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List of Phrasal Verbs Beginning With "A"

Updated on September 21, 2011

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a verb with both an adverb and a preposition, any of which are part of the syntax of the sentence, and so are complete semantic units. A phrasal verb often has a meaning which is different from the original verb.

  1. Abide by (obey rules, regulations. decision, etc.): We should abide by the decision of the committee.
  2. Abstain from (to keep away): I always abstain from bad company.
  3. Accede to (grant): He acceded to my request to accompanying him.
  4. Account for (to explain, give a reason): You must account for your absence from the class yesterday.
  5. Accuse of (to blame): Many shopkeepers have been accused of black-marketing.
  6. Act out (play a part): He acted out the role of a saint very well.

  7. Act out (express an emotion in your behavior): He acted out his anger in his quarrel with the neighbor.

  8. Act up (not working properly): This machine has been acting up for some time. Please send for the mechanic.

  9. Acquaint with (to make someone aware of something or someone, to introduce someone to an unfamiliar thing): You should acquaint yourself with cultures from around the world.

  10. Add on (Include in a calculation): You have to add the VAT on to the price they give.

  11. Add up (make sense, seem reasonable.): His theory is hard to believe, but his research adds up.

  12. Add up (make a mathematical total): We added up the bill to check it was correct.

  13. Add up to (come to a certain amount or figure, something equal): Your purchases add up to $232.25.

  14. Advise against: - (recommend not doing something): His doctor advised him against smoking.

  15. Agree on (to be unanimous): The committee could not agree on the course of action.

  16. Agree with (to give consent, have the same opinion as somebody else): I agree with you. Mrs. Camilla really deserves the award.

  17. Aim at (point something in the direction of a target): The policeman aimed his gun at the kidnapper.

  18. Answer back - (reply rudely): Don’t answer back your parents and teachers. Or We shouldn't answer our parents back.
  19. Apply for (make a formal request or fill in a form or write a formal letter asking for job, permit, loan etc.): The professor applied for a job at the famous university

  20. Apply to….for (to give an application): You should apply to the principal for leave.

  21. Apprise of (tell, inform): He apprised me of the latest situation.

  22. Ask for (to deserve a negative consequence): You’re asking for trouble.

  23. Ask around (ask many people the same question): I asked around, but nobody had seen him for days.

  24. Ask around (Invite someone): We asked John around for diner

  25. Ask in (to invite someone into your house): If John is at the door, ask him in.

  26. Ask out (invite on a date): John asked Jenny out to dinner and a movie.

  27. Attend on (to nurse): There are nurses to attend on the patients in the hospital.

  28. Attend to (listen to): Students should attend to their lesson in the class-room.

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    • asmaiftikhar profile image


      6 years ago from Pakistan

      a useful hub keep it up!


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