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How drug's label help!

Updated on April 8, 2015
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follow the instructions on the drug bottle.
follow the instructions on the drug bottle.
follow the instructions on the drug bottle.

Reading of Drug Label Is Important

Make it mandatory to read the labels of the medicine carefully before consuming it or follow the doctor's prescription otherwise the medicine will bring more harm than good if a patient gulped her/his pills with just a sip of water, even though the label says to drink a glass full of water . Then the patient may feel a burning sensation in her/his throat.It may be seen that the pill gets stuck and damage the oesophagus.why to follow labels ,lets see some examples :--
1)The label says :-take the pill with a glass of water .
The reason is:--water helps to dilute drugs so they won't cause irritation in the oesophagus or stomach it flushes the medicine into the stomach to be disintegrate properly and react on our body for the purpose it is taken for
2) The label says:-stay out of the sun
The reason is :--The drug may increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunburns. If you usually get burn if you stand in sun for 20 minutes, it may take only 10 minutes while you are on the drug.
3)The label says :--Avoid dairy products
The reason is:- The Calcium present in the diary products can delay absorption of the drug . You won't get the right dose or satisfying result from the medicine
4)the labels says:--Take with food or after food
The reason is:-the food boosts absorption and help reduce nausea if taken as prescribed
5)the label says:--Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you are under the drug effect .
The reason is :-The drug makes you feel drowsy, dizzy or lightheaded ,slows reaction time and motor skills in human beings
one should follow the instructions with care else you may regret latter instead of benefiting from the medicines therefore we must support label reading and see what we’re putting into our bodies,and how are we putting it weather its right or wrong


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