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Life process reengineering

Updated on March 10, 2011

Heard of Business process re-engineering? Do you know why we do business process re-engineering or BPR in a company? It’s because we want to increase profit. Because material profit is the one thing no one opposes to.  Everybody wants to be materially rich and there is nothing wrong in it.
One can literally see this profit in figures and numbers.

We do a lot of re-thinking when we apply BPR to our business. We re-think the fundamentals of various processes like sales, customer-retention, supply chain, etc. at the most basic level. We do major changes in the philosophy and values of the company itself.

Now the point to ponder upon is why don't we do the same re-thinking with our life too? There is personal growth and spiritual profit which means more than the material profit. How we've been living, what are our perceptions, how much knowledge do we have comparative to the idols, and how happy we really are from the inside? These are the questions to ask ourselves.

People, companies, nations and all of us together as humanity, seem to have a  inclination towards material and iconic success more than on the growth of the  'self' and of the humanity as a whole.

Rather, our motto should be to 'be in sync with the universe'. The universe is just, fair and limitless in capability and power. So should be we. It gives all its powers and miracles to all of us equally. Universe is full of diversity in life and forms, and things that give pleasure to all of us. We should first be right, just and loving just like the universe, then we should think about material gains. Let us re-think. Let us do Life Process Re-engineering. 


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