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Updated on May 14, 2012


Britain currently has a Coalition Government. The right wing Conservatives and the "which ever which way" Liberal Democrats hold sway. I say sway and not power with some relief because it becomes ever clearer that they have not got a clue as to where the country needs to go. The economic problems they have to grapple with, a legacy of the last incompetent and self indulgent left wing Government are truly immense and overshadow all other factors. In those few sentences we see the real dilemma the country now faces as it is clear that not one of the main Political Parties has demonstrated an ability to govern over the past 15 years or more, hence the current troubles to be faced.

Now given the current size of the Economic woes to be faced and righted, you may be forgiven for thinking this would exercise the minds of all in Government and that their pronouncements and actions would reflect that. You may think it, but you would be disappointed !

EVERY GOVERNMENT MINISTER HAS CLEARLY THE SAME PRIORITIES AS THOSE WHO WENT BEFORE HIM OR HER. NAMELY SELF PROMOTION AND POLITICAL ADVANCEMENT."Never mind the Country, think of me" seems to be the unifying mantra of these rather odd people we vote for each time deluding ourselves that this time it will be different in a positive way. It never is and now is no exception.

Readers may well be aware from my previous Hubs that I bemoan the way in which Education has been used as a Political Football during my lifetime. The trendy lefties of the 60"s,70" and 80"s used the politics of envy to secure votes by campigning and eventually all but demolishing the Grammar Schools. Their passion to secure votes played down to the fact that there were more votes to be had from people who had children not in Grammar School than those who did. It was not rocket science and naturally those with not a great deal of Education in them swallowed it hook line and sinker. The fact that the great new Educational world of Comprehensive Schools they were promised has now clearly been seen to have failed the nation was, and is, of no consequence to them. At least now more children in the public education system fail so that must be alright. The dumbing down of Examinations that has gone on year after recent year is there purely to fool those who know no better. 50% of children going to a "University" is a target that may well be reached as courses in Eyelash trimming and street cleaning can only be a whisper away.

Throughout all this, the other arm of Education, the one that people pay for directly, has stood aloof. Protected at least in part by the British Class system it must be said it has continued to develop, confident and competent young people along with, again it must be said, the "Hooray Henries and Henrietta's" that are such easy targets to knock over and also use as a stick to beat the Private Sector of Education over the head with. Now, that sort of person, along with the now termed "Posh Boys" at the top of Government are being used as examples of why the whole system should be scrapped. Nothing, it seems has been learned from the throwing out of the baby with the Grammar School bath water. However, this time it is even worse for who do we find championing this cause, but the current Minister for Education himself.

The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, is the said Minister. To some like me, he is an odious, self promoting pip squeak who, like Ministers over the years exhibits darned little knowledge of the subject of his Ministry, but is an absolute expert in scheming,cunning and self promotion. As such an ideal Minister, if only the subject he is trying to foul up even further were not so important. Last week, speaking at an Independent School no less, he spoke of "THE INCREASING STRATIFICATION OF OUR SOCIETY " and that it was "MORALLY INDEFENSIBLE"

Now, I could agree with that if the idiot had realised that much of that "increasing stratification" has come about because of the dismantling of the Grammar Schools. It was they who provided pupils like me from working class mes, with the bridge over the divide. Dismantling them took away that bridge and the holistic education they provided that has never been matched in Comprehensive Schools. Nor will it ever be.

So now, we have a Conservative Minister looking at the Independent Schools ,not with open eyes to see just how they work and what the State system can glean from them, but with the green eyed monster of jealousy and envy. You expect this of the loony left but not a Minister of Education. For the good of our children he must go and go quickly.


The idiocy of a Minister like Gove is that not only does he threaten the future for decades of children but he gives oxygen to the loony leftists, who honestly need no such aid.Even in a pretty right wing newspaper this weekend, we have such a female columnist using his words to promote ideas such as the fact that, in her opinion, "More than in any other developed nation, the life chances of Britain"s children are linked to their parents wealth. This is ,in my opinion, correct and especially so since the demise of the Grammar Schools. She cannot see wood from trees if she believes that attacking to demolish the Independent School sector will assist in redressing the balance. Far from it, it will increase it !

Britain used to have a three tear class system. We had Upper Class, Middle Class and Working Class. Now we have a four tier system that as well as those three includes the Non Working Class ! This new class is often referred to as the "Jeremy Kyle Class" after an objectionable little man who presents a TV programme designed to allow these sort of people to present themselves and all their inadequacies for so called entertainment for others in the non working class..

Our present leaders in Government do the country no service by their failure to deal competently with the problems that beset the majority. Tinkering around with reform for the House of Lords reminds one of the rearranging of deckchairs as the Titanic sank. Yet, behind them ate many, many from the Independent School sector fulfilling good roles in Industry and Commerce. It is true too many become,Politicians or Lawyers and that maybe, like all institutions from time to time this sector of Education needs a shake up and positive reform. I have no problem with that at all. However, those who have the sole agenda of demolishing this system do the country no favours. However many misgivings the rest of us may have, we must resist this politically envious drive and show it up for what it is, pure envy.

Democracy is a very inefficient form of Government but we should stick with it given the alternatives. However, the frailties of "one man {woman} one vote" could see the totally uneducated determining the path for future education and no one, even those on the Jeremy Kyle show can surely think for even a fleeting moment that it could be right so to do. Be warned my reader, it could happen sooner than any of us think !


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    • profile image

      j w adams 5 years ago from Essex/ Alanya/ Hurghada

      Thank you Bob. Your name reminds me of an old rhyme that went:



      Mark my words here you will soon need a BA to trim an eyelash or sweep the streets. Both worthy activities but not methinks what Universities should be concerning themselves with. Madness rules as the inmates have taken over our asylum.

    • Civil War Bob profile image

      Civil War Bob 5 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

      JW...I Hopped here and voted up and interesting...I have an interest in things Brit since my ancestors cleaned up the dead during the Black Death around last name is Sexton, from the work. Question: Will the street cleaners trim their own eyelashes? Or will that be unionized? ;) Enjoy your day.