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Love's Burden of Misunderstanding

Updated on June 17, 2013
Kiss of Life from....``ADD``... Source:
Kiss of Life from....``ADD``... Source:

Love’s Burden of Misunderstanding

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Freedom for a heart is like breath for the living, yet love is often misinterpreted, seen in a state of capture, ownership. Love, of all emotions and experience can never be contained or limited; it is the essence of freedom, the core of selfless and tireless commitment to its own infinite expression. Attempts at containment will always end in loss because love cannot exist in that condition, and as it recedes its nature is replaced by needs and selfish desires. Relationships are therefore doomed and love becomes the casualty.

As simple as love seems it can in no way be underestimated as the mover of mountains and the destroyer of worlds. As an ideal, it is pure and perfect, but in the hands of human experience it can be perverted and the cause of much strife and harm. It is never love the cause but rather response to it by imperfect beings. Nothing of darkness can harm love, it is unbreakable. But as a weapon in the hands of malcontent, love can destroy; its power undeniable.

Loves gentle whisper is like a veil, translucent and fragile, but its resolve is made of the strongest metal, able to withstand time, space, adversity and the minds of evil. Love entreats surrender to its singular ideal, its abandon of all self and the greed and negativity that life can trigger. Its paradigm is simplicity itself, yet difficult in practice. We live in a contentious world where judgement and greed takes subtle forms and entices us to justify our actions with acceptable outcomes. Yet in essence we fail the model by deluding ourselves into believing our own rudimentary logic.

Love is a state of mind, a way to connect with life, to both appreciate our existence and to manifest our expression to all life. Anger, hatred, judgement, greed and malice are symptoms of a lost soul, one who has turned his back on the possibility of love and revealing change and a better life. The pursuit of a loving mind is the only answer to the confusion and pain of a lost life.

Love can only be acceptance to the things we cannot change as well as the things we can. We can only ever do our best, and even if failure seems the result, love always makes a difference, perhaps not now but later. The value is in the giving, without restriction or expectation of response. Love seeks itself and is in a constant state of expansion. It swallow evil whole and transforms it. Love is enduring and complete for those open of heart.

The ideal of love is our greatest asset in life, guiding our hearts to smoother paths and better outcomes. Living by it is a decision that you and I have to make. There is no love in possession, no love in limitation, and no love in jealousy. Love is the freedom of heart to accept ourselves and our loved ones for whom they are and to support their lives as they do what they want to do. Love is to be shared, not pigeonholed, and in its freedom we can transform our lives to the highest of ideals of truth and happiness. Love can only ever be the bird’s eye.


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