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M.E.R.I. Kolkata |Marine Engineering and Research Institute Kolkata

Updated on June 18, 2014

Marine Engineering and Research Institute Kolkata

Marine Engineering and Research Institute Kolkata is a poster institute depicting the growth and development of the Indian Maritime Trade and Industry.

It’s a great institute for the young blood to discover the domain of Marine Engineering as this is one the World known institute which demand respect from the professional of other countries. 

It's one of the India oldest technical education imparting institutes I am not going to go too deep into history of the Institute as that can be easily found in the Wikipedia online. What I strive to provide is the unique information which shall prove helpful to the reader.

It's even older than most of the IITs.

Marine Engineering

It is the Institute imparting education on the subject of Marine Engineering and grants a degree of B.Tech (Marine Engineering) under Indian Maritime University Chennai. The Institute has got huge reputation in the Marine Industry and its cadets successfully uphold the institute’s reputation.

The Institute maintains high standards of discipline in line with paramilitary institutes and prepares the incoming cadets for the hard life onboard a sea going vessel.

D.M.E.T | M.E.R.I Alumni

Today its Alumni hold large number of high positions in various national and international shipping companies. The Institute boasts of highly intellectual and industry honoured professional alumni.

The Alumni maintains high levels of engagements and inspire the incoming cadets for the shipping job while providing good guidance to them

Institutes's Environment

Highly intellectual and competitive environment surrounds the cadets all time. Since all the cadets are taken through prestigious IIT-JEE Examination hence the cadets are fundamentally and conceptually very strong in their studies and that helps in keeping the academic standards of the Institute very high. This also keeps all the cadets in competitive mode and hence helps in their overall development as Marine Professionals.

The Institute encourages English as medium of communication as this is the World recognized language of communication in the shipping world.

Institutes's Fests

The Institute conducts various fest and sports events to keep the cadets engaged and motivated towards their goals.

Following is the list of Annual events held in the Institute-

1.    Tempest - The Annual College Fest usually in December

2.    Chakravyuh - The Annual All India Sports Fest.

3.    Hindi Week

4.    Udaan - The literary fest

And other events



The Cadet here in Marine Engineering Institute thinks very less of placement as this Institute holds a record of 100% placement year by year. On successful completion of course the student invariably find himself working for a big and reputed Marine Entity.

They receive on of the highest placements in the Industry.

Administration and Faculty

The Institute is headed by Marine Professionals of high reputation directly employed by government of India. Majority of the Administrative Staff and Faculty are Chief Engineers holding First Class Degrees in Engineering.

The Faculty is one of the most experienced and respected ones in the Industry.


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