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Lunar Planting

Updated on July 25, 2010

Full Moon -- NASA

Earth / Moon -- NASA


The moon has been a subject of story, mystery, romance, and the mind since man could wonder about the heavens. Today we know that the moon is very important and influences the earthly tides and the cellular tides in every living thing. The migrating and breeding habits of fish, sea animal color changes, the fertility cycle in women, and even the mental attitudes of people have been found to be affected by the moon.

On earth, research has shown that the periods of plant germination and growth correspond to the moon’s transitional movement through its various phases—new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, last quarter moon. The phases of full moon and new moon are examples of syzygies, which is sort of a unity through alignment of the sun, moon, and earth, where the sun and moon are on either the same side of the earth with the moon in the middle or on opposite sides of the earth with the earth in the middle.


This alignment causes a gravitational conflict between the sun and the moon pulling on the earth. When the sun and moon are on the same side of the earth the gravity is all on one side which exerts, seemingly, much more force because the gravitational force comes from inside the earth. The moon influences every creature on this earth and through research it has been proven that the new moon brings a time period of quiet and rest, during which time plants show minimum germination and growth. Then when the moon is in its full phase plants display time periods of maximum germination and growth.

Sowing Seeds

The full moon is the peak growing season, so the plant will be growing more and more when heading toward the full moon, and ready to MAX-OUT on growth when the full moon hits. So, if you have seeds that take 21 days to germinate, plant them at the new moon or the day after, giving them time to soak up water and soften.

If your seeds require 8-12 days to germinate plant them about 1 ½ weeks prior to the full moon. Seeds that germinate rapidly (less than 8 days) do best when sown a few days before the full moon makes sense to time the planting of your seeds by their hardness, which determines the time it takes for them to germinate.

Deciding when to plant seeds is almost like common sense, if you think about the impact of the moon and gravity on everything. Seeds requiring 21 days to germinate are planted at the new moon, seeds taking 8-21 days plant the week after the new moon; seeds germinating rapidly, in less than 8 days, well you get the picture right? (if you don’t get it, the answer is below)


Try to transplant near or immediately after a full moon.  When a plant is transplanted, no matter how careful you are with them, some of the roots will tear because they are web-thin.  The decreasing pull of the moon’s gravity as it heads toward its “new” phase, the increasing pull of the earth’s gravity deep inside, and the decreasing moonlight during this time stimulate root growth. 

Seeds sown and transplanted plants replanted with love and given care will always thrive no matter when they are put in new soil, but being aware of the basic lunar cycles may help you give them the added impetus provided by mother nature.


plant a week or less before the full moon.


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