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The Mysterious, Unknown, and Infinite Universe! How little our existence is?

Updated on July 22, 2020
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Space enthusiast and an aspiring astrobiologist who works hard to write amazing and captivating content for the viewers.

“Normal people can never see how beautiful the darkness is”


Universe is deep and immense and has no name. The night sky has zillions of shimmering stars and planets. The darkness and immensity of the universe spreads as far as our mind cannot even begin to imagine and it shows us humans how little and alone our existence is.

When the sun light fades away and the moon light shines on us, that’s where we see the beauty and harmony of the night sky. And that’s when the darkness shows us that the trials of the day are over and tomorrow will be a new day with new opportunities and ideas. There is some kind of peace and calm in watching the night sky. Its hard not wanting to just go into the space and discover what mysteries and wonders are hiding. Its hard not wanting to explore the universe and see if we are the only living beings present here.

As a child when we start learning about the universe the first thing we are taught is that there are nine planets revolving around the sun and our earth is one of them. But little do we know, there is so much out there that we cannot even begin to imagine. To understand about the immensity and the vastness of the universe, one must consider an infinite length of possibilities because the tiny portion of the universe that is known to us is already enough to confound our imagination. The massiveness of the cosmos never lets us forget about the mans place in the universe which is even less than a single grain of sand.

Stars, Galaxies, and Blackholes
Stars, Galaxies, and Blackholes

The universe is deep and dark and we have no idea about how much. Among all the secrets that the universe hides in itself the most curious one is – Is there life in outer space? This is the question that arises in every curious mind. Carl Sagan said “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”, giving us hope that we are not alone in this dimension and if we continue our search for the years to come, who knows, maybe we will find someone or something or that someone or something will find us, till then hope is what keeps us thinking that we are not alone here. There is a glimpse of the chances that life exists not far from our earth, in a planet of our solar system, Mars. Scientists started to hope to find signs of life on mars after they found the presence of ‘water’ there. Another common sense assumption is that there are trillions of stars in the universe and our sun, containing 8 planets, one inhabited, is one of those stars. This fact gives us an idea that it is also possible for those trillions of stars to have planets and life on them.

Sure, the universe is massive and immense but it’s not hollow. It contains some mind blowing phenomenon’s. The black holes, being on top of the list, are regions in space which exhibit a strong gravitational field that nothing can escape once inside them. No one knows what is inside of them or how are they formed. Just like that there are many unanswered queries about the universe, for example; how were the galaxies formed? Or are there any parallel universes? Theories have been given to answer these questions, but none of those theories have been accepted worldwide yet. And its hard to believe that the scientists will ever be successful in resolving the mysteries of the universe as it is still expanding and there is no limit to it.

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