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List of Phrasal Verbs Beginning With "E"

Updated on September 22, 2011
  1. Eat away (destroy slowly): The disease eats the liver away.
  2. Eat in (eat at home): We didn't feel like going to a restaurant so we ate in.
  3. Eat Into (destroy): Acids eat into metal.
  4. Eat into (use something valuable when you don't want to): I’m eating out my savings since I lost my job.
  5. Eat out (to have a meal at a restaurant rather than at home.): I like to eat out and try different kinds of food.
  6. Eat up (to believe without question): She'll eat up whatever the broker tells her.
  7. Eat up (to receive or enjoy enthusiastically or avidly):  He really eats up the publicity.
  8. Eat up (eat all of something): You have to eat up all your vegetables before you can have any ice cream.
  9. Eat up (consume): This bike eats up petrol.
  10. Eat up (consume something you don't want to be consumed): What is eating up all my bandwidth?
  11. Eke out (manage to make a living):  In these days of rising prices, it is difficult to eke out an existence.
  12. Ease off (reduce pressure or intensity): He eased off the accelerator to let the car slow down.
  13. Ease off (to give something less effort or energy, especially when you have been working very hard): If He doesn’t ease off at work, He will make himself sick.
  14. Ease off (to diminish): The storm seems to have eased off a little.
  15. Ease out (to make someone leave a job or position without saying anything publicly):  Our sources say Liddell will be eased out during the next few weeks.
  16. Ease up (relax, calm down): I asked her to ease out because she was feeling very stressed.
  17. Edge out (Gradually push someone or something out of their position):  The shareholders edged the CEO out because results were getting worse.
  18. Edge up (approach slowly):  She edged up behind the bus at the red light.
  19. Egg on (urge on, encourage): The other students egged him on when he started arguing with the teacher.
  20. Embark on (to start a journey by ship): We embarked on a voyage to the Caribbean.
  21. Embark on (to start a new project or activity):  After leaving college, Jenny embarked on an acting career.
  22. Embark upon (start a project or venture): Fernando has just embarked upon a new professional challenge.
  23. Empty out (empty something completely): I must empty out the rubbish before I leave for work.
  24. Empty out (Remove some things or everything from a container): I emptied some of the coffee out so I could pour more milk in.
  25. End in (finish a certain way or have a certain result at the end of something): It will end in tears.
  26. End up with (Get as a result of something): He tried hard but ended up with a poor grade.
  27. End with (to have something act as the final part of something): The concert ended with a vigorous march.
  28. Engage in (to involve in something related to competition or conflict, such as a debate, a battle, or a dispute)
  29. Engrave with (to cut words or pictures into a hard surface such as stone, metal, or glass): A trophy engraved with the winner’s name
  30. Enter for (Join or enter a competition): They entered for the national championship but weren't good enough.
  31. Enter into (Become involved in or accept): They entered into an agreement with their rivals.
  32. Entrust to/ with (to give somebody responsibility for something of importance or value)
  33. Even up (to make something more equal): We need more five points to even up the score.
  34. Eye up (look carefully at someone): The guy eyed the other man up because he was behaving suspiciously.


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    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Wow, ecconect this phrasal verb series you are doing is quite an ambitious project!


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