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Dyslexia the Hidden Talent

Updated on April 11, 2018
JennieSara profile image

I don't 'suffer' from dyslexia, I live and work with it. I suffer from ignorant people who think they know what I can and cannot do. -E.Cook

Dsylexia is often seen as an incurable learning disability, teachers see it as a anchor, parents see it as a condition and students see it as being dumb.

There's many things that come with being dyslexic that everyone sees as an handicap but, as a person whose learning to live with dyslexia, I know otherwise.


-Trouble reading chapter books: The words are too close together and can sometimes create a whole new word such as; ashe came to the clearing. Sentences, when worded weird, can often contain "added" words or "flipped" letters.

-Hand written essays: Without spell check for the easy or hard words, writing an essay can be just about anyones worse nightmare, because it's not just the spelling that's difficult, its also the hand writing.

-Reading out loud: Teachers often never take to consideration that students with dyslexia have trouble reading (I don't know if they think reading out loud is helping or what but they need to stop). Any student who has trouble reading will have even more trouble reading out loud, because everyone is listening, it feels like they're waiting for you to mess up.

-Remembering subjects: Taking a subject that's extremely boring will leave the student to explore their own imagination, forgetting everything thats going on around them. This is the main cause of failure, remembering boring subjects is hard but, memorizing every single word from your favorite movie is easy.


-Limitless talent: You can remember dance moves from your favorite music video, you know all the words to a play your in, you have an amazing memory to memorize everything you love.

-Word search and scrabble: With words spelled backwards and a jungle of letters pushed together, to an averge person its a simple games that takes less then five minutes, but to those who've had trouble with spelling and reading, finding a bunch of words in the sea of letters is as easy as; 1, 2, 3.

-Creative: Your mind is always running with images and words and letters and unimaginable detail, when it comes to putting pen to papar you're able to bring your whole imagination to life.

I know it sometimes feels like, everyone sees you as an idiot because of your dyslexia but, what you have to understand is, your smarter than you think. Yeah, it may seem like its difficult to see it right now but, it's there, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dyslexia is my hidden talent, I now know that, I used to think it was a handicap because I couldn't remember anything my teachers taught me but now I know, there's nothing wrong with me and there's NOTHING wrong with you.

© 2018 Jennifer Flores


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