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Locating Top Homeschooling Programs for Your Child

Updated on March 10, 2015

Homeschooling programs are relatively easy to find online. The problem may be finding a good program.

If you do a basic internet search, you will see thousands of results. Many of them will be advertisements or websites without a lot of substance. The search engines are getting better at weeding out the spam sites but you still have to be careful.

A good program is one that consists of the subjects your child needs at his or her current level of understanding. The better homeschooling programs are categorized by grade level, just like a traditional elementary or high school.

It can be difficult for parents to determine where their children “fit” in terms of grade levels. Because of that difficulty, the best educational websites include placement tests to help determine where a child should start. The next section looks at some of the best choices for homeschooling. All of the examples offer placement testing for new students.

Popular Online Schools Best Suited For Homeschooling

Online schools for grades kindergarten through 12 are becoming increasingly popular. You will find there are many to choose from. The two choices listed here are among the best.


K12 may be the most popular program with over 50,000 followers on Google alone. Your child may be able to take advantage of what K12 has to offer free of charge, depending on where you live. K12 is a fully accredited online private school offering over 200 courses.

Keystone is a little older than K12. The alternative school was a distance education option for students prior to the availability of the internet. Students received their materials by mail and mailed in their assignments. Of course, it’s much easier and faster today, which is a good thing in terms of getting feedback on assignments.

Finding a Well-structured Homeschool Curriculum

A homeschool curriculum should be well-structured in terms of preparing a child for college. The curriculum should include all of the basic subjects: Math, English and History. The program should be structured to allow the child to learn at his or her own pace. This helps keep the children interested.

Homeschooling programs that lack structure may not be acceptable for the truancy laws in many states. You can contact your local public school board to find out about the minimum requirements.

Online schools like Keystone and K12 are familiar with the minimum requirements and their curriculum greatly exceeds the minimum standards. Advanced placement courses are offered for students who are ready. Many of these courses allow a child to earn college credit while they are still in grade school.

Liberty Online, Heritage Homeschool and National High School are some of the other online homeschooling programs. Parents have many options, which is one of the reasons that more children are being successfully homeschooled today than ever before.


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