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List of Phrasal Verbs Beginning With "D"

Updated on September 22, 2011
  1. Damp off (to die from too much water): All the new plants damped off.
  2. Dash down (write something quickly or hastily): Dash down a memo and send it to everybody.
  3. Dash off (leave somewhere quickly): It's late- I'm going to dash off home.
  4. Dash off (do something quickly, especially writing): I'll dash off the report in a couple of hours.
  5. Dawn on (finally realize or understand something): It finally dawned on him that she'd been joking, and he was worried for no reason.
  6. Die away (become weak): When the noise died away, there was silence.
  7. Die down (gradually become less strong): The flame is dying down.
  8. Die off (to undergo a sudden, sharp decline in population): Rabbits were dying off in that county.
  9. Die out (disappear completely, become extinct): Tribes and tribal customs died out centuries ago.
  10. Deal with (tackle a problem, behave towards somebody): 1.It’s difficult to deal with a terrorist. 2. He deals with his customers honestly.
  11. Dispense with (to remove, to get rid): He dispensed with his servant.
  12. Dispose of (to get rid of someone or something): I have disposed of my old furniture.
  13. Dispose of (to kill someone): The boss ordered Max to dispose of Lefty.
  14. Do away with (kill, abolish): The robbers did away with the travelers.
  15. Do away with (to suicide): I wouldn't think of doing away with myself.
  16. Do away with (to get rid of something): The time has come to do away with that old building.
  17. Do out (clean and tidy thoroughly): Please do out this room before your mother returns from the market.
  18. Do up (to make tidy): Please do up this room before the guests come.
  19. Do without (to manage): I can do without sugar for some time.
  20. Draw back (move back): Please draw back a little.
  21. Draw near (to approach): The examinations are drawing near.
  22. Draw up (to prepare): The government had drawn up a plan for attracting foreign money.
  23. Dress down (to scold; reprimand): I was dressed down by the teacher for lateness.
  24. Dress down (to wear informal clothes, befitting an occasion or location): I am dressing down because we're going to a barbecue by the beach.
  25. Dress up (to wear formal or fancy clothes): They dressed up and went to the prom.
  26. Drop in (visit someone unexpectedly): Martha dropped in yesterday after dinner.
  27. Drop in (to visit briefly): About 500, guests dropped in order to celebrate my birthday party. 
  28. Drop off (fall asleep): As I was tired, I dropped off by the fire side.
  29. Drop off (decrease): Sales dropped off in the fourth quarter.
  30. Drop out (withdraw; to leave a school, group, to resign from or cease being a member of something, etc.): 1.Sam has dropped out of the Journalism Diploma. 2. Michael isn't on the team any more. He dropped out.
  31. Drop out (to fall out of something): One by one, the skydivers dropped out of the plane.
  32. Drop over (to come for a casual visit, visit someone casually): 1.I would really like to drop over soon. 2. Drop over any time you feel like talking.


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