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Love tale of Prince Edward and Mrs. Simpson

Updated on March 26, 2014
Mrs Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward
Mrs Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward

History is not only the subject full of kings, queens, fights, conspiracies and power capturing strategies. It also has many things more than dry tales and discussions. Love, emotions and sacrifices also remained important part in pages of past. All kings are not behind power politics; few set their priorities in their own way. They left crown for their love, their passion as well other values.

Tale of Prince Edward and Mrs. Wallis Simpson is perfect example to say that love and passions can really drive lives of few and those few make LIFE really beautiful and more liveable and meaningful.

When Prince Edward fell in love with Wallis, she was not only already married but also divorced. Prince himself was also involved with other women. Mrs.Simpson entered his life but her being American was a big hurdle in their love story, as Americans were not highly regarded in British. Their relation grew up into deep friendship and then it crossed all limits to be a 'love story'. No body in Royal family was liking this relation. Despite all this, King was happy to give up British throne and ultimately he abdicated for his love.

Prince Edward was good looking personality. Before Mrs Wallis Simpson, there were few other women in his life.
Prince Edward was good looking personality. Before Mrs Wallis Simpson, there were few other women in his life.

Having blonde hair and blue eyes, King Edward was a good-looking person and he maintained this look throughout his life. Due to his appealing personality, many women got attracted. Before meeting Mrs Wallis Simpson, he was having relations with different ladies. One of those was lady Furness, who hosted a party on 10 January 1931, where she invited both Prince Edward and Mrs. Simpson along with her husband, Ernest Simpson. It was first meeting between Prince and Mrs Simpson. No doubt it did not left any strong impression on Prince. There after they met on different occasions during next few months. Very truly, it was not love at first sight for either of them. Edward continued his affair with Lady Furness, although he and Wallis met at various house parties.

Mrs Simpson also remained frequent guest to Prince Edward for next two years. They came close to each other when Lady Furness was on trip to USA in January 1934. There after other ladies including lady Furness was cut out of Prince’s life. Freda Dudley Ward was also one who remained close to Prince until 1934 and beginning of Prince's relationship with Wallis Simpson.

Mrs Wallis Simpson was having sense of style and pose in her personality
Mrs Wallis Simpson was having sense of style and pose in her personality

On the other side Mrs. Simpson was not very beautiful but she was having sense of style and pose in her personality. She was 35 when she met Edward in house party hosted by lady Thelma Furness.

When she grew into a young woman, she got married to Lieutenant Earl Winfield, a pilot for US Navy in 1916. This marriage lasted till their divorce in December 1927. After few months of divorce she again got married to Ernest Simpson in July 1928.

As said earlier it was in the year 1934 that Prince and Wallis became more closer. There is reference of one instance when Prince invited both Mrs. Wallis Simpson and his husband to cruise but Ernest Simpson was not able to accompany his wife due to his business involvement. On this cruise they crossed the limits of friendship and fell completely in love with each other.

Cover page of magazine 'LIFE' in May 1950
Cover page of magazine 'LIFE' in May 1950 | Source

Relationship of Prince and Mrs. Simpson entered into testing phase when King George V, father of prince died in January 1936 and there after Prince became Kind Edward VIII. New King got occupied with big responsibilities of state affairs but his infatuation with Mrs. Simpson was not welcomed by anyone in King’s circles. Then Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin believed that people would not accept a divorced woman with two living ex-husbands as queen. In fact this relation rocked Britain's most prominent institutions - Parliament, the monarchy and the Church of England - to their cores but Edward was excited and wanted to make her Queen but he couldn’t.

The Church of England did not allow divorced people to remarry if their former spouses were still alive, and as King Edward was the head of the Church, so it was believed that he could not remain king and marry Wallis Simpson. Ultimately he was left with simple options, either leave Simpson or abdicate thorn. As he was very much committed to be with his love, King Edward finally decided to leave the thorn in December 1936.

In his famous abdication speech, he said “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility, and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.”

His brother, Prince Albert, who became George VI, acceded to the throne. Edward went off to marry Wallis in France and was rarely seen in Britain again.

It was certainly a great decision where he proved that love is more important than anything in life. More interestingly, Edward abdicated the throne for her, even though she was still married to her second husband at the time. Later on she sued for divorce and it was granted. Edward and Wallis got married in June 3 1937 in very small ceremony.

1941, Nassau, Bahamas — The Duke Windsor, and his wife the Duchess, playing a card game in their home. — Photograph by David E. Scherman for LIFE
1941, Nassau, Bahamas — The Duke Windsor, and his wife the Duchess, playing a card game in their home. — Photograph by David E. Scherman for LIFE

After abdication and marriage of Edward with Wallis, Royal family shunned the couple. Their 'wedding day' was also the first day of the rest of their life in permanent exile. Once Edward abdicated, he lost his title as King and was referred to immediately after as Prince Edward. Given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the couple lived in voluntary exile in Paris, where they were known for their elegant dinner parties. They were also sent to Bahamas as Governor for short period.

Edward passed away in May 1972 whereas Mrs Wallis lived fourteen more years till her death in April 1986, when she was buried beside her Duke of Windsor. They were never allowed to return Britain except when Edward came to attend funeral of King George VI in 1952 and again for his mother, Queen Mary in 1953. Wallis didn’t accompany him to either funeral but she was allowed to return for Edward’s funeral in 1972. With many ups and down, their love tale is really touching.

Love certainly is more than just the dates, holding hands and kissing. It’s about accepting each other’s weirdness and flaws. Sometime people also say 'Love is being stupid together'. This love tale ended years ago but still is has many aspects to remember for ages to come. Their tale remained hot topic for whole world for the last more than half century. Few say it is greatest love story while others see it as ultimate royal scandal but it is certain that their romance is mired in controversy because in order to be with the woman he loved, Britain's king paid a truly extraordinary price - he gave up the British throne for his love. A king left his throne in order to be with the woman he loved.

Abdication Speech of King Edward VIII (1936)


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