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MEO Class 4 Oral and Written Questions Part 1

Updated on April 12, 2010

Motor Engineering Knowledge

  1. What is stroke?
  2. RPM of Low, Medium and High speed engines?
  3. Discuss Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle and Actual cycle
  4. Timing diagram of 2-stroke engine 
  5. Timing diagram of 4-stroke engine
  6. Difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine?
  7. Material of Piston, Connecting Rod, etc.
  8. What is Cross flow, Loop flow and Uniflow scavenging?
  9. What is over speed trip and how it works?
  10. Types of IC engines
  11. What is stroke to bore ratio?
  12. What is mean effective pressure?
  13. What is turbocharger?
  14. Why air is passes through the air cooler?
  15. How you prepare Main engine in 1 hour notice?
  16. What is the purpose of cylinder relief valve?
  17. At what speed air break for main engine can be given?
  18. Causes of water coming out during blow through?
  19. Procedure to take over a watch?
  20. What is dead man's alarm?
  21. How to take the liner calibration?
  22. How many types of fuel pumps are used in marine diesel engines?
  23. What action you will do after De-carbonization of an auxiliary engine?
  24. What will be your action on a vibrating turbocharger?
  25. How to overhaul a fuel injector?
  26. What are main engine safety devices?
  27. How differential pressure switch works?
  28. What is CPP?
  29. What is the difference between SMC and ordinary engine?
  30. How will you decarbonise your main engine?
  31. Why noises coming from telescopic pipes?
  32. How oil mist detector works?
  33. How to remove crankshaft?
  34. How to take crankshaft deflection?
  35. How will you take tappet clearance?
  36. How will you check main, big end, thrust and cross head bearing clearances?
  37. What are the normal clearances obtained?
  38. What are the causes of sudden over speed of main engine?
  39. What are the causes of engine power loss?
  40. What are the causes of speed fluctuation of engine?
  41. What are the causes of reduced compression pressure?
  42. What are the causes of knocking?
  43. What is ignition delay and how to reduce it?
  44. What will you do for proper atomisation?
  45. What is the difference between clearance volume and swept volume?
  46. What is overlapping in fuel timing?
  47. What is the material of cooler tubes?
  48. What is stuffing box?
  49. What are the rotating mechanism of exhaust valves?
  50. How is lube oil for cross head is delivered?
  51. What is the difference between stuffing box drain and scavenge drain oil?
  52. What is the role of thrust bearing and location?
  53. Why fuel timing is important and how the same is checked?
  54. How BHP is calculated with indicator diagram?
  55. Why expansion tank is provided in jacket water system?
  56. What is the difference between auxiliary and main engine governor?
  57. What do you understand by specific cylinder oil consumption?
  58. What inspection you carry out after grounding of the vessel?
  59. What is supercharging?
  60. What is the difference between RTA and RND engine?
  61. Describe rudder dismantling?
  62. Describe propeller dismantling?
  63. What are main engine interlocks?
  64. What is crank case explosion and how it occurs?
  65. Scavenge fire reasons and remedy?
  66. Explain about exhaust gas heat recovery system?
  67. Causes of starting air line explosion?
  68. Why tappet clearance is needed?
  69. Describe crankcase relief valve?
  70. What is starting air overlapping
  71. What are the difference between naturally aspirated engine and supercharged engine?
  72. What are the functions of turbocharger inducer, diffuser, diaphram and labyrinth seal? 
  73. What is turbo charger surging?
  74. Describe constant pressure and pulse type turbo charger.
  75. What is the quantity of lube oil in 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines?


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      9 years ago

      only questions wr r de answers


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