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How I Become a Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Updated on December 28, 2014
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UPjan Reb RadomesIrish and RebIce is Reb's elder sister, also a nurse in KSAReb's friend a nurseMarife Babalcon RojasAlso in KSA is Marife, Reb's auntie.
UPjan Reb Radomes
UPjan Reb Radomes
Irish and Reb
Irish and Reb
Ice is Reb's elder sister, also a nurse in KSA
Ice is Reb's elder sister, also a nurse in KSA
Reb's friend a nurse
Reb's friend a nurse
Marife Babalcon Rojas
Marife Babalcon Rojas | Source
Also in KSA is Marife, Reb's auntie.
Also in KSA is Marife, Reb's auntie.


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Reb-at-one-and-a-half-years-old.jpgReb-at-kinder-school.jpgReb-receiving-his-nursing-pin.jpgReb-posed-with-Mama-after- graduation-exercises.jpghow Reb looks now
Reb-posed-with-Mama-after- graduation-exercises.jpg
Reb-posed-with-Mama-after- graduation-exercises.jpg
how Reb looks now
how Reb looks now


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During-his-pre-and-kinder-days- Reb-enjoys-toys-like-this.jpgHe-had-also-his-collection-of- playthings-till-Grade-I.jpgHis-high-school-days-are-his- most-memorable-days,-He- graduated-with-honors.jpg He-took-and-passed-the-nurse- licensure-exams-but-once.jpgReb,-22,-is-now-undergoing- volunteer-service-as-OR-Nurse-in- Davao-City,-Philippines.jpg
During-his-pre-and-kinder-days- Reb-enjoys-toys-like-this.jpg
During-his-pre-and-kinder-days- Reb-enjoys-toys-like-this.jpg
He-had-also-his-collection-of- playthings-till-Grade-I.jpg
He-had-also-his-collection-of- playthings-till-Grade-I.jpg
His-high-school-days-are-his- most-memorable-days,-He- graduated-with-honors.jpg
His-high-school-days-are-his- most-memorable-days,-He- graduated-with-honors.jpg
He-took-and-passed-the-nurse- licensure-exams-but-once.jpg
He-took-and-passed-the-nurse- licensure-exams-but-once.jpg
Reb,-22,-is-now-undergoing- volunteer-service-as-OR-Nurse-in- Davao-City,-Philippines.jpg
Reb,-22,-is-now-undergoing- volunteer-service-as-OR-Nurse-in- Davao-City,-Philippines.jpg

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I need friends

NOTE: I'm a male nurse now in the KSA. Below is the story of my life. I need friends. To find me in the Facebook., just type Upjan Reb Radomes in the google search bar.

Preparation for life

FIRST things in life, I learn how to eat, cry and smile. I was ignorant of so many things. So I need Father and Mother and even other people to help me grow big and strong. But I must be on my own. I want to live in a world where I could be the master of my fate. So I learn how to walk, run and jump.

Many things to learn in life

I learn how to play . I learn how to talk. I discover I have brothers and a sister. I discover I have plenty of relatives. Together with brothers, sister and relatives we play and talk. We play and talk in the morning. We play and talk in the afternoon. We sometimes talk bad words. We sometimes quarrel and hit each other with the fists. But mother is always there when the going is rough. She would advise us, ":Don't talk bad words! Don"t quarrel! They"re bad". So we always end up our play as good brothers, sisters and relatives.

School is fun; classmates and I do things in school

Years rolled by. I see sister growing. I see cousins and friends growing. I see myself also growing. Sister, cousins and friends go to school in clean body, clothes and shoes. They talk, read, write and draw in school. They sing, dance and play in school.

I like what they do in school. So I go to school, too. Mother and sister help prepare my things for school. In school I have boys and girls of my age as claassmates. We got lots of fun talking, reading, writing and drawing in school. We get lots of fun singing, dancing, playing and eating in school.

Teachers our surrogate mothers

We have common mothers in school. They're our teachers. Teachers are our surrogate mothers. They know everything that are good for all of us pupils. They help us do things right. They love and care for us. We do love them, too.

God helped us face problems

Early in life, misfortunes one after the other cross our path. There were times when I feel that the world was about to crumble upon us. But Mother is always there with us to comfort and give us hope. Little by little my outlook in life grow brighter. I learn to face problems squarely. Problems including poverty, I swear, must not deter me from achieving success someday. I know they're but God's test to strengthen my character. I resolve to help my family in whatever little ways I can. I certainly don't want to be a burden to the family.

I studied diligently for my future

Time is gold. Time is precious. It must not be wasted away. So I made up my mind to diligently make good my studies. I must equip myself with all the skills, knowledges and information that I can get from school and from the books. I must get wholesome experiences from my environment and peers so that I could be at par with fellow applicants when our services will be needed by our country and by the world at large someday.

Thanks to all for molding my character and finishing my career

In all fields of endeavor, there is stiff competition. Only those who are in top shape and of good moral fibre get the job. Only those who are qualified; those who persevere and who are determined land the most juicy positions. I know these things are easier said then done. But I'll try my utmost to acquire some if not all of them in due time

From the grades up to college, a period of 14 long, tedious years, I finish the course Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Indeed, it was a long, hard climb but I was determined to finish it. To God, my parents and all those responsible in helping me mold my character and my whole being, my sincere gratitude.

The door to employment

I know the next move is quite harder. With hard work and determination, I must land a job so I can feed, clothe and house my very own family in the near future.

Post-script: Rebs official name is Upjan Reb Bernales Radomes born on February 6, 1987 in BLISS, Catbalogan, Samar. A grand son, Reb passed the Nursing Board Licensure Exams together with 28,923 others given on December 1 - 2, 2007. Right after, he underwent volunteer service as OR Nurse in Davao City, Philippines. Now he's in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia finishing his second year stint as a nurse.


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