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Light Up Your Life and Revive

Updated on May 6, 2011
Peace With Yourself
Peace With Yourself

Arise ! Awake !

Light Up Your Life

Lost the job ? Gone bankrupt ? Divorced ? Had a heart attack ? Involved in an accident ? Lost a limb ? Burnt your house in a bushfire ? Flood has washed away all the crop in the farm ? A tornado has blown away your house and with that all your life’s savings ? Or any other disaster may have ruined your life !

Remember three things – 1) You are not alone in this world who has been the victim of such circumstances. 2)There are people in this world who are worse off than you are and 3)No matter how bad the situation is, ultimately you will come out of it and a bright future will Light Up Your Life.

After darkness there is always a sunrise that lights up this world.

You have to be brave and be prepared to get yourself out of the situation that you are faced with.

The Universal Force is always ready to help you.

All you have to do is ‘Ask’.

And sometimes without asking your wish will be fulfilled if you prove that you deserve it.

So where do you start ? Very small bank balance and very little in the pocket does not encourage anyone to go out and rent a shop or to buy a few requisites to start making something. You need somebody to give you a kick start. Does not matter what religion or faith you follow or believe, the saying ‘God helps those, who help themselves’ is good for every body. Do not think that a difficult situation needs complicated solution. Do not think like that mathematician who used integral calculus to find the answer of 2 to the power of 2 (2x2=4).

Start with the simple option. Call center will let you use their telephone for free. . You sit in their office and phone the numbers of which they give you the list. Your skill of salesmanship of convincing the people is put to test. You are paid by the results If the prospective customer agrees, you make an appointment for a sales person to go and see him. You get paid for this appointment regardless whether the sales person gets the orders.

The next stage is you act as the sales person. You manage to sell the product, you get a commission.

With some experience you can become a freelance sales representative., eBay, Clickbank, are the giants of such freelance salesmanship. They do not manufacture anything but they promote the products of others and get paid commission on sales.

Many small companies who cannot afford to hire a full time sales representative, look for a freelance sales person. It may be books, a service or a manufactured product. There are thousands of such items. Your choice is limitless. This may be done on phone from home, taking products or samples to homes(door to door sales) or businesses, selling products at markets or by party plans from home, etc. There are varieties of methods.

You must study all the available options. Then chose the one which best suits your ability, nature, skill, family support and circumstances. You must be very careful in your choice, Because once you chose, you must put in all out effort to make it a success.


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrfic powerful emotional hub God speed all the best thanks

    • Satyam7 profile image

      Satyam7 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thank you. Very inspirational words of comfort and truth.