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Updated on June 19, 2012

What is manpower planning?

Many developing countries including Pakistan are facing wide spread and growing problem of unemployment and under employment. It is being increasingly realized that policies should be formulated to create employment opportunities in the country both in the rural and urban areas. The generation of employment, means more income for the people which in turn implies a greater demand for locally produced goods. Thus more jobs and higher incomes lead to higher growth rates. The assessment of manpower, both quantitative and qualitative and its effective and efficient use requires proper manpower planning. Manpower planning is concerned with better a production and efficient use of human resources. In the words of P. Tudor, ''Manpower planning is the long range planning of skilled and unskilled manpower requirements and the attempt to gear educational priorities and investment in accordance with these future human resource needs.''

Need of manpower planning in Pakistan

(1) All the four provinces of Pakistan are not equally developed. There is a dire need to asses the demand for and supply of manpower in each sector of the country. This can only be done through proper manpower planning.

(2) After manpower planning, the Government can take steps to provide technical and vocational training schemes to improve education and skill of the workers. This will increase the marketability as labour force both in side and outside the country.

(3) Manpower's planning helps in devising the educational system which should meet the shortage of highly skilled professional manpower in the country such as scientist, doctors, engineers etc.

(4) It is through manpower planning that government can take measures to reduce the inflow of rural unemployed and underemployed persons to big cities. The government can set up industries, provide electricity, roads, hospitals etc in the rural areas to provide employment at home or near their homes.

(5) It is the manpower planning which throws light on the actual number of women working for wages in the country. The Government can then launch effective programme to boost employment opportunities.

(6) The size and rate of growth of population directly affect the available labor force. The higher the size and rate of population growth, the larger is the number of workers and vice versa. The Government can take effective measure to have the most desired size of the population. Manpower planning thus helps in checking population growth.

Manpower planning in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan is giving priority to solve the surplus problem of manpower. It is tackling this problem from there deferent sides. First, through economic development. Secondly through efforts to reduce the population growth. Thirdly through  comprehensive technical and vocational schemes.

1. Pace of economic development. The pace of economic growth is being accelerated by mobilizing domestic resources through appropriate fiscal and monetary policies following policies of liberalization and privatization, providing liberal investment a growing scale.

2. Reducing population growth. The population welfare programme is being followed by opening family welfare centers in the rural and urban areas. The family planning workers are providing family planning services at the doorsteps of the people. The fall in the population growth will reduce pressure from the supply side on the labor market.

3. Technical and vocational training schemes. The Government has implemented various training programmes to increase the literacy rate as well as skills of the labor Technical and vocational training facilities are also being expanded. The labor intensive technologies are encouraged to increase employment in the country. The labor intensive technologies are encouraged to increase employment in the country. The Resources Human Committee has also been set up to assess the human resources requirements of the country and to formulate policies and programmes for their optimal use.

4. Information technology industry. The Ministry of Science and Technology has started a large number of projects aimed at promoting I T in the country. This industry has a large potential to generate employment for educated manpower inside and outside the country.


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    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi,Pakistan is not the only country facing unemployment. We have so much unskilled and skilled manpower that are not working or working at jobs of less pay just to survive. I wish the USA kept their factories and made products in the USA once again. Anyway a really interesting hub.