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MEO Class 4 Oral and Written Questions Part 3

Updated on April 12, 2010

General Engineering Knowledge

  1. Why certain back pressure is maintained for purifier?
  2. What is the use of purifier breaks?
  3. Explain the functions of purifier centrifugal clutch?
  4. What are ALCAP purifiers?
  5. Explain the importance of gravity disc in a purifier?
  6. How will you manage your air compressor without automatic unloader?
  7. How will you confirm that air compressor valves are not leaking after overhauling?
  8. Why oil film is coated on a compressor air filter?
  9. Effect of air filter mesh size in an air compressor?
  10. What is the working principle of an air drier?
  11. Name five non metals used on board ships?
  12. Routine checks on a fixed foam fire fighting system?
  13. How many types of steels and brief their carbon contents?
  14. What is the material of safety valve?
  15. Define flash point, fire point, viscosity?
  16. How many types of propeller?
  17. What will you do if emergency alarm raise?
  18. What is the function of fire detector?
  19. What is saturation temperature?
  20. What is humidity?
  21. What is the material of cooler tubes?
  22. What is specific gravity?
  23. What is vacuum?
  24. What is meant by critical speed?
  25. What do you know about 'M' notices?
  26. What s the function of poker gauge?
  27. What s the function of lubricating oil?
  28. What is hydrostatic lubrication?
  29. What is inerting, purging and gas freeing in inert gas system?
  30. What are fire man's outfit?
  31. What is cetane number and calorific value of a fuel?
  32. How will you buy a boiler?
  33. What is the formula of stress in longitudinal and circumferential joint?
  34. Describe boiler starting procedure from cold?
  35. Why boiler water treatment is required?
  36. How many types of marine boilers are used on ships?
  37. What are the tests carried out for a low pressure boiler water?
  38. What is your action on finding high chloride levels in a boiler?
  39. What will you do if no water level in the gauge glass?
  40. How would you blow down a boiler gauge glass?
  41. What are boiler mountings?
  42. What will you check while watch on a boiler?
  43. What is allowable chloride content in boiler water?
  44. If the steam nozzle of the gauge glass is chocked then how will you confirm water level?
  45. Why purge a boiler furnace?
  46. What is superheated steam?
  47. How many types of boiler safety valve?
  48. Describe boiler survey procedure?
  49. How to check alkalinity, acidity, chloride content in boiler?
  50. Draw the lip clearance of safety valve?
  51. What is the difference between safety valve and relief valve?
  52. What is corrosion, erosion, and abrasion?
  53. Comment on materials of boiler construction?
  54. Why and how soot blowing is done?
  55. Describe automatic combustion system in a boiler?
  56. Why flame failure alarm comes and what will be your action?
  57. When do you start the boiler circulating water pump?
  58. How will you know that EGB is leaking and how to arrest the leak?
  59. How boiler safety valve is set?
  60. Show the calculation of safety valve area?
  61. What do you know about economiser?
  62. Describe setting of safety valve?
  63. What is steam hammering?
  64. What is manometer?
  65. What is steam trap?
  66. How will you prevent uptake fire?
  67. What is dry distillation?
  68. What action o be taken if oil is found in the cascade tank?
  69. What colour flame indicates efficient or poor combustion?
  70. What is Ogee ring?
  71. Where the boiler fusible plugs are used?
  72. What are the densities of boiler water and seawater?
  73. What is the diameter of safety valve?
  74. What is the purpose of blow down ring?
  75. Is there any arrangement for boiler safety valve draining?


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    • jabelufiroz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      its cascade tank, not casecade tank.

      source of oil must be investigated depending on the type of oil present.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      what action u take when found oil in casecade tank


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