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Your potential is limitless, Maximise it.

Updated on November 1, 2012

Your unique gifts and talents


An inventor goes through a phase of conceiving an idea, collecting information on the idea and the materials needed; he processes his concept, tests and tries it and if succeeded, then an invention is made. He achieves his goals and objectives, he suddenly becomes a celebrity worldwide.

Albert Einstein known as the father of modern physics, is one amongst many who have gone through this cycle. Larry Page known for inventing the Google web search engine, Robert Adler – the wireless remote control inventor, Edwin H. Armstrong – the inventor of F M radio, Joseph Aspdin – who invented Portland cement, Alexander Graham Bell – telephone, Tim Berners Lee - world wide web, Clarence Birdseye – frozen food process, Karl Jatho – aeroplane, John Harvey Kellogg – cornflakes breakfast and Jules Montenier – modern anti-perspirant deodorant, to mention a few are all inventors who went through this cycle.

There are underlying factors to each finished product we embrace and celebrate. Each inventor mentioned above had unique intrinsic abilities embedded in them. Each unique gifts enabled them to think up an idea, work towards it and bring it into reality. Their background, upbringing, DNA, exposure, family values, intelligence and several other factors formed who they were and helped them to become somebody in life.

For example, If you can sing, hone in the skill and sing it to the best of your abilities. If you also find out that while you love to sing, you are very good at drawings or graphics, then maximise the talent, hone in the skill and do it to the best of your ability. If along the way, you also find out that you can act, by all means, act, find avenues to hone in these skills in you because everything will all work together perfectly well in the end.

Your potential is limitless. Never look down on yourself. Look for things you can do in your spare time or things that you love to do now. Everything you engage in now will work towards your advantage in the future. Locate your talent and work towards the future. You just never know what the future holds, so why not make the best use of your time now.

There is a newstory recently about a 16yrs old boy who did work experience at Tesco. During his lunch hour, he mixed his own Pizza and everybody who tasted from his pizza liked it, Soon, he began to mix Pizza for his colleagues until the news reached a top management. The top management tasted his Pizza and loved, they repackaged the Pizza and sold it in store. That young man is a supplier of Pizza to Tesco Stores nationwide. He never could have thought he would be Tesco Stores major supplier at 16yrs old but now he is a major supplier, he maximised his potential.

This week, try and look for ways to help people around you, suing your unique experience and ability.

Have a great week!


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