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Life 101 - The Unwanted Child

Updated on October 4, 2013

The RH Bill and me

Now that the passing of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is realized by the 15th Congress, the Filipino families will be re-oriented on the importance of Family Planning.

Since it is now a law, the government will provide assistance to every marginal family that the country possesses.

I am not totally acquainted with the contents of the law, but I had already contacted my cousin who is working at the Population Commission (POPCOM), an interlink agency of the Department of Health (DOH) which pursued the passing of the bill into law.

I even wrote an article promoting Responsible Parenthood two years ago which was sponsored by the commission.

I extended my effort promoting such bill, because I am also a member of big family. My father sired 10 offspring and I experienced hardships because of it.

Would you believe that I am also considered an unwanted child by my mother?

Let me recount how she conceived me.

Looking at the bright future

Travel Man this year 2013 (Photo Source: Ireno A. Alcala)
Travel Man this year 2013 (Photo Source: Ireno A. Alcala)

The 70s - How my life started

Things were hard during the 70s although the exchange rate between peso and dollar was 2:1 or 2 pesos for a US dollar. Not bad for the start of the Marcos regime.

Yes, before Martial Law of 1972, I was born in the midst of personal disgust by my mother to bear another child.

I didn’t know it at first. She confessed her wrong moves when I complained that I had recurring dreams that I never experienced before.

Perhaps the activities of my mother were embedded in my memory while I was still inside her womb.

When she got pregnant with me, she was so irritable that her silent plan was to get rid of me.

She ate ashes of cigarettes, drank liquor, gulped in bitter herbs and even punched her stomach and do some heavy chores and jumped until she got tired.

But to no avail, I was still hanging on inside her womb; until the sixth month of her pregnancy when they were invited as godparents to newlyweds in another county or barrio.

She nearly drowned when the boat capsized due to the strong current of the swollen river because of heavy rains.

It was my father who saved her. She silently promised that she will keep me until the nine months of my stay inside her body.

When I was born, she cried because I was so pale that the midhusband (counterpart of midwife) who happened to be the brother of my grandfather lightly spanked me on my butt in order for me to deliver my first cry outside her womb.

I am unwanted but I’m still a winner because there are Unseen Hands that already designed my destiny.

And that is to live and serve my ailing mother now in her ripe age.

Song From The Unwanted Child with lyrics c/o obitlensa

My name is Unwanted

Umesh Isalkar of The Times of India (TNN Sep 4, 2011) wrote about an unwanted child wherein the parents named her Unwanted.

She came into this world 13 years ago — unwanted, unwelcome and unfeted. Every time someone calls her name, something inside her dies. Because, it makes her feel what she has been named — Nakusa, meaning unwanted in Marathi. "Once she asked me why I did''t kill her when she was born. Why did we let her live when we didn't want her?" says the mother of Nakusa Suresh Chavan, a 13-year-old from Kamathi village in Satara district.

Being named Nakusa (pronounced as 'Nakusha' or Unwanted Daughter) in many poor Indian villages is the result of many unwanted pregnancies or lack of family planning among the children's parents.

Since, they cannot afford abortion, they let those unwanted children be born into this world. Poverty didn't hinder them to let those children grow but marked them with the name Unwanted.

Umesh Islakar further reported that one mother did a positive upbringing with his unwanted daughter.

The mother's eyes shine as she talks of her "unwanted" daughter. "She is very interested in studies. The other day she wept the whole night and didn't eat anything as her father (a daily wager) didn't give her money to pay the exam fees. Seeing her swollen eyes, her father relented. He dotes on Nakusa."

The Nakusas of India, especially in Satara district are mostly intelligent and aim to finishtheir studies and pursue careers after high school or college in order to help their parents in return.

India Nakusha girls get a new identity c/o TheMOROCCANSOUL

Books on The Unwanted Child

Joseph, the unwanted son

The eleven tribes of Israel will not be realized if not for the promise of God to Jacob that it will be fulfilled.

Had it not for the unwanted sibling of elder sons of Jacob, that was Joseph, they will never survived the Great Famine in the land of Canaan and Egypt.

Have you read the Bible lately?

This is an account that people in biblical times don't have reproductive health bill or family planning method.

Abortion is still a taboo or unfamiliar with our ancestors.

That's why they sired large families. Sibling rivalry is often the subject of our history.

It was evident with Joseph and his older brothers.

Jacob married two sisters and produced 9 offsprings from the eldest sister. When she died, he also married his true love who sired two sons, Joseph and his youngest brother.

Jacob's favorite was Joseph.

Jealousy began when he gave a multi-colored robe as gift to Joseph. because of this, it angered his older brothers and made a plan to kill him.

But their plans didn't triumphed.

Instead, Joseph became an high-ranking officer in Egypt. But before that, he had to undergo many controversies that he was able to surpassed, from prison to the palace.

His keen interpretation of dreams convinced the pharaoh to make him head of the department that will store grains during the seven years of bounty. The stored food supplies was consumed during the next seven lean years.

Truly, God works in mysterious ways.

Unwanted children are destined to be leaders in the future.

Did you know one of them?


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @earthbound1974: Thank you for noticing my effort with my family, especially mom.

    • earthbound1974 profile image

      earthbound1974 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      A very touchy confession you have here.

      And still, you are also a winner in your own right because you've given your parents so many honors.

      My salute for your perseverance. :)