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What is life Really about?

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Ian is a palliative care specialist at Fort portal R.R Hospital, with a Bsc Palliative Care degree from Makerere University.

New life comes into the world with happiness
New life comes into the world with happiness

Life is with us and we're life. Yet our understanding of the phenomenon is far from adequate. Filled with trees, insects, animals - large and small; the world is indeed full of life and is ultimately a beautiful place that no body wants to leave. Perhaps its the fear of the unknown. The fear of what awaits us beyond life as we know it, that brings us to cling onto dear life as much as we possibly can. Every one fights so hard to survive and have a piece of our world. We fight so hard, that some times we hurt our very own. But what is life? What is it really about? What is it that we are fighting so hard for? Too many questions and very few answers. May be we are selfish, and that 'is just the way of life'.

What is Life?

Scholars and religious believers attempt to solve this mystery. They try hard to explain what life is. Some say " it is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death". Others say it is "the existence of an individual human being or animal".

May be they are right. Or may be they are wrong. Is life about just being alive? If so, then it shouldn't be too hard to live. There should be no reason why animals fight for territory. Plants shouldn't compete for sunshine, space or nutrients. There shouldn't be wars. There should be no reason for hatred and endless fights amongst human kind. Because, I believe we can be alive together. We can be alive together in harmony, because the world is actually big enough for us all. And nature deals with the rise in population adquately. That is why some die, while others are born. It's just the way of life.

There is life where ever you look. But the purpose for its existence is a true mystery that has defeated human intelligence. Do we get born to just grow old, and then simply die off? Or do we have a common pre - programed purpose (for which each of us has a role to play) which we must fulfill before the world comes to an end?

And this is not just for humans. It's for all life forms. According to religious beliefs, the world will surely come to an end and science can prove it. But when that moment comes, will it just be "it"? Will it be oblivion - like we never ever existed?

Up in the sky, deep in the seas and beneath the ground, life thrives in numerous forms, sizes, species and numbers. New life is welcomed with joy and happiness, and in certain instances parties are thrown to congratulate the new mother. But as the innocent new born starts the life long journey, various uncertainties await. Not a soul can make an accurate prediction of how this new beings life will unfold, or what kind of adult it will become. It seems as though its fate depends on sheer luck and probably the effort that the parents will input as a way of naturing it. The possibility of dying shortly after birth is a reality. So what is the purpose of this being that never gets to live a full life. Why is it permitted to exist only to die after such a short while? But it is the reality and we have to live with it. May be it's just the way of life.

Newborns arise each minute of the day, from every point of the planet (and may be in the Universe - in the space above us). Some are lucky to be parented and protected from the dangers of our world. Dangers mostly created by our very need to fight for survival. While others are not so lucky. They don't live long enough to see the fruits of living. The old weaver and die off, as if to allow room for new organisms. The cycle is repetitive. You'd think that life is about being born, living for a while and dying thereafter. Every one is used to it now. Because that 'is just the way of life!'

Or is there a purpose to this life? One that we just can't seem to appreciate. If so, it poses more questions than answers. What is this purpose? Who determines this purpose for every single organism that lives? Who decides how long one has to live in order to fulfill it? Who determines whether we have fulfilled it or not? When is it decided that one has lived long enough or outlived their usefulness? Why do we fight each other so hard yet each of us has their own unique reason for existence? Or Is it 'just the way of life?'

© 2017 Ian Batanda


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