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Love's Valentine Morning Kiss

Updated on February 7, 2010


Thinking of you fills my heart with joy and wonder.

When I close my eyes you are still in my sight.

I greet the morning sun with your name on my lips.

I shower you with many kisses and golden light.


The birds include us in their songs.

Our names are written upon the stars.

The past, present and future embrace our love.

You are near me even when you are far.


Time ceases to exist when we are together.

We meet on many planes beyond this earth.

Star crossed lovers we merge in joyous unison.

Each day for us is a day of continuous rebirth.


Yoked Hearts Are As One

Will you please listen to me, my angel?

I seek the solace of nature in the wind and rain.

I hear the unspoken words of the dreamers

who question if this world is real or insane.

You will listen to me as long as there is a song

to be sung or words that need to be heard.

Even if the muses speak in sacred whispers

you will hear each and every beautiful word.

I weep for that that which could never happen.

That which for me could never be.

Yet each time I think of you, my Beloved,

You step through time and come to me.

Yoked hearts are as one; it is what it is.

How could the moon refuse to shine her light?

When I am alone soon you are nigh, my angel,

then into nothingness fades the darkest night.

Naught But You

Come take a walk with me, by darling

Through verdant meadows we will stroll

Through valleys, hills and mountains

We surrender to forces beyond our control.

The love that activates our heart has been

put on hold, and that makes me sad

For in truth you were the only girl

That ever made my heart joyously glad.

We were together but a short while

to taste celestial nectar and bliss

The flame that ignited our heart

was put out before our first kiss.

The days are long and the nights are too

because time separates me from you.

And yet I know in my heart that in reality

there is really naught but you.

The Promised Land

Filled with memories

sweet and sad.

I give thanks

for all we had.

Sorrow's dance

engulfed our heart.

But Love will give

us a fresh new start.

The morning dew

waters our soul.

The kiss of dawn

makes our heart whole.

Reach up to me

and hold my hand.

In dreams let's meet

in the Promised Land.

You Are Divine

Morning. Noon. Night.

Each moment is pure delight.

Sunshine. Hail. Rain.

With every loss there is gain.

We walk on the beach

as we hold hands.

We toss pebbles then

wiggle our toes in the sand.

We look above

to view the sky.

The birds sing sweetly.

Our hearts do sigh.

I call your name.

You whisper mine.

You are my angel.

You are divine!

You Bring Me Back To Me

When I am feeling beside myself,
you bring me back to me.

When the winds toss me to and fro,

you reel me in so tenderly.

When Innocence enfolds us

you take me by the hand.

In childlike gleeful playful abandon

we visit many imaginary spirit lands.

There, all is magical and beautiful

Somehow it is so very real.

To step through time and space

is such a delightful thrill.

Our origins are not here, my Beloved.

Our home lies upward beyond the sky.

We are Keepers of ancient secrets

that must not and cannot ever die.

It is time for our souls to fully blossom

We must move forward and claim our power.

We must say yes to life and march proudly.

No more due to fear will we hide and cower.


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      thank you.

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      keepers of the ancient keys I mean secrets yes!


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