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Life Trap

Updated on February 19, 2013

Life Trap

I'd fallen in a Life Trap,

I'd fallen i a death trap,

I snapped my finger,

Got up, ready to go,

Ready to go again.

I looked around for help,

I looked around and found nobody,

I'd fallen in a Life trap,

I'd fallen in a death trap,

'Who got you out?'A light it shone bright i my

I asked somebody special for help,

'Did you get it?'

My Lord, My God, My only One,

Gave all the help l needed,

When l helpless and gone,

A light it shone bright in my heart,

Yes it shone.

I was blessed by a special person,

For l shall believe,

For l share faith,

For l turned for help,

And was helped out of Life Trap.

you can search for treasure,

You can find it,

You can search for the light,

You can find it.

And when you have met the Lord,

You can be happy for it.


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