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Life is what you make of it- a choice

Updated on July 1, 2013
For my boys from Victoria J Baxter
For my boys from Victoria J Baxter
What opportunities await us? Source:
What opportunities await us? Source:
Spirit. Source:
Spirit. Source:
Sky Dive Masters 05 from Sky Dive Masters Party
Sky Dive Masters 05 from Sky Dive Masters Party
Obarma the Winner from Roberto Rizzato
Obarma the Winner from Roberto Rizzato

Life is what you make of it

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

“Who can I blame for this travesty of justice, this life? I paid full price, didn’t get a coupon out of a newspaper or win some contest and miss out on the flat screen TV. This wasn’t part of the deal; I want what’s owed, straight up. Where’s my loving wife and soul mate? Where’s my merc with those nice smelling leather seats. What happened to that house I spent so much time designing?

I got all the kids and I love ‘em to death, but I had to bring them up alone, with not a pinch of help from anyone. And what about depression; I definitely didn’t order that, nor the buggered knees, thumbs or shoulder. I was a damned athlete, until I hit forty. That was absolutely not in the fine print; I read it three times over.

I’ve been jibbed, snookered, and done in and wedgied to the point of castration. It was all in the promotion; it always looks better than it is, like those damned McDonald’s hamburger posters, the food made from seared raw meat, cardboard and lots of glue. Life sure didn’t turn out how I expected.

So who’s gonna take the rap for this one, this misrepresentation, God? I think someone tried to sue God before and it didn’t work. As they say, ‘the Lord giveth and the Lord can taketh away.’ So we get thrown down here, and the accommodation isn’t what we expected, and then bang, we’re dead; from a car accident or some horrific disease. What if I haven’t finished yet? I might have had plans, maybe not to change the world but plans nonetheless. Here one minute and gone the next.

So where’s my money, my financial reward for all the hard work? I guarantee when I’m dead my ideas will make a fortune. At least I’ll leave something to my kids, who will probably be loaded by then anyway. Why couldn’t I be on their plan? I’ve been short-changed and left broke, with nothing to show for life.”

How often have you heard these kinds of sentiments, this victim mentality? I bet plenty. The world is filled with victims who are incapable of changing. They will never see the opportunities in life and will go to the grave regretting or blaming someone else for what they didn’t do. Sure we have challenges, but being defeatist is counterproductive.

People often bark up the wrong tree, focus on the wrong aspects of life. Circumstance is just the parameters of your life, the blank canvas on which you will paint in the details. It’s not what you do that matters but how you do it, how you respond to life’s challenges. The journey has stumbling blocks because we need their lessons; the more we learn the less we stumble. Our responses to the difficulties and misfortunes in life define who we are and give us the character and strength to better deal with life in the future.

The whole thing is simple in concept but many people just don’t get it. If you want good things out of life, you have to put good things in. Positivity attracts positivity; negativity attracts negativity; what can be simpler? Yet grumble bum above doesn’t see it that way.

The choice is yours. Who do you want to be? That’s as simple as it can be. Life is a succession of opportunities; dream and you can make it happen. Don’t let anyone tell you different.


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