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MAN 2150 1st practice Quiz

Updated on February 3, 2013

Practice Quiz, Correct answer is bolded

1. According to Douglas McGregor, Theory X is based on what assumption?

A) Workers want to work and can direct and control themselves.

B) Workers are indifferent to whether or not the company they work for succeeds.

C) Workers do not feel that they have a vested interest in the success of the company that employs them.

D) Workers are lazy and irresponsible and require constant supervision and external motivation to achieve organizational goals.

2. Managers at Molly's Closet, a clothing retailer, engage in an annual organizational assessment as part of an attempt to predict changes as well as possible opportunities and threats. They look at issues such as who their competitors are, how many entry barriers there are in the industry and what substitutes exist for their products. This assessment is called

A) benchmarking.

B) forecasting.

C) scenario development.

D) environmental scanning.

3. All of the following are key components of the "current landscape in business" EXCEPT

A) Globalization

B) Isolationism

C) Technological change

D) The importance of knowledge and ideas

4. Pearl Jam made a public statement that they had decided not to book any concerts through Ticketmaster as an objection to the virtual monopoly Ticketmaster has on the industry. The initial strong public support has been followed by fewer concerts, lower revenues, less overall public exposure and more hassles for the band. In retrospect, the band's decision seems to have:

A) Been improperly framed

B) Discounted the future

C) Been socially irresponsible

D) Psychological conflict

6. In managing your career, it is important to know that now, more than ever, individuals will be accountable for their actions and for results.

A) True

B) False

7. The main difference between a final consumer and an intermediate consumer is

A) the final consumer usually pays cash for the purchase whereas the intermediate customer uses a credit card.

B) final consumers purchase more (in dollar value) than do intermediate consumers.

C) intermediate consumers are usually more flexible than final consumers.

D) an intermediate consumer will utilize the purchase in order to sell their product/service to final consumers whereas a final customer use the product him/herself.

8. This entrepreneur took a revolutionary approach to automobile manufacturing by using this kind of management principles.

A) Bill Gates

B) John Lockwood

C) Martin Smith

D) Henry Ford

9. Management is the study and application of knowledge about how people act within organizations.

A) True


10. Managers with ready access to information

A) decrease their span of control.

B) increase costs.

C) gain a significant competitive edge.

D) lose power.

11. The theory that workers perform and react differently when they know they are being observed is called what?

A) The Hawthorne Effect

B) Theory Y

C) Worker transformation

D) Theory X

12. The initial step in the decision making process is to:

A) Evaluate the decision

B) Select an alternative

C) Implement the decision

D) Identify the problem

13. Customer service means giving customers what they want, the way they want it, the first time.

A) True

B) False

14. In an effort to combat groupthink and an overall lack of creativity, the group leader assigned Tiffani to the task of criticizing ideas throughout the meeting. Tiffani was playing the role of:

A) Conflict resolution

B) Conflict manager

C) Dialectic

D) Devil's advocate

15. Risk is not a fact of life in management decisions.

A) True

B) False


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