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Look back to yourself

Updated on March 21, 2016

Look back to yourself

Many century, we are still searching a truth to explain the meaning behind the day when we leave this earth. Many religion know about this, but, they are all haven't find a good answer to prove about it. Why? Because nobody will come back tell you the truth. But, some people in this world, they are really near death experience. This experience come from many perspective view, because, once our soul leave our body, the soul actually stay in a space before our soul travel in this universal again and find another way live again.

Here is a video of some professor explain to it:

From this video, there is one thing which is pretty interesting, do you notice we are looking back our history after we dead? Certainly, it could imaging a ice cube, the time we take from refrigerator, the cube contain smokes, the cube is unfreezing. This is similar logically happen with our soul, all the memories suddenly spread across in front of you. We can't miss a single scene that is scrolling in front our view.

There is one movie which is talked about the same story telling. I am recommended to you guys here.


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