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Live and Learn: What to do when Life's a little trickle

Updated on December 11, 2012

Life comes in a little trickle passing by bit by bit. Everyday it streams past as seconds turns into minutes, minutes into hours and hours turns into days. It deals out different blows to individuals according to their input, outlook and circumstances at any given situations in life.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything is dependent on one thing? and until you get this one particular important thing, you are unable to step out of the boat and live your best life yet? Life in the midst of this situation is like standing on a plank supported by a rolling ball underneath and unstable like a current in the midst of a storm; and though you are trying to figure out how to operate the equipment, Stable the unstable, have some sort of balance, maintain control or at least have some sort of flow with this new life adventure, depending on your outlook at the situation in the meantime; Life just doesn't stop rolling by rather everything seems to spiral out of your clutch and unreachable like the stars in heaven simply because the power and access to that one thing you are dependent on is not in your hands and not within your reach.

What do you then do when you are as unstable as a streaming water and as frustrated as a sales man unable to meet the set target? The following suggestions might just come in handy during the times such as this.

Have a courageous attitude: This time is definitely not one of the times when you go into a panic mode simply because you have misplaced your car keys, forgot your wallet at home or in search of your favourite pair of jeans. It is not the time to have a lackadaisical attitude or wallow in self pity either. It is a time to stand firm, Be brave, and be courageous. This is the time to pick up your spirit, conduct yourself in the right manner and face this difficulty without fear, bearing in mind that life is seasonal and there is surely an end to a difficult situation.

Be true to yourself: Life has a way of dealing individuals with different blows and it really is up to you how you receive the blows. Some people will receive the blow badly and become rebellious, others will receive it and make the best use of the situation. At times like this, is a time of reflection, a time to make careful considerations on what you could have done better, observe where you came from, where you are now and the way forward.

Make necessary changes: The nature of life itself means you have to constantly transform yourself on the inside and the outside. The content of your observation in your past life will then determine the changes needed to cope with the current situation in time. Once you agree with the thoughts of your past, present and the future, it means the time to start transforming and converting from he old self to the new is now. This will be the time to identify who you are, your core values, work on your character, and begin to define the new you.

Go with the flow: The volume of activities, events and things life ejects into us does not mean we should pull a stop on life, rather it means we should try and go with the flow of life. The situation at present may be overwhelming and unstable, it's just not the right time to give and bury ourselves within rather it means drawing strength from our inner man, take inspirations from our environment and motivate ourselves to move on.

Kindly share among friends, families and even enemies. I would like to hear back from you, leave a comment, a suggestion and ask away any questions.

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