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Limits of Perception Shouldn't Keep Us From the Stars.

Updated on April 5, 2011

Seeing Each Other, Seeing Our Future

To "walk a mile in another's shoes," our elders have admonished.

If we took the time to do it, we might all be quite astonished.

It takes approximately twenty minutes, on flat ground, to walk a mile.

When was the last time someone listened that long, silent all the while?

To understand another's eyes, we must understand their past,

meaning looking long and well, not glancing really fast.

The ability to listen is a skill not all possess.

I was thirty three before I learned how blind I was the rest.

The epidemic of disrespect is subtle in its start,

as it manifests more easily by weakening the heart.

In other words, what binds us well, is the feeling we are same,

which is harder to achieve when grouped by look, or name.

Assumptions are much easier, than ensuring proper sight,

and those who listen less, often insist that they are more right.

All around our modern world, there is still the aches of old,

where war destroys humanity, and leaves its bodies cold.

It takes vision which unites us, to expect there can be peace,

else, as long as some feel threatened, mortal conflict will not cease.

What if there was a lottery to orbit out in space?

What if we continued our development to include beyond Earth's face?

It now costs many millions of dollars to maybe get that chance,

but how many millions would buy a ticket to make their Grandchild dance?

If just a few dollars could win that reward, just think what that could do!

The industries that would resurrect and thrive if faith were true!

Education, construction, manufacturing, and transport, all would truly thrive

if we united as a species to respect all stay alive.

Please, oh current leaders, and those with hearts still young,

may all of us be blessed by the power of your tongue.

May your words be of such insight, they light without a doubt,

quite able to inspire, and bring such dreams about.

Our eyes can only see so far, so visionaries rise,

able to connect the dots, and read the changing skies.

A Space Flight Lottery could do so much, for what is, and is to be.

it would be a form of medicine for morale that has grown weak.

The limits of our perception require we never cease to seek,

else we will never know, all the secrets truth will keep.

As individuals, and as a species, may we hush, and listen more.

Let's perceive how we can build and thrive, without the need for war.

Bradley Coldbrook

April 5, 2011


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