-9.00. while doing their job and doing it at different stores, i got a great pay raise from minimum to 7.40. then after a year of that shit i got a SGA position and worked there for ten months before i moved to another city. with the exception of my last 6 months with the company i had a great although sometimes absent-minded DM. mister rob lawrence. he was a great DM and helped me get my promotions. he left my district shortly after i got SGA and a new bitch came in. jennifer king. with in one month she completely destroyed the morale of the district. if you weren't an assistant manager she would not even talk to you and rarely look at you. for 6 months she was causing so much trouble that myself as well as two other SGA left the district. one stores complete manager staff put their two week notices in at the same time. i tried to transfer districts when i moved. i gave plenty of notice, 3 months before i was going to move. i asked her to contact the DM out there and she would say 'of course' and then not. 5 weeks before i was suppose to move i called the Dm myself and asked if jen called me and he said that he had had no word from her. he set me up to get transferred and i move, i go in for an interview to get my new manager and i introduced and everything goes great he says he'll put me on the next weeks schedule. i call saturday to get my sched and i have 12 hours. im going from minimum 34 to 12 i asked him why and he said that i am being put on as a GA and that because of that gamestop is also going to cut my hourly wage down to minimum wage. that was a 2.25 pay cut. at that point i said 'sir, i can not do that. i have takenn a lot of shit from this company, but this is too much. i will not be coming in to work i quit fuck you and fuck this company.' i just thought that id share that with you guys. theres more to the story but i am short for time. thanks for reading i hope that you get away from this bull shit company and realize that there are plenty of other great jobs.

    • profile image

      it only takes 6 6 years ago

      I worked for Gamestop for 4 years. I worked my way up from GA to ASM. My first boss was a lazy dick my second manager was awesome but her staff sucked when I got to her store. Then my second manager and I moved to a new store. I was promoted SGA and the ASM was a complete psycho. he flipped off a store full of customers at our midnight launch of madden 2011, tried to fight a customer, was completely useless, and he would yell at me when I tried to correct him. Eventually the asm got transferred( keep in mind I said transferred and not fired) and I was promoted. Only two short months later a new manager came in from another store when she moved here and she was undeservingly given our store 3 months later. In that time after she became the official manager of our store she called out and missed a month of work( consecutively ), let the store go entirely to shit, blamed me and the rest of the staff for everything that was wrong. belittled us on multiple occasions and then got me and two friends fired by making us the scapegoats for the stores terrible shrink issue. Now add that to the fact that my district manager called me a nazi for interviewing at best buy and the fact that I was screwed over on my raise twice. It is safe to say that I hate gamestop and will never shop there again.

    • profile image

      RecentlyFired!!! 6 years ago

      i worked for gamestop for 3 years, and got fired for returning games for a asm.

      and they want me to pay them 350$ for having someone sent out to fire me…… PAY TO HAVE MYSELF FIRED!!! AND TWO MONTHS PAY FROM THEM AT THAT!!!!!!!!! FUVK YOU GAMESTOP I HOPE YOU BURN DOWN AND DIE!

    • profile image

      ThatCleverFox 6 years ago

      Maybe it's just me or maybe I have a good location but, I started as a seasonal hire and have worked my way up in a year to ASM at 3818. I love the store and the people. Of course no where is perfect and things get hectic sometimes but it's an easy job. Geeze pizza hut is hiring guys, GS is not that bad. It's all about how you look at it and go about dealing with your problems. Granted that lady might've been wrong but, did you address these problems?

    • profile image

      PEI-TIENCE LOCKETT 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      PEI-TIENCE LOCKETT 6 years ago

      hellow I think that game stop should make a TEMPTATIONS THE EXPERIENCE GAME.Just like you guy made the MICHAEL JACKSON THE EXPERIENCE GAME for wii wich came with the glove.But this time if you guys make a TEMPTATIOS EXPERIENCE GAME it can come with the moves and a microphone for wii and xbox kinect.I am a BIG fan of the TEMPTATIONS plus I have the the movie, and watches it evryday.This is a big huge faver that im askine you guys to do for me and I hope that it HAPPENS THANK YOU VERY much please please please with a cherry ontop

    • profile image

      el rey 6 years ago

      I worked for GameStop off and on for years. I had SM position dangled in front of me for about a year before I got fed up and found a new job. Even though I put in my two weeks, and went through the proper channels, I still got my vacation pay denied, and treated terribly all the way out.

    • profile image

      Kirby Gray 6 years ago


      That is all.

    • profile image

      cat 6 years ago

      I moved up to ASM within 9 months...what is the problem with you all?

    • profile image

      That dude 6 years ago

      Fuck gamestop. That store has snaked me sooo many times. To think of all the money i spent there. The only time i go there now is either to loiter or to steal. I wont get booked because the cashiers are just lazy and have no pride in the job, so they don't pay attention and Gamestop is too cheap to buy camera's. Good story though

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      My boyfriend works at gamestop not his boss sold him this game on black friday it was a good deal so he got it his boss told the key to ring up this other game and now saying my boyfriend has to pay the rest because he screwed up we don't even know what to do he pays child support and we have a 9 month old we r tring to take care of we don't have the money to pay off the rest of this game and we cant afford him to get fired..............please help us beat this gamestop system.

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 6 years ago from Chicago

      Man o man did your story, JDonVance, raise my temperature. What I've come to realize now more and more working for companies is their refusal to have a conscious about things like this. The main thing I get angry is how nowadays they fire people. Instead of someone with a face and name coming to say "Get your S%#t, you are done. Get out!" they want to be a child and squeeze you out. More like passively as if they were trying not to get into trouble but when you want someone to quit, you are going to get it. It always this talking behind your back, moving someone that is your replacement, telling you one day you are not coming back in, secretive crap that is total coward tripe. I'm sorry for your plight, its better to move on to a company that respects your presence, which i have found now so many years later after Gamestop, and try to forget them. Sorry again because what they are doing to you is not right!

    • profile image

      JDonVance 6 years ago

      Wow, you got shafted. I'm also concerned about how crappy the hours situation is -- if you only have 100 hours to distribute and the ASM(s) and SGA(s) get 30-40 of them each, that often only leaves 30 or so hours for what is usually 5 GAs. That sucks so bad as to almost be cause for a law to be made against it. Part time is one thing, but 6 hours a week? That's not even a job.

      Also, the numbers thing is really getting obnoxious. The DMs have little to do beyond gather and obsess over those numbers and regularly pronounce unrealistic goals, then punish anyone who doesn't perform by reducing available hours and whatever else. My personal forte is in product knowledge, but the only way that gets counted is if a customer makes a note of it on the survey. No one wants to take them, and sometimes when they do they give negative feedback when they don't mean to do so. Gamestop should not put so much stock into those things.

      The other thing that rankles me the most is the Field Destroy policy. I get it, from a corporate point of view, but 'waste not want not' is a way of life for me.

      My own situation suddenly changed the day they switched managers. She brought with her two ASMs and a third SGA, bringing the management staff to 6 from 4. Now, I've gone from 25-30 hrs/week to 10-12. My involvement with decision-making and thus my sense of store ownership has been eliminated. We didn't even have enough keys to go around, so they've taken mine. They know my scheduling need (which are few), yet they continue to schedule me for the absolute worst hours they can. I think they want me to quit. It's all too bad, too. Not because I'm the only one with a paycheck in the house (my invalid parents live with ME), but because the previous manager was excellent and is now stuck in a bad location under my current manager's husband (the reason for the switch). My former manager is MORE stressed than before, my former ASM is considering quitting instead of moving up like she planned, and I can't support three people like this. I don't even know about the other GAs she took with her who were competent and knowledgeable. They would have made excellent SGAs or even ASMs in time, but under the weight of their new boss's boss, they might not make it either.

    • profile image

      Terry Calvin 6 years ago

      I'm sorry for what you had to go through. And don't worry about the writing mistakes you've made in the letter

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      Interesting story, terrible writing.

      "I sometimes take sick pleasure in reliving those terrible moments. So as i can enjoy even the simplest, quietest moments like right now, they are nirvana too me."

      Aside from how awful that entire passage is, you clearly haven't improved over all these years if you can't even tell the difference between "to" and "too".

    • profile image

      ditto 6 years ago

      I know of a Game Stop district manager that hired someone that had a felony and then did not fire them after they stole. They also did drugs with them.

      Game Stop

    • profile image

      Dont need to know 6 years ago

      Ok, I worked for the company for 4 1/2 years. I moved from winter/holiday help to manager..When working for management, it was nothing but stress and more hours than you can imagine. We as managers would work a min. of 47+ hours on a little more than what our employees make if you do the math. I for one, used to work there until my DM terminated me for a stupid reason and had a new manager in there the next day. The DM even had the nerve to say "I feel bad too"...Yes sure buddy...Your not the one who has to raise a family. Most of the DM and up do not care about the store employees at all. They will shave more and more hours out of your store to just get a fatter bonus at the end of the year.

      Plus what really gets me, is that they were managers one point and they know how tough it is...They used to sneak Reserves to just make their numbers better, they would steal penny out items....Trust me, WE all know these DMs are nothing but punks...

      The whole company needs to get shut down for the poor management and just have BESTBUY stomp them into the ground...Taking in IPODS??? HAHA Sure, I will see that blow up in your face too...

      Anyway, I just want you all to know that if you plan on working for Gamestop, make sure you ask what you need to do because if you don't push those Reserves and PUR..Your our on your butt, before you can say "Welcome to Gamestop"


    • profile image

      Scott C 6 years ago

      I was the ASM in 29 Palms, CA (Which start their members out at $17.00) as ASM I started at $18.00. I was there for about 90 days. About 2 months in the store manager stopped me from clocking out for lunch so he could leave early, which caused me to meal violate. The store manager HIMSELF told me to contact the DM and explain to him that I meal violated. He was informed and asked that the store manager email him why he leaves early. Basically the managers in the area all had to call the DM whenever they left the store due to ongoing issues of the store managers leaving early and not completing their shifts. This was not my intention; I was enjoying my ASM job. The manager took this personally and had a vendetta against me. This was brought to my attention by other store employees that the manager was over heard saying “He got me in trouble, I’m going to make it so bad here for him, he’s going to quit”. . About 3 weeks later we wee VERY busy, and at no fault but my own, I decided to clock out and continued to scan the CDs for the inventory. The manager found out and told the DM, the DM said to give me my first and final and all it said was “Employee was couched and told to not repeat the offense or employee will be terminated”. I signed it. Now, somehow that wasn’t satisfactory to someone in the store and an anonymous call was made to HR. HR called me and said now that its an issue, we have to terminate you. All I received there were undertones and teasing from employees like “oh Id be the ASM if they didn’t hire you, it was fun and challenging, but I did learn one thing from GameStop (mind you I’m 38 yrs old, I have a BS in management and I am a disabled veteran) Good guys never finish last. I appreciate that GameStop and I know now to be a complete jerk to all my future subordinates.

    • profile image

      Medium 6 years ago

      @mom. Really? You are fighting your son's battles? How old is he? He is an adult. Let him act as one. Nice comments from a mother also..."THEY DESERVE TO BE BROUGHT DOWN!". Hmmmmm very disturbing character trait. You are little better than the nut job that would burn his place of business down if he was unhappy. You make this a scary world.

    • profile image

      Mom 6 years ago

      After the construction industry in FL tanked, my adult son (was a mason) started working at Gamestop 4 years ago as a part-time GA. He worked hours OFF THE CLOCK for his store manager just so he could keep his stupid job!!!! Why did he do this you ask? It's because he loves gaming and gamers!!! After that store manager got in trouble for mistreating some of his female and black employees, HR "found out about" people working off the clock.(They knew what was going on because there was NO WAY the job could be done at that store with the amount of hours HR had allowed the manager to use for the employees.)

      Anyway, HR fired that manager and all employees were given diversity training - better late than never - stupid asses at corporate covered their asses regarding the FLSA issue, with paperwork and supposed back pay (incomplete) but they don't fool me. I begged my son to get out of there as I saw how currupt corporate was (I am a retired Inspector/Investigator, Volunteer Coordinator/training officer for a Fire Service so I am not easily fooled), but he loved what he was doing day-to-day and he loved customer service and video gaming.

      He wanted to work his way up to Store Manager, as he believed that he could run the store and treat the employees/customers much better; I had my doubts as corporate clearly did not really give a crap about their employees or their customers in my view.

      Along the way my son had a couple of different managers, and moved to a different store when it was being opened [he was told he was going to help them open and would then come back to his original store - of course that did not happen - I knew they were lying to him but he believed them (he always gave people the benefit of the doubt while I was a real skeptic because of my life experience)].

      Anyway, at the new store my son worked for a couple of different managers....they would say one thing to his face and talk crap behind his back...he found out from different workers at other stores. Still my son did not retaliate of drop his positive attitude. Anyway, those managers got fired and a new third manager was hired who had NO training at all for the paperwork, employee scheduling, and the inventory control that he was required to completed in a timely manner every week - so my son taught him the processes and did the managers paperwork for quite some time for him.

      My son was also contantly called by store game advisors at on his time off because they did not understand what to do. He gladly helped them and used up his cell phone minutes for that. I berated him for this but he did not stop...this was his heart. I feel that the relationship that he had with Gamestop was much like an abusive domestic relationship - the psychological processes are very similar.

      During this time my son did the jobs of the manager until the new "manager" got up to speed. He was never compensated for this extra work....most companies add minimal bonuses when their employees step up to add more responsibilities...but he felt that he'd get more hours and more respect from the district. He did get some more hours...not many, but some. He still NEVER got even 40 hrs a week.....

      He was told that he was promoted to Assistant Store manager this past January. Asst. managers are still hourly employees. He was told by management at Corporate level that he had to clock out for his 1/2 hour break but could NOT leave his store. This is a direct violation of FLSA but he put up with that also.....There was no way I could talk him out of accepting this abuse......he had been brainwashed that he would have a chance to be a Store Manager....and he was so very sure that once that happened he would stop those abuses at his store. To this date, he does not get more than 38 hrs in any week. He is very willing to be there any time they would want him.

      Gamestop abuses their employees as well as their customers, but they are not going to be allowed to do this anymore.. THEY DESERVE TO BE BROUGHT DOWN!!!!!!! I will work to do that.....will you join me????? If you are an employee with experience with FLSA violation knowledge would you contact me with your first hand experience.... Sincerely,

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 6 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for all your comments, its been years since i worked there and i still get irked by reading my thoughts of that time in my life. I've seen that woman a couple of times since than, the same feeling rises from seeing her every time. In my very dark pit, where my soul resides, i feel this eruption of instant rage. Colleen is a cursed name and ranks just the same as the F word and the S word. I sometimes take sick pleasure in reliving those terrible moments. So as i can enjoy even the simplest, quietest moments like right now, they are nirvana too me.

    • profile image

      EffGS 6 years ago

      GAMESTOP SUCKS. I was there for 6 years and worked my way up to an ASM. My DM is a life sucking white bitch who sucks the life out of every GREAT employee there. Picking and choosing her targets to drive them out if they don't kiss her ass. Claiming we all did or did not do this... Setting us up in situations that are impossible to do alone just to give herself a reason to fire us. and my last manager sucked shit. If I didn't help his ass out because I was his ASM, I wouldn't have been fired with him. They don't pay the employees enough for what they have to put up with.

      I can say that I found a job at best buy as a PART TIME gaming specialist and I make MORE than what I was making as a FULL TIME ASM at GameStop.

      The one day I find out that the crazy bitch of a DM gets karma kicking her in the ass, ima personally find her and laugh in her face.

    • profile image

      Dark_Arios 6 years ago

      Your words ring true. I have seen some poor management over the time I have been with GAMESTOP. One thing they never count on is somebody who has had enough and just goes postal on the management.

      I would have no problems destroying their lives. I am a kind hearted person, but once you cross that line, there is no going back.

      You did better than what I could have done. You are a bigger man than I and for that I give you props. I would have probably ended up burning the building to the ground when it was all said and done.

      Good for you for being the bigger man. I do hope that after you left that all in life went well for you.

    • profile image

      blarg 6 years ago

      yes i just got fired from game stop less than 20 min ago it is a stupid place to work. i have ben working there for about 5 months and on my 2nd month i was put on a performance coaching plan( in reality is not a coaching plan) i was told that i was doing this and this wrong and that i needed to do it right, my SM did on tell me how to do it right the bigest thing though was credit and chek transations, i did not formaly do my traning for credit card and chek transation till the 3rd time i was writen up for it as well as they were blaming me for misplaced games in the drawers and on the wall as well as misplaced money. now i was a GA so most of my job was helping people pick games now i did that realy good but since i did not use open ended questions i was doing it wrong( my SM did not realy talk with people he just talked at people). i got futher with colsed ? than opened ones

      i am curintly in high school in ROTC. my instructer was an inteigence specialist (a spy) and can lie realy well

      my dad was in investigator for the state as was my mom and they can lie well too(and i can tell when they are lieing 10 out of 10 times)

      now when my SM ws telling me that i was doing this and this wrong his eyes would twich to the left vary quicly and he would nod his head. other times i have talked to him he does not do this. as well as he is talking at a slower pace than he usaly does

      so after i practicly worked for nothing i have no job a $500 car repar bill to pay high school fees which will top $400 and medical bills to help pay life sucks don't work at game stop

      and if i wanted to go with unemplyment i would only get like $10 a week and i most likely wont get unemplyment

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      Gamestop, wallmart, bestbuy. All the same shit. You don't like it? Then do something about it. These minimum wage jobs are always going to suck, regardless of where it's at. And the reality is that many of these grievences are not going to go away, especially at minimum wage jobs. Whether it's favoritism, incompetence, or plain ol' malice, it's there, and it will keep being there. What I don't understand is how some of you can stay there for such a long time. I mean a 34 year old who's worked there for a year and a half? And for fun? And that other other dude who hates his job but has been there for three years???

      And What the hell did you guys expect? A full time salary job with benefits, paid vacation, holiday pay, and sick pay? Shit, I just finished my MBA and it's hard for ME to get a guaranteed job like that.

      You lost, stop complaining, get up, move on, and strive for higher.

    • profile image

      Alexander 6 years ago

      Let it be known, that these grievances can and will be found everywhere; Gamestop is Shit.

      II just started maybe two months ago. I have Consistently outperformed my Co-workers, Managers, everyone- Throughout my District- in total sales including Res and subs. Whether it be only 4 hours a week with 9 transactions, or 18 hours a week with 30 transactions: I am the best.

      I am a New hire- and yet i have placed number #1 in performance in my district multiple times, top 5 all other times...

      I am told that some day, i will get more hours...

      The problem with gamestop, is that they only focus on how to punish you for not making the cut; instead of rewarding those for performing well. This same theme can be applied towards all activities within the organization as a whole.

      They don't care if you genuinely work hard- they just care about there fucking numbers. And even when you give them what they want, you still get nothing...

      going to start looking for better work, because im more valuable than this shit; its all beneath me. and for many other hardworking employees that get sniped off the corporate ladder: Its beneath you too.

    • profile image

      GS-GA 6 years ago

      Antoine is right, I was just recently hired (Filled out the hiring packet yesterday) I was lucky to get a good SM at 6239 with a less than stellar previous education history (drop out in the middle of getting a GED). He hired me, as someone who has understood that I have to work harder than most people due to my educational mishaps. Most of the grievances people post about the job is simple and pure laziness, there are some noteworthy rare situations that are justified in their complaints.

      Some people get terrible Managers, that's true, but this is true of any job you'll ever work. If you like what you're doing then you'll put the effort into doing it the best you can.

    • profile image

      Antoine 7 years ago

      Im an ASM a GameStop and it is not as bad to work for GameStop as these people make it seem. GameStop has a short ladder consisting of Game Advisor, Senior Game Advisor, ASM, SM, DM, And RD. Unlike Best Buy, Walmart, Etc. It is very hard not to have attention on you if you suck at your job. To make thngs simple, If you perform well Via getting Res and Power up sign ups you will be an all-star. I have GA's on my team that get 20-25 hrs per week. Please for the love of God if you are a GA at GameStop don't expect 40hrs if you paid attention in your interview you would know your a Part-Timer! On the terms of moving up here's how it works. If you are a great associate and performing well you help your store look good. By this i mean where if its your day off and the store sucks without you there then you have establilshed value. You'll get more hours than the rest. Once your established then you'll be considered good enough to carry a team. By that i mean if the store gets 50 transactions and you perform high on 25+ of those then you have what it takes to be left alone to open or close the store aka promotion to Senior Game Advisor. Now here's where people get confortable because they have keys they believe that they are entitled to the first ASM position avalible. WRONG! You now have to assume the role of an ASM to show you Leadership and business development skills ie making your store and everyone around you better. And as an ASM you are working to make sure your store manager does as less as possible showing your DM that you have what it takes to run a store. its very easy to move up in this company. It only took me 1 and a half to get to this postion without any prior exp.(by the way i just turned 21 in chicago.) What i see by reading all of these post by people who are hurt by the company because they failed to take ownership in their business. So for people who are considering working for GameStop yes it is tough and it is hard at times but don't forget that "TS A JOB! THERE IS NO JOB THAT YOU CAN SUCK AT AND KEEP!" Work hard and do your best.

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      So this is just a place for employees to whine about their boss? I love Daisy working 3 years for an employer she hates... hilarious.

    • profile image

      Daisy  7 years ago

      I am a Gamestop employee going on to 3 years and they have been so unfair. Just to tell you that I am a Senior Game Advisor, its a part time management job for those who don't know, and I was just told I was working 3 straight days open to close. What is up with that? I am a student and I have a life also. Not to mention I do all the cat counts and RSBs for the store I leave the manager nothing to do.

    • profile image

      Dutchmaster803 7 years ago

      Wow your story sounds just like what i am going through right now!!! All the posts have one thing in common, a female store manager or multiple females. Im not sexist but why does Gamestop have all these "women", and what I mean by that is (issues, lesbos, or just plain man haters). My manager was crude and tatted up better than a hell's angel biker. I mean most (98%) of the customer base is male. The females that do buy games are usually buying exercise games or a present for there boyfriend. When we did the midnight release for COD:Black Ops I was able to get the local Hooters to come out. My manager talked so much shit about those girls, either being dumb or too prissy and come to find out 3 out of the 4 played halo. It worrys me because I was trying to Google for the # to their Human Resources Dept. and that's when I stumbled onto this site. It sounds like I got a hard road ahead because I really want my job back. After reading all the other posts it sounds like this is very common in this company. Btw im in Columbia, SC(was the ASM) and I was let go because I did one of the TOH counts wrong or rather incomplete. Instead of being a g_ddamn manager and showing me my mistake, she didn't anything just went to the DM. He told me that I was a lyer b/c I signed off on the sheet but didn't finish it. I had 4 or 5 cases on the wall that didn't have the game in stock. Well I got side tracked and totally forgot about them. So instead of pointing this out to me she just was quiet and set me up for failure, in my book that's just evil. I came in to work one day, prob about a week or 2 after the count took place, and was pulled aside by the DM. I thought he was going to tell me to fix something in the store or inform about new game promos. Instead he told me that I was a lyer and I falsefied the count. I wasn't told that these counts are so important and that if I did it wrong I would be let go. The DM was totally for her and treated me as if I was stealing or doing injustice to the company. He also said I had 24hrs. to bring my checked out game or there would be problems. I have seen her take all the free games she gets from either the company or from the companies that make the games and trade it in for credit to by other stuff in the store. When I went to turn the game back in and cancel my reserves, she already had a new white female assistant(the new girl was a GA from another store who was an open lesbo). And for a third time the SGA(black male) was totally bypassed. Hes a damn hard worker, hell of salesman, if it wasn't for him training me and showing me the ropes I prob would have been out alot sooner. I know it was hard for him too because I couldn't imagine training someone for a postion that I thought I deserved. The thing I hated most was her attitude. When I was training and had ?s about things I would receive a sarcastic response or just the answer with alot of frustration in her voice, like I was asking the same ? for the 50th time.

      I could prob go on 4ever but bottom line is we all need to make people aware of the drama behind the scenes. Someone created Gamestop with the intention on providing customers with more options when gaming. Gamestop is like Ace hardware and best buy is like lowes. Im positive if I had a male manager Id be at work instead of writing this. It really burns me up because alot of these chicks don't even play on a console. The just f*ck off playin World of Warcraft. Other than selling the time cards for that game the WoW is about a 1 to 2% customer return base. They never reserve and they don't by used games cuz we don't even sell used PC games. Maybe its just more common here in Columbia, but we have more women store managers than black (male or female combined) managers. There is only one black store manger i no of in Columbia. Well if u know any info that might help me let me know but Im at least glad to know im not alone. B/c if u tell anybody that u were let-go from Gamestop they look at u like "how the hell could you f*ck that up" when in reality its something that u as a male, never had control over. But yeah I feel some what better saying all that now, thank you for makin this post.////P.S.- if u gotta a problem about my speling or sentise structre keep it to ur self and go to hell for paying more attention to that than what i said!

    • profile image

      I Hear Ya 7 years ago

      I worked at gamestop for 3+ years. Only reason I was able to work for gamestop for because I had GOOD managers, all except for one. Also in part because of my DM. I know she wanted to fire me but I let it go because she would always have my back. I heard some of those stories about collen, and I think your right about one thing.....shes a racist. The only reason I heard from another employee she didn't want to hire me was because I was mexican. Luckily for me SHE wasn't a manager at that time. Its true about the hours also. They don't give stores hours like they used to. There is a lot of bad things I can say about gamestop but ill bite my tongue, due to the staff I had the pleasure working with, and AWESOME managers I worked with.

    • profile image

      ac81 7 years ago

      I know exactly how all of you feel. I'm currently with the company have been since October of 2006. I was hired as seasonal and have worked my way up to ASM. Initially I enjoyed working at Gamestop, but that has drastically changed in the last year. It doesn't matter how hard you work or how much effort you put in or how much you sell, if you aren't getting as many RES and SUBS as they think you should be getting you are considered worthless and you are treated as such. I've had three managers in my time with Gamestop and I've been fortunate with the store managers that I've had, they have all been top notch. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my district manager, she drove out my first two managers, (she is also likely not far from driving me out, she has made me her own personal target) they are unfortunately no longer with Gamestop, upside they left of their own free will and now both make more than my DM. A DM should try to brings teams together to make them a more cohesive unit, but not my DM she tears teams apart she has already done it once at my old store and she is trying it again. My DM is a cancer within the company.

    • profile image

      yarbrough320 7 years ago

      I was hired for the holiday season of 09 in central California and I was told I had a good chance of staying after. My store manager was very biased towards HER best girlfriends getting the majority of the 100 hours allowed from corporate. The first 2 weeks I got 20 hours cool...the next week 4 or less then for the next 5 weeks NADA nothing...January 9th 2010 I had 2 hours to work and I was optimistic I was staying on. I looked at the schedule and noticed I didn't have any hours after that..well Kristi gave me the long walk after my shift and told me she was letting me go and all the advisors. I felt a little betrayed. She was my friend before that is how I got the job but I realize shes fake now and barely use her store. I do give her the benefit that maybe it wasn't her choice but i still feel like i was done wrong. ANYWAY its a terrible job for anyone who wants to make real money. the card thing instead of real checks is terrible and 10 dollar or 15 dollar checks isn't uncommon for Game advisors. Put store politics, 2 to 5 hours a week of work into all of this i do not see how anybody that is not a manager could enjoy working there

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      Very interesting hub and great tips! You might want to check this website out too which helped me a lot:

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 7 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for all the complaints. I am truly sorry that everyone has been shafted by this bad company. I left that job 2 years ago and i read what i wrote from 2 years ago, completely forgotten my troubles of that place, and i get enraged by what i went through. I got really mad reading your horror stories, adding fuel to my fire today. For anyone reading this, please believe us that Gamestop as a corporation is getting worse and worse in greed. Go to Bestbuy, playNtrade, or even Ebay to buy games. Don't give them your money because its to line their pockets and not the hard working people selling you the games. Thanks!

    • profile image

      The Truth 7 years ago

      Sorry, bro. Your writing skills are atrocious. Perhaps you should seek an alternate career path.

    • profile image

      daBigFnG 7 years ago

      I worked at store 4640 in Philadelphia, had a manager similar though nowhere near as bad. He was somewhat abusive, but he was a damn good manager and even did extra stuff just to make the store perform better.

      He got replaced, and the new manager is a little less high performing and a little less angry which is nice.

      Seriously, though. I don't know how you didn't leave without telling her off and threatening a lawsuit. I would've at least given the sadistic b**** a scare before leaving her high and dry.

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago


      first of all let me say that during the year and a half i worked at game stop, there were some good times. i really enjoyed working with certain people and the fact that we could check out games rocked, but...the good times were heavily outnumbered by the bad experiences. i worked in huntington park, ca (don't remember store #) and san pedro, ca store 5256.

      within the first 3 months or working there i was robbed at gunpoint at my first store. other than the LOUSY hours, everything else about that store was ok, probably because i was still naïve.

      when i moved to the second store, things started to get really, really bad. when i sat down with my new manager, COURTNEY BARRETT, she gave me the speech about how she turns her employees into managers if they work hard and the whole deal. BULLSHIT. she has two employees there that have multiple years under her management and is a GA and the other is just above a GA. the hours were awful, during CHRISTMAS SEASON, the most i would get was 20/wk. at minimum wage. there isn't a person the world who can live on those wages. but that was when times were booming. on avg. i would get around 10-13 hrs/wk. when i brought it up to her, she used it to try and boost numbers saying the store didn't get alot of hours because our numbers were low...BS

      she also went around telling other STORE MANAGERS that i was a thief, completely killing any chance of me moving up in any other stores. that really hurt me as a person and it really killed any drive i had left in me to want to produce for her or the company.

      i could go on forever with stories of the ass. manager hating her as much as the crew or her having to leave 5-6hrs early because she had a hangover but i wont lol

      ill just say that as of this past friday i no longer work for gamestop and i will NEVER buy from there again

    • profile image

      flah flah 7 years ago

      I've worked for gamestop for 1 1/2 years and I hate it, it's a revolving door of employee's, the management are a bunch of 20 something year olds with NO education and don't know the first thing about how to manage something. I'm 34 and I work there part time and I have a whole 4hrs this week coming up and I'm lucky if I get 12-15hrs a week.I don't work there because of the Money LMAO, I work there because It fits my schedule. I'm about to quit because I'm fed up with the whole management system and the young punks that don't do anything but stand behind the register. I don't remember the store number, but it's in Palm Springs Florida and the District Manager (What a JOKE he is ) is Bret Jessie (I Think?) I don't pay any attention to him so I can't be sure if that's his name 100%. So there's another kid from another store coming in to be the "New Manager" and he'll be all gung ho to turn the store around but I told him straight up, that he's just like the rest that come in with the same attitude...he'll do it for a month or so but then give up LoL. Anyways Gamestop is a piece of crap and I highly recommend that NO ONE take a job with them!!!!!

    • profile image

      Game Crazy 8 years ago

      That's the exact reason I buy from walmart, and gamecrazy!

      I have talked to that manager colleen before, and she is nothing but rude!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      Hello, I read your letter and I just have to tell you I'm so sorry for all the crap that you had to go through. I currently work for GameStop in Illinois as well, and can relate. Hearing your experience angers me that you were treated so horribly, you truly deserved so much better. The management isn't so bad at my store, but, unfortunately, they're playing a corporate policy card on all the seasonals, claiming that due to ONE seasonal employees error, ALL shall be terminated, even after being previously told that TWO would be staying on. I personally didn't see anything saying this, and wonder if writing to corporate will even make a difference. Anyway, best of luck to you, and keep up the amazing writing:)

    • profile image

      EOE 8 years ago

      fxck syntax he wasn't being employed as a spell check! The sound just like Game in the UK and many other similar co minimum wage enormous disparity between managers a real staff wages appalling working conditions. This way of hiring people is extremely frustrating for the customer. The staff turn over rate in these place are so fast even if you return a product the following week you are normally speaking to a new employee,even when you have someone knowledgeable (at that money all you customers are bloody lucky some it bods when training etc are prepared to work in these sweat shops) their moral will be so low the service will be shite. This is why online shopping for thing like games on line is so popular. Anyhow when the new 360 stealth chips are released then they'll go bust as everyone get new xbox live accounts and even if you have to get a new unit every time you chip it if you plan on buying more than 4 games you have saved yourself money. Esspecially as they are all free after that ;) peace 420

    • profile image

      Zulmary 8 years ago

      Game Stop will be destroyed not by the costumers, but by the poor management. I was working in the 4234 H. Puerto Rico... omg I could see that the problem its the same in all stores.

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 9 years ago from Chicago

      Maybe I have a learning disorder. And I write real fast so i miss simple words like that my bad.....

    • profile image

      MarketFresh 9 years ago

      An aspiring writer and Honors English student that doesn't understand the difference between the words there and their, now and know, than and then.

    • profile image

      Hunter And Cody 9 years ago

      I think you should make a game for all playstations and only for x- boxes no x-box 360s.A dirt bike game and it has 65s,85s,and 450s.....please!

      hunter and cody

    • EternalSin profile image

      Cesa Ruiz 9 years ago from Chicago

      well it all depends on where you work at. But to my knowledge, it tends to be a little bad. It is mostly because of the nill amount of hours they offer. Even though they make mad amounts of money they don't throw their employees some of it. Where is the morale in that?

    • profile image

      Bleg 9 years ago

      I came in here to find advice and possible complaints about my new job at Gamestop. Instead I found the third chapter of Flowers for Algernon. Go figure.


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