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Life Experience Degree Programs – Are they Legitimate or Scam?

Updated on October 17, 2010

You might have seen two types of advertisements or website channels which talk about getting a life experience degree easily. The first and the common type are those advertisements where some Guru like guys ask your credit card number or give only their phone number so that you can lose your money even without knowing what’s the program is actually about. So these kinds are mostly fraudulent ones which provide no necessary information but at the same time, will mislead you thereby losing your money.

Separating the Real ones from garbage

The second type are those ones with a long list of facilities available these days where a lot of information has been put together describing in detail how to get a life experience degree. If the website or the institution is providing all the necessary details or the step by step guides or even tutorials, then you can trust them. But there are always conditions for something to acquire in life easily. The same theory bounds here also. And those things are given in detail below. Please make yourself complete and make sure you are good to go.

How to Know if Life Experience Degrees are Real or Scam?

If 100 persons want a life experience degree on their own field or topics then the best answer to this question is a big No. There is reason. In practical, not all of the 100 seem to be fit in the parameters for getting such a degree based on life experience. Here you have to think out of the box. Like this:

"The guys are all applying for a life experience degree? They have some experience in their field of interest (of job or career). That’s acceptable."


“But how come is that possible to get all such guys a degree based only on life experience and not by the most trusted and safest way of learning according to the society”


“I know I haven’t attended any regular classes nor I didn’t join any institutions for that purpose but am still going to get a degree (if that’s what these guys mean).”

So there must be some solid and tough criteria behind such programs, right?

YES, of course it has and that’s what you have to be really caring about.

Truth about Life Experience Degree Programs

  • First of all no one in any country or university is supposed to give you a degree just based up on your life experience. There are some things to check out first. As a prior step, they are going to check each and every details and documents of yours which encloses your past qualification as well as your present careers.
  • Next, they are going to analyze about your former institutions so that they can check whether they meet their standards: Accreditation is the one which decides all these. People from accredited institutions confirm that if you have acquired your education from an already approved and reputable institution. That’s it. You are half done.

Now its again about you. They will analyze your performance in career or job and look for any expertise or Excellency in that niche or field. If you have met that criterion too, then you are all done. This is the way it works and not like the way most of us think when we first heard about life experience degrees and such programs.

Most importantly, this reveals that the institution which grants you this degree should be more reputable and accredited.Hope this article answered your question on whether life experience degrees online are scam or legitimate.


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