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List of Supernatural Creatures

Updated on August 31, 2012

These are a list of Supernatural creatures, but not any description to go along with them in this article. Most authors of late have recreated a lot of these creatures and added and taken away attributes that have been characteristically theirs from the beginning. Here, however, I will only provide you with their names.

1. Witches

2. Vampires

3. Werewolves

4. Sprites

5. Faeries/Fairies/Fae

6. Trolls

7. Pixies

8. Gargoyles

9. Firestarter

10. Angels*

11. Demons

12. Ghosts

13. Muses

14. Furies

15. Valkyries

16. Stars

17. Sandmen

18. Muses

19. Cupids

20. Cyclops

21. Hobbits

22. Halflings

23. Mermaids

24. Satyrs

25. Phoenix

26. Elves

27. Crypt Keeper

28. Nymphs

29. Unicorns

30. Leprechauns

31. Selkies

32. Pegasus

33. Undead

34. Zombies

35. Shapeshifters

36. Skinwalkers

37. Gremlins

38. Mummies

39. Wendigoes

40. Chupacabra

41. Necromancer

42. Guardians

43. Ogres

44. Oracles

45. Whitelighters

46. Dark Lighters

47. Harpy

48. Succbus

49. Sirens

50. Dragons

51. Chimaeras

52. Dwarves

53. Banshees

54. Roc

55. Manticores

56. Jack Frost

57. Goblins

58. Minotaur

59. Orcs

60. Ents

61. Liaisons to the Senior Partners

62. Griffins

63. Harbinger

64. Avatars

65. Seer

66. Nexus

67. The Cleaners

68. Slayers

69. Zen Master

70. Senior Partners

71. Wolfram & Hart *

72. Bugbears

73. Hippogriffs

74. Gnolls

75. Fauns

76. Half-Orcs

77. Half-Elves

78. Woogie

79. Poltergeist

80. Watchers

81. Genie

82. Nagas

83. Elders

84. The Agressor

85. Four Horseman of the Apocolypse

86. Bloody Mary

87. Charon

88. Witch Doctor

89. Halflings


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