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List of 200+Phrasal Verbs Beginning With "B"

Updated on September 21, 2011

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a verb with both an adverb and a preposition, any of which are part of the syntax of the sentence, and so are complete semantic units. A phrasal verb often has a meaning which is different from the original verb.

Alphabet B
Alphabet B
  1. Back away (move back): When Sam saw the cobra, he backed away.
  2. Back into (enter a parking area in reverse gear): He prefers to back his car into the garage.
  3. Back off (retreat): The police told the protesters to Back off.
  4. Back out (withdraw from an agreement or promise, deny): He backed out of his promise to help me.
  5. Back out of (to decide not to do something you agreed to do): We’re hoping that no one will back out of the deal.
  6. Back out of (fail to keep an arrangement or agreement): She backed out of the agreement at the last minute.

  7. Back out of (exit a parking area in reverse gear): She backed the rolls out of its parking space.
  8. Back up (to cause to accumulate or undergo accumulation): 1.Traffic backed up in the tunnel. 2. The accident backed the traffic up for blocks.

  9. Back up (drive a vehicle backwards): He backed up without looking and ran over his laptop.
  10. Back up (support): The rest of the staff backed up Ms. Monica when she complained about working conditions.
  11. Back up (make a copy of computer data): You must back up the important data from your computer as soon as possible as it seems to be corrupted.
  12. Bag out (criticize): You should not bag out his English.
  13. Bail out (Save, rescue, and help someone with problems, especially financial problems): The government had to bail out the airline because it was losing so much money.
  14. Bail out (Remove water from something or a boat by dipping and throwing over the side): The boat was leaking so they had to bail it out.
  15. Bail out (jump out of a plane): The pilot bailed out when he saw that the engines had failed.

  16. Bail out (escape from a project, situation and relationship)

  17. Bail out (pay money to a court): He got a lawyer and bailed me out.
  18. Bail out of (pay a bond to release someone from jail): You must bail your brother out of jail.
  19. Bail out on (stop supporting someone when they are in trouble): Everybody bailed out on him when the scandal broke.
  20. Bail up (Talk to someone and delay them): I was late because he bailed me up on the phone and wouldn't shut up.
  21. Bail up (rob someone at gunpoint): She was bailed up by a couple of muggers as she came out of the bank.

  22. Ball up (confuse or make things complicated): The new circumstances has balled me up- I have no idea what to do.
  23. Ball up (roll or form into a round shape): She balled up her napkin when he had finished eating.
  24. Balls up (spoil, ruin): He ballsed the presentation up.
  25. Bash in (to damage something by hitting it violently): Jenny bashed in the windows of my new Porches.
  26. Bang about (to make a lot of noise while doing an activity): Why your wife is banging about in the kitchen.

  27. Bang around (to make a lot of noise while doing an activity, move in a place making a lot of noise): I can hear him banging about upstairs.

  28. Bang around (to beat or strike someone or something) 1. Let's bang him around a little and see if that will change his mind. 2.He banged himself around badly in the car wreck.

  29. Bang on (to constantly talk about): He banged on for half an hour about his journey to China, but no one was listening to him.

  30. Bang on about (Keep talking about something) He's always banging on about Cricket.

  31. Bang out (Play loudly): He banged the tune out on the piano.

  32. Bang out (To do something quickly, in a slipshod or unprofessional manner.): I think I can bang it out in one night.

  33. Bang up (to damage): 1. He banged up his new Porsche car last night. 2. He banged his car up last night.

  34. Bang up (to put someone in prison): The police banged him up for the night.

  35. Bear away (to win): He bore away the first prize.

  36. Bear off (to win):

  37. Bear on (affect): Your evidence will bear on the outcome of the case.

  38. Bear upon (affect):

  39. Bear out (to support): He bore me out in my campaign.

  40. Bear up (to endure): He bore up all the difficulties bravely.

  41. Bear with (tolerate): I can’t bear with his rude behavior.

  42. Beat up (assault, hit or kick someone many times): The robber beat up the traveler and then looted him.

  43. Beat up (mix thoroughly) He is beating up the eggs for make a n omelets.

  44. Bend on/upon (to/be determined to do something/mischief etc.): He is bent on learning chess.

  45. Black out (to darken completely):

  46. Blow away (to drive away by wind): The wind blew away the hat.

  47. Blow up (to explode): The enemy blew up the bridge.

  48. Blow out (to put out by breath): Please blow out the candle.

  49. Blow over (die down): The issue of reservation has blown over.

  50. Boil down to (to be reduced to its real meaning)

  51. Break away (escape): The criminal broke away.

  52. Break down (to fail, to go out of order):

  53. Break in (interrupt or enter by force): He broke in when I was busy with the work.

  54. Break into (to enter forcibly): The thieves broke into my house at night.

  55. Break off (to sever relationship): He has broken off his engagement to Jenny.

  56. Break out (to spread out): Cholera has broken out in the city.

  57. Break out (start suddenly): The two countries were so tense that war broke out.

  58. Break up (to end): The meeting broke up suddenly.

  59. Break through (to appear): The sun broke through the clouds.

  60. Bring about (cause something to happen): we should bring about changes in our social customs.

  61. Bring about (to cause; to affect): The principal has brought about a number of changes in the college.

  62. Bring back (return somebody or something): He brought back the book.

  63. Bring down (lower or reduce): The shopkeeper didn’t bring down the prices.

  64. Bring in (introduce legislation): HMG is going to bring in a bill to improve road safety.

  65. Bring out (cause to appear): The sunshine will bring out the blossoms.

  66. Bring out (publish): The publishers brought out a new edition of their book.

  67. Bring up (to rear): He was brought up by his uncle.

  68. Bring round (to persuade): He brought me round to his views.

  69. Butt in (rudely interrupt an activity or conversation): Sam butted in when I was talking to Jenny.

to be continued......................................


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