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Updated on February 28, 2012

I'm tired

Have you ever known that the start of a particular day at school or work would be a long day for you? I am sure some of you have. Today was one of those days for me. I am just glad that I am home now.

I woke up earlier than usual, got ready and had breakfast. Then I drove to school after I made sure that I was dressed warmly enough for the chilly weather outside. As I got to school, I realized that I had forgotten to bring some of the information I needed for my meeting with my professor. I knew then that it was going to be a long day. Oh well, too late now, I thought.

I then parked my car and walked to the Bookstore to pick up my cap and gown for graduation next week. As I got there, I noticed a very long line of people waiting to return their books for cash. I waited until it was my turn. The salesperson asked me if I was returning any books. I answered no, and that I was there to pick up my cap and gown. He asked me if I had paid for it. I said yes, so he took down my name and went to the back to get them for me. He came back and asked me to spell my name as he couldn't find the bag. So I told him, again. He went back and finally found it. Apparently it was hiding underneath some boxes of books. Why would it be hiding under boxes of books? Anyway, I thanked him and left.

I then went to meet my professor at 10AM. He had mentioned last week that running the analyses for my paper that I am writing should not take very long. So we began collecting the data we had to put into the Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) program to be collated. This took much longer than we had anticipated.

When we were in the lab for the first few hours, the temperature was comfortable for the both of us. Around lunchtime, the air conditioner started blowing frigid air into the room. At first, we were both able to tolerate it. After about an hour however, both of us were frozen. It didn't help that my professor is getting over a cold. He was coughing and sneezing, poor man! However, the air conditioner just kept on blowing at us. Finally, at around 3PM, we left the lab. As we were leaving, the air conditioner stopped. Go figure!

My professor then suggested that we take a break to warm up. I went to the school coffee shop to buy hot tea for myself while my professor went back to his office. As I got to the coffee shop, I noticed that there were 2 people in line ahead of me. So I thought, that's great! I will get my tea quickly and go back to my professor's office. However, I noticed 4 people just waiting to get their orders. I ended up having to wait for 15 minutes just to get a hot tea because the coffee place was understaffed today.

I then took my tea and went back to my professor's office. We continued the discussion about running the analyses and what he expected to see in the next few weeks/months. I was able to get what he wanted written down so that I could remember to do everything. I met with him until 6PM when we wrapped up our discussion. He then told me that he still had a student's paper to grade. I was happy that he could spend time to help me with the data but this was the extreme. At least I will get my paper written with some new results and have something interesting to talk about in the discussion section.

I finally got home around 6:45PM today after being in school from 9:15AM. That is a long day for anyone! But it was a productive one, and I am happy I finally got some answers on how to run things. I will be meeting with him again next week after my last final exam. I just hope I don't have to stay this long.

Now, I plan to relax, get warm with some tea and have some dinner. Then, I will probably study a bit for exams. Then I will watch television or talk to someone on the phone before I head off to bed. At least I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. I can study all day and take my two finals when I am ready to (these two are online final exams in music). After that, I will probably end up studying for my last final which is in class on Tuesday.

How do you unwind after a long day? Comments, thoughts and ideas are greatly welcomed! Have a great evening!


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