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Regarding question "Why"

Updated on October 20, 2015

There are not many words that can change how we look at life, how we live it, how we understand things in general,... The word that can do it is "why".

So, why is "why" so important? Lets try. Why do we eat? Why do we sleep? Why do we have children? Simple questions. But think about answers. Lets try.

Why apple falls on the ground?

1. Because it is being pulled by the Earth.


2. Because of Earth has gravitational field.


3. Because that is how body influences space around it.

Why? goes on and on. So, a simple question as this can give a new perspective on things. There are also practical uses. In manufacturing plants, a tool called "5 Why" is offenly used for problem solving. Whenever there is a problem, say with quality, you simply ask "Why" and write down every possible answer. And on that answer you perpetualy ask 4 times more "Why". That is how you find the root cause.

And that is what "why" is all about - finding the beginning, the root, the simple answer. Like Einstein's E=mc2. But it does not have to be science, it does not have to be bussines. It can be very personal. Why do i wake up in the morning? Why do i live? Why am I still in this company? Why do I have to work? By asking yourself these questions, you become self-aware of possibilities that life offers.

We will never have all answers. And we can not stop time or live forever. But we can always be eager to learn more, to experience more and to love more. And question "WHY" will help you understand why are you doing all that you are, and reveal yourself in the process.



Richard Feynman


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