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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Cutting Edge Psychology

Updated on April 6, 2014

Who Are You and What Do You Want?

"I'm Listening"
"I'm Listening" | Source

Informed, educated and empowered make the difference.

“Who are you and what do you want?” More than forty five ago, Executive Cosmic Therapist, Esoteric Psycho-analyst, Paula Andrea Pyle, MA began her committed interest in Esoteric Studies. From her formative, impressionable teenage years, she gravitated toward the long, laborious road of understanding why, we, as human beings, inhabit the earth plane. It simply made no sense to her to be born into a family, grow, educate herself, and then, enter into and out of social commitments, marry to develop a family of her own, choose a spiritual basis, establish a career, build further relationships, retire and then, die.

Such pertinent questions as: Who was she IF she didn’t have her particular name (would she be any different) and why (more than someone just randomly choosing the name) was she named the precise name instead of some other? Why was she born in Little Washington, North Carolina; when there were so many other towns on the planet possible for residence? And, how could being born in ‘that’ particular town be of any genuine significance? What, if any, type of relevance, attached to her specific birthplace, would play itself out in the universal scheme? How did that precise town, in addition to the day of a certain season, particular set of parents, delegated year in history, with various weather conditions, in the midst of social and political events she was born into, could/would mold various aspects in her personality/character as a part of an unfolding personal destiny?

With these and other pertinent questions saturating her mind, she sought for relative information to subdue the inconsistencies she discovered from supposed learned people. Many disappointed, some disillusioned and a few disgusted her. Since those early years, she has been diligently searching for answers to comprehend how, when, where, why, what and who establishes genuine meaning in the person’s life? “We simply can’t just be born to die.” She would often tell herself. “There’s just got to be more.”

She discovered there is indeed more; much, much more but it must be unearthed. Every person alive carries within him/her every possible solution for pressing dilemmas. No one carries the significance for another. The ‘seed of benevolence and clarity’ remains encoded in you. Furthermore, “The Kingdom of God is indeed within”, which continues to be untouched by preferred opinions, attitudes and beliefs.

Over the course of her lifetime, she watched the temperature of the cosmic road change from uneducated, outmoded, outdated with unduly attached ignorance into a radically more informed, enlightened, progressive, educated ‘new age’ global informational highway. Education has taken on a new flavor with an instantaneous push of a magic internet button to retrieve immeasurable reservoirs of accessible data.

According to John Dewey (1938), in his classic volume Experience and Education, “all genuine education comes about through experience.”(p.13) Early schooling, including the total educational process is ultimately designed to foster and nurture these natural inclinations. But these proclivities must include the entire universal picture; needless to say, the cosmic contribution can not be excluded.

Throughout our lives, on the journey into adulthood, we are exposed to all sorts of experimental ‘learning’ events and situations. These individual circumstances are a selective course to prepare us for the crucial meaningful challenges we will face in carving out and devising individual ways of contributing something of worthwhile value to society. With adequate exposure to infinite possibilities, we are better equipped to meet, dance and dispose of the various obstacles and hindrances along the way.

Human beings desperately want to know all they can about themselves, from every possible juncture, (high and low) immediately, intimately and intrinsically. In other words they want to know, “who they instinctively are and what they irrefutably want”.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences (1978) evolved out of that very basis inquisitive, innate need to know. Paula Andrea Pyle understood human beings are naturally curious and they, like her, would desire to fully comprehend these same things. Even more, she realized that unless the information gained could be easily and readily incorporated and applied as practical and beneficial, it would be of no value. (It had to make sense and be practical.)

Therein a passionate dedication to make available the query of incorporating cosmic therapeutic information as acceptable became her driving force. Instead of these indelibly cherished, celestially vested, highly misinformed and misunderstood esoteric issues remaining in a ‘hocus pocus’ kind of setting, dimly lit parlor style environment, with carnival-style attributed mediums pretending to know something more than the person inquiring and benefiting from that ridiculous farce, (“pay me more money and I’ll tell you more”) she dedicated herself to a focused scientific, psychological, sociological educated inquiry. Paula Andrea Pyle currently pursues a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology researching validated cosmic insight to bridge traditional education with holistic measures.

Because of the ever changing needs in a culturally diverse global society, more holistic educational plans are needed to embrace the ‘whole person’ in ways never experienced before. Addressing and meeting these conscious gaps in the ‘whole person’ will afford an opportunity for better communication to take place for everyone concerned. Social change begins at the most basic elementary level arising from each and every human being. Ultimately, drawing from the hypothesis that everyone is integrated with everyone else on a cosmic level, based upon the primary laws of quantum physics, the immediate and far-reaching results from seemingly disconnected events formulated and sustained will not be separated from any situation ever presented in one’s lifetime. Bottom line: everything single thing matters when one understands, “who you are and what do you want.”.

Awareness is the key which turns the lock into the vault of acquiesced misunderstanding and blatant confusion. By acknowledging, accepting, embracing and applying appropriate universal truths, filtered through cosmic understanding, a more unified comprehension of man’s place and purpose in the world becomes more comprehensively palatable. Without a firm grasp on the way the cosmos interacts, influences and affects one’s inherent personality, first, family second, relationships third, career fourth, he is in no way in an adaptable or receptive enough position to begin to either comprehend, access or appreciate the detrimental or positive value he places upon society.

Human beings are sublime vessels created to enact change. It is their natural and convenient instinct. We desire to rise above the dictates of those in power whom we have served blindly for so long. Without a faction of cohesive interaction with oneself from the deepest recesses of the unconscious cosmic realm, we will continue to be led as if we have rings in our noses and chains on our feet. Our personal responsibility, demonstrated by and through one’s unique personality, as a fully conscious human being, will make its contributory global impact felt on others. The pertinent influence of social change, including the accountability, in part, belongs to him, alone.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis (1983) was created for the modern, probing, intelligent highly functional person, who desires to find the career which matters, school that interests and intrigues, relationships that fulfill/sustain, along with the need to develop and cultivate more perceptive understanding in family settings. MODE of Cosmic Therapy reaches straight across the board. No longer are the esoteric arts and sciences referred to as mere mumbo jumbo nonsense in mainstream.

Without compromising functionality, practicality, and distractibility, MODE of Cosmic Therapy continues to elicit innovative change in the latest momentum of the technological age. MODE of Cosmic Therapy offers pioneering insight through a medium of ancient occult concepts which are not only logical but productively ingested. MODE of Cosmic Therapy touches the masses one person at a time, growing in sustainability, reliability, and credibility in a highly, skeptical competitive industry. IF you are better informed as to “who you are and what it is you actually want”, you can and will recognize, acknowledge, embrace, and apply the season of socially adept change flowering in your life. In order to adapt and resonate effectively, you must be informed.

Teach Me How To Drive Consciously

"I'm ready to learn!"
"I'm ready to learn!" | Source


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