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The Lincoln - Kennedy Coincidences

Updated on January 17, 2013


As far as conspiracy theories go, this has got to be one of the strangest and most far fetched. Yet for some reason, this list of 'coincidences' is eerie. Yes, each fact can be argued as quite probable and/or insignificant. But, it is the sheer number of such coincidences that captures attention and gets people staring off into space.

The 100 Year Recurrence

Lincoln-Kennedy 100 Year Coincidences

I have heard of hundred year flood, but a hundred year assassination seems bizarre:

  • Lincoln was elected in 1860, Kennedy in 1960, 100 years apart.

  • Andrew Johnson was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908, exactly one hundred years later.

  • John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839 [according to some sources] Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939, one hundred years later.

  • Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846, Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946...100 years apart.
  • Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas who was born in 1813; Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon who was born in 1913...100 years apart.

Count 'em Up

Kennedy & Lincoln's Names

  • LINCOLN and KENNEDY each has 7 letters.

  • ANDREW JOHNSON and LYNDON JOHNSON each has 13 letters.

  • JOHN WILKES BOOTH and LEE HARVEY OSWALD each has 15 letters. (We won't get into the three name assassin thing, as I believe this is put on them after the fact to distinguish them from innocent people with the same first and last name)

Strange Coincidences: Lincoln vs. Kennedy

The Assassination

Coincidences Regarding The Assassination of JFK and Abe Lincoln

  • Both men were assassinated on a Friday.

  • Both assassins were Southerners who held extremist views.
  • Both men were killed by a bullet that entered the head from behind.
  • Lincoln was killed in Ford's Theater. Kennedy met his death while riding in a Lincoln convertible made by the Ford Motor Company.

  • Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and fled to a warehouse. Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and fled to a theater.
  • Booth and Oswald were murdered before their trials.
  • Both men were assassinated on a in the presence of their wives.

  • Lincoln was sitting in box 7 when killed; Kennedy was sitting in car 7 when killed.

  • Both assassins were detained by an officer named Baker.

Chime In!

Do you think there is anything really here, or is it just proof that if you look hard enough you'll find anything?

Wow, this is weird. They seem strangely connected.

Wow, this is weird. They seem strangely connected.

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    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences is nothing more than opinion wtih contrived arguments designed to divide and trivialize the facts. These arresting links do not prove a plan, but their quantity shows inviting likely conjectures whose probability is is proportion to the number of links. The set lacks elevation to problems whose solutions show the deterministic hand of a creator. This can be done but its publication is unlikely. PJ

    • anonymous 4 years ago


    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Strange coincidence?

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      Mines and yours: u r really stupid. Monroe died before president Lincoln was even a president. And marilyn monroe died a year before Kennedy did.

    • anonymous 7 years ago


    • anonymous 8 years ago


    • anonymous 8 years ago

      yah, thats reall strange.

      here's another one:

      tha dai b4 lincoln was assissniated (idk if i spelled rite, lol), he had a meeting or something with president Monroe

      tha dai b4 kennedy was assissniated, he was supposedly with Marilyn Monroe.


    • anonymous 8 years ago

      quantum syncronisity

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      i believe it............wats the name of the song in the vid?

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      only God knows!

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      OMG! i totally bleive this, but look at this site : and it explains why it is not true.

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      There is only one explanation!God is a sadist paying games!

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      what the hell what a strange thing creepy!!!!

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and escaped to a warehouse, and oswald shot Kennedy in a warehouse and escaped to a theatre. Very freaky!

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      it's really weird yet it made me thought deeply and study all

      the's great..added knowledge for me..=)

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      Lincoln died at Pearsons House and Kennedy at Parkview Hospital.

      They both have the initals PH

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      Weird coincidences! Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald and Kennedy were John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln reincarnated! I don't believe in reincarnation.. but that's the only explanation I can think of.

    • anonymous 9 years ago

      Ive heard an interesting story where every 20 years a US president has been assassinated without fail... people are thinking that its bush's turn... anyone know anything about this?

    • anonymous 9 years ago


    • anonymous 9 years ago

      Its really wierd and scary to think about that and that 100 years thing was really interesting to read about!!!!!!!!

    Nah. It's a load of hooey; if you look hard enough at any two people you can find coincidences.

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      • harty5680 5 years ago

        Plenty of coincidences but I don't think they're connected because it can work in reverse like: Lincoln was assassinated in April, JFK in if you look hard enough you can find anything.

      • anonymous 7 years ago


      • anonymous 7 years ago

        oh yea right this is bull s**t !!!

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        And don't forget:

        Three weeks before his death, Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland.

        Three weks before his death, Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe.

      • triathlontraini1 9 years ago

        Probably just a bunch of coincidences. Albeit weird ones!

      • anonymous 9 years ago

        Odd stuff indeed. The issue I have with some of it is that you have to believe Oswald was the assassin. I don't buy that for a second.

      Andrew Johnson & Lyndon Johnson - Weird Coincidences
      Andrew Johnson & Lyndon Johnson - Weird Coincidences

      Johnson & Johnson

      The Successors of Lincoln & JFK

      • Both successors were named Johnson

      • Both men were born into a poor white Southern family.

      • Both successors were former senators.

      • Both men had two daughters.

      • Both men were an officer in a war.

      • Andrew Johnson defended the right to own slaves throughout the 1840s and 1850s; Lyndon Johnson was a consistent opponent of civil rights legislation throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

      • Both men were suspected of being a part of the conspiracy to assassinate the president.

      Lincoln vs Kennedy - Amazing Facts From The Lives of The Two Presidents

      And A Few More Things

      More Odd Kennedy-Lincoln Coincidences

      • Both men were deeply involved in African American civil rights.

      • The first name of Lincoln's private secretary was John, the last name of Kennedy's private secretary was Lincoln.

      • Republican Convention was held in Chicago in 1860 and in 1960.

      • Both won the election with less than fifty-percent of the popular vote.

      • Both men were the second child.

      • Both men were named after their grandfather.

      • Abe had sons named Robert and Edward; Kennedy had brothers named Robert and Edward.

      • They both had four children, and lost a son while in the White House.

      • Both men lost a sister before becoming president

      • Lincoln's son married Mary Eunice Harlan; Kennedy's sister was named a sister named Eunice Mary Kennedy.

      • Both men dad a doctor named Charles Taft.

      • Lincoln had a friend and adviser named William Graham; Kennedy had a friend and adviser named Billy Graham.

      • Both men were related to ambassadors to the Court of St. James.

      • Both men were related to an attorney general who graduated from Harvard University.

      The Wives

      Coincidences Regarding The First Ladies

      • Each wife had lost a child while living at the White House.

      • Each woman was dark-haired and twenty-four years old woman at time they were married.

      • They were both fluent in French.

      • They were both known for their high fashion in clothes.

      • They both renovated the White House after many years of neglect.

      • They had both been previously engaged to someone else.

      Marilyn Monroe
      Marilyn Monroe

      This one is false

      (but funny)

      This one is going around but it is obviously not true...

      A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.

      A week before Kennedy was shot, he was in Marilyn Monroe.

      Ha ha...very funny...Marilyn Monroe died over a year before JFK.


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        • SusanRDavis profile image

          Susan R. Davis 4 years ago from Vancouver

          I didn't realize there were this many similarities. Makes you think, even if you aren't a conspiracy buff.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I enjoyed reading this lens. It is full of information.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Hey! These apparent coincidences, which I would predict to be rare between any two people, one hundred years apart, is consistent with one of the solutions to Fermi's Paradox; namely, Earth provides hundreds of Extraterrestial (ET) Cable Channels on their Earth Entertainment Network, where apparently a producer for the Historical Drama Channel, effected the Lincoln-Kennedy Project. (Fermi's Paradox: if there are suppose to be so many other beings in the universe, where are they?)

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          So many coincidences. There has to be something in it!

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          this is so true scary....

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          THis is crap my teacher found 70 coincadonces on this

        • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

          MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

          Interesting. 5*

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          Always thought that this was a very interesting story.Great for history buffs to puzzle over. Thanks for the lens.

        • profile image

          kimmanleyort 7 years ago

          Nice to put this all together. You present them well and allow us to determine what we think. I think it is very eerie.

        • LisaDH profile image

          LisaDH 8 years ago

          I think they're just odd coincidences, but it is quite fascinating when you add them all up together. 5*

        • KimGiancaterino profile image

          KimGiancaterino 9 years ago

          My grandmother had a large plate with the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences printed on it. I was always fascinated by it, and am glad to see a lens on the subject!

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          wow, all this stuff is insane!

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

 <<-- check out this site, its got some cool stuff too!

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          Cool stuff. i read about this stuff one time and its pretty weird. i wonder if there is anything like this about Primeministers of Canada... :O

        • razorback lm profile image

          razorback lm 9 years ago

          Very interesting... I will go through this one-by-one to verify!

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