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MuRatopian system will Create Artificial Economics Solutions

Updated on February 27, 2016

The Day After Tomorrow

Collapse of the global economy as we once knew it can take place with such speed; it will leave the vast majority frozen like a deer in headlights. There was one recent movie built upon this realization of what can be referred to as a MuRatopian Artificial Intelligence Economics Phase-Transition. That movie was “The Day After Tomorrow”. This was based upon the scientific reality that things like the sudden and shocking advance of an ice age, happen almost instantaneously, not the slow gradual movement.

1.0. Where do we fit?

If you boil a pot of water, pay very close attention to how the water boils. It is by no means a steady linear progression. What really happens is that as the water begins to come close to the boiling point, the water will jump into a sudden burst of conduct that we call a Phase Transition. The water is being transformed from a liquid into a gas. When this takes place, there is a departure from the linear function of a steady rise in temperature, to a sudden burst or explosion into a new state. This change in states from liquid to gas is what can be called a Phase Transition.

Ironically, this is how human nature also responds. Everyone knows the greatest problem in making advancement in our social-political-economic development, has been current systemic failures of the conventional economic system. People tolerate being ruled and politicians mistake this as a sign or confirmation of their power. But that power exists solely at the pleasure of the people. Once a line is crossed, that is where scientific economic revolution explodes appearing to rise from nowhere, that is the MuRatopian AI Economics Phase Transition.

AI Could lead to a type of Star Treck Utopia

2.0. The Automated design of MuRatopian AI Economy

It is true that Albert Einstein said “I cannot believe that God plays dice with the universe.” MuRatopian AI Economy theory is the solution for the future. Perhaps, we are facing complexity that it is not truly a crap-shoot just yet, but beyond our ability to measure and calculate the events that cause a particular action be it financial or economic crisis. Perhaps like the TV series Star Trek that inspired so many people to create things from MRIs to flip-cell phone designs, MuRatopian AI Economy’s day will yet come.

There are basic laws that everything in the Universe is guided by and controlled. Our social economy is no different for at the foundation lies mother nature herself. If she has a bad day, we all have a very bad day. So the rise and the fall of many civilizations has been in part also do the dramatic changes in our weather.

Meanwhile, an alternative MuRatopian AI Economy to the collapsing present economic system has been created, one that can possibly become our vehicle to set out a new concept for peace in the 21st century.

Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence

3.0. The Phase-Transition to a MuRatopian AI Economy

The concept of MuRatopian AI Economy has several shades of meaning. It is any “branch or department of integrated economic concepts considered as a distinct scientific economic foundation of investigation or system of study.” MuRatopian Economy is also “a branch of a new Artificial Intelligent economic study which is concerned with achieving equitable conscious economic development and a new monetary system, especially with the establishment (and strictly, environmental conscious system of verifiably sustainable monetary and open market economy laws).

Specifically, new economy is the intersection and accepted global economic solutions which have been assembled and formulated with reference to the discovery of general well being of world population or the equitable economic system that represents an enormous potential for the future. We have an opportunity to define the future—not only for wealthy nations, but for the entire world.

The State of Artifical Intelligence

4.0. How to and how to not save the World Economy

HOW TO: The proposed MuRatopian Economy leads to the future of mankind with its true purpose and destiny: namely, an extraordinary future and artificial intelligent economic theory, with the only creative machine intelligence, to act on verifiable universal peace and equitable economic development principles, vital to our survival.

By doing so, the human species will achieve a considerable advance in bringing its relationships to this planet and to near Earth space, into harmony with world. Perhaps the most potential contribution of Ssemakula Peter Luyima consists in that by further development of Professor Karou Yamaguchi’s term “MuRatopian Economy”, he has created a theory of scientific economy which corresponds to the real Creative Artificial intelligent economic paradigm of the world economy.

HOW NOT TO: The present system, as a superpower structure, seeks constantly to extend the boundaries of its sphere of power through supranational structures which threaten the sovereignty of other nations. It forces regime change against governments it disapproves of, insists on submission to a “consensus”, and in the process, uses methods which do indeed produce an aura of domination for a while, and the feeling of powerlessness among the population dominated in this way. The moment this aura of power fades, whether because the conventional finance system is bankrupt, or because the people realize the hollowness of the values handed down, then the capability for intimidation disappears.

5.0. The Question of the Future

Dr Stephen Thaler of Imagination Engines, the founder of Creativity Machines and a revolutionary scientific method, came to the conclusion, that the machines could even be used to solve pressing societal problems, and that this standpoint makes it possible to determine the necessary next in scientific economic progress.

Today, this necessary next discovery, which defines the future for the entire world, is building an artificial intelligent MuRatopian Economy that will set up a new monetary system design and distribution based environmental conscious economic market system for the benefit of mankind for thousands of years into the future: the utilization of Creativity Machine Paradigm on developing a new economic paradigm in achieving the goal of moving to MuRatopian AI Economy.

Mankind has reached a phase-change not only from the scientific standpoint, but also from that of universal history; that is, the end of geopolitics is necessary for the survival of the human race. The linking of peoples through MuRatopian AI Economy is a potential realistic perspective that requires collaboration between all nations in the world, and in which the U.S.A, Europe, and Africa must urgently participate.

A new strategy for mankind means the ability, from now on, to see the human species as a unity, and to see that unity in the process of mutual development.

Envisioning the Near Future of Technology

The Robot and I

6.0 MuRatopia Economy may introduce a better world

Ssemakula Peter Luyima’s recent book The New Future of Money is an effort to propose a new economic system by elaborating a general framework for systematically exploring alternatives that embody the idea of “MuRatopian Economy and Creativity Machine Paradigm”. It embeds the specific problem of envisioning MuRatopian Economy within a broader framework of “Creativity Machine Paradigm”.

This framework is built around three tasks: diagnosis and critique of present economic system; formulating alternatives, and elaborating strategies of transformation. These three tasks define the agenda of the three main parts of the book.

The book turns to the problem of transformation—how to understand the process by which these Artificial Intelligence alternatives could be brought about. Explains the central elements of a new economic theory and social design. Then examine three different broad strategies of new economic system transition, which distills the core arguments of the book into seven key lessons.


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