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Lunch Lady Fired For Feeding Hungry Child

Updated on June 3, 2015

Della Curry was fired from a Colorado school district for feeding children who didn't have the money to buy lunch. During an interview she stated that she would do it all again regardless of being fired.

Curry managed the kitchen at Dakota Valley Elementary School when she was fired. Her reason for termination was because she broke the school policy by giving free lunches to those that did not qualify for free meals therefor resulted in her discharge.

Curry commented further while being interviewed by CBS that she could remember the little girl crying because she had forgot her money at home to buy lunch which costs $2.80. to which without hesitation she gave the child lunch. She also stated how many children cannot afford lunch.

The schools only statement was that they by law don't have to provide a child with a hot meal. It is a district decision and according to their practice can only provide a child with a hot meal three times for forgetting money which is then credited to the parents account. The fourth-time they provide a cheese sandwich with milk.


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