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Liberal Arts, a new movie by Josh Radnor

Updated on May 31, 2012

Radnor rocks

The Seattle Film Festival opened on 5-17-12 and will last another few weeks. I was fortunate to receive a ticket to attend the screening of the new movie "Liberal Arts" which is written,directed, produced and starring Josh Radnor. What a wonderful film!

As a Liberal Arts major myself, I have been subjected to jokes as to the worth of this degree. Radnor's 35 year old angst is well placed in this film as the title gives way to the incredibly wonderful examination of the societal constraints of those bibliophiles who believe in literature, history and the like in the world.

Elizabeth Olsen was cast perfectly as the protagonists 19 year old paramour as is the wildly whimsical Zac Efron who plays Nat in the film.After watching the fantastically cohesive cast work through the life and heartaches inherent in any adult's leaving college, we learn very quickly that "Jesse", (Radnor's character ) was well developed and aligned with the writers own experiences in the world. At one point his mentor, Professor Ben, reminds him that the world's biggest secret is that we all do not want to be adults and that each one of us has a 19 year old psyche inside of him/herself that is unwilling to change in that arena.

Radnor graciously answered questions at the Q and A on his skype line after the movie and showed his ego-less demeanor and intelligent wit to the audience that transcends his characterization of a bookish nerd in the film. You cannot help but love the lines delivered if you are a over of books! "I love trees, because they make books" is one of many clever lines made manifest in this production.

There is so much more to comment on about this film, but in order not to spoil the experience for the viewer, I will stop short of telling anything more to the reader. The movie comes out in September 2012 and is well worth the money to go and see. Radnor has also written and starred in "How I Married your Mother" and evokes the same sort of esprit de joive in that forum as well. Bravo!


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