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Life We Chose to live

Updated on July 27, 2016

We live in a world of judgmental people, thinking their ways of living as better and others as fool to chose a different way, people have thirst now for love, respect, fame and money,and to quench this thirst they carry fake smiles around to fool others, but the inner imagination of their mind are an enigma, it makes it impossible to understand the voices coming inside from us, telling us what to do, because these voices create a big irony, they sometimes tell us things to do, positive thoughts and happy dreams, but later these changes into sad and depressing thoughts which make us furious on our life...the life we have chose to live is the one made by others for us, but our inner identity, our dreams are the little secrets known only to one person, OUR-SELF, it's not easy to chose the path we like to move on, because there are infinite obstacles coming across, trying to stop us and we are too afraid to make our own trail, so we chose to follow the path made by others, there then comes thousand moments in our life when we regret about the decisions we made in the past, Life is not easy, but it's not as much difficult as we make it, and even sometimes when the right path is on our next step, we chose to go in the wrong direction, from which it is more difficult to come back.

Life is a book, we read It.

Love is blessings, we need it.

Be happy and Smile

Because we are in this world just for a while.



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    • profile image

      Akash 21 months ago

      People regret choosing their paths too...write everything or don't

    • profile image

      Riya 21 months ago

      Well said...

    • profile image

      Arthur 21 months ago

      Nicely said and explained...u see this life in a different way, that's good...i think everyone should read it once and try to implement.