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MYSTERIOUS EARTH - Has the water on Mars really vanished - perhaps not?

Updated on August 2, 2014


The rivers and flow lines scared into the surface of Mars are well known and documented.
The rivers and flow lines scared into the surface of Mars are well known and documented.


If you look at these photos it's is evident that something that looks like water is on the Martian surface. Water is a common element in this solar system.

Mars has been thought to have had many water courses which dried up, as in this small photo opposite. The photo opposite is indicative of many, but has all water dried up, blown away or just frozen?

Water covers a lot of this Earth. Water its in comets out there, and those comets are up to 25 miles across. There are 4,000 comets discovered so far and many more beyond the solar system. They can take millions of years to cycle the sun. Some even claim that the water on earth is through millions of years of comet bombardment.

Comets formed about 4.5 billion years ago. They are a collection of ice and dust. They gather together to form the comets as we know them.

Mars is cold, but the equator can get to around 12 degrees centigrade. That means water there can thaw out, freeze again and thaw and so on. There may be also geothermal warming as in Iceland, New Zealand and other places on earth, where volcanic activity brings the heat from the planet core to the surface. Likely this will happen on Mars too.

The picture above was found on the websites a couple of years ago. I came across it then. It and the one below show what appears to be water. While I went onto government website that the referring site was directing to, the water was not visible. The site I had visited had explained that and claimed it was covering up the water. That may be, or not. So the viewer has to decide for himself if this water is real. There can be disinformation by proponents of water, and disinformation by the PR groups trying top prove the world is all worked out and nothing new is possible. Remember the very real scientific arguments that there was no global warming? People were engaged to write whole books on the subject. Saying today there is no global warming is like saying the world is flat.

The water in the enlarged photo below shows a clear edge and rocks in the shallows. It shows the blue clay resin on the upper sides, and it shows the depth and the scars on the bottom of the pool. There is just too much real detail to question it. The fines in the water are evident. The silt is obvious. The small rocks at the bottom partly submerged are also clear evidence it is real. the drainage lines into the pool are fairly evident too.


Below is a photograph that if you follow the link will take you directly to the government picture site and you can see this for yourself. It is a lake, and the shoreline is obvious. There is a sharp crisp definition at the edge of the lake surface. There is depth of the lake and the water is transparent. The darker part of the lake shows depth well. You can see that the lake is deeper at the top. The rocks at the lower edge are partly submerged. They are partly out of the water as well. This photo is straight from the Mars Global Surveyor site. Please click through and decide for yourself.

The shallow edge of the lake is evident as you can see the lake bed is coming up to the edge of the water. You can also see the line of edge of the lake, reflecting the surface on the shoreline. You can se depth and even the deeper part of the lake is evident. Especially note that there are no pockmarks, indicating that the surface is brand new, such as water. It is not a solid surface. It is liquid.

If you wish to go direct to the site, and see for yourself, do so. This is about as good as hit gets. It shows obviously all the signs of water, the picture is still able to be viewed, and has not been removed or changed for any reason.


This photos is m0901354a and comes from a government website. Just browse around looking for water on mars and it appears as large bodies of it for some reason.
This photos is m0901354a and comes from a government website. Just browse around looking for water on mars and it appears as large bodies of it for some reason. | Source


I just then wondered how hard would it be to find water with Google Mars? It is quite easy. I just clicked on the front page and went to the first crater I saw, clicked on the in fared and this is what I saw. Again, it shows what appears to be water. Yes, it is not as defined as the other pictures. But it does show a defined flat surface, with no pockmarks. This is the important piece of data in this photo. There is no pockmarking of the water surface. The surface is devoid of marks. And as you would expect, the lake beds are smooth and slowly get deeper and so on.

The other thing about this photo is the top side of the crater, on its outside as it slopes away. There is a small tributary and it runs down the slope of the crater. As it gets lower to the bottom of the slope of the crater the tributary meanders from side to side and vanishes. This is expected as the slope of the crater diminishes. There is another to the right side doing the same but is smaller.

You can go onto Google Mars and view this yourself. It is simply just more evidence of the same.


This photo is still on the Jet Propulsion Laboratories website, and I just checked. You can click through. They write about the chocolate coloured rocks but do not mention the apparent water above what looks like a murky pool. In the water are what seem like wave crests. There are strong winds on Mars so there is no reason why a lake of water would not have waves as well.

The official website mentions that optical filters have been used and this brings the colour you are seeing, instead of the usual red pictures normally presented to the public.

Again, you decide what you are looking at. There are plenty of sites, including government sites, now stating that there is more evidence of erosion from recent water moving on Mars. It is almost not even a question of it now.

The question remains now, is: Is there some water somewhere that does not freeze, killing all life? I mean, most of Mars is cold like our Antarctic and life does not abound there anymore. It is simply too cold.

So, if I was looking for life I would search through to find a volcanic area, with warmer type water - that exists in winter. That is where you will find life. There must be water and not ice, and it will be all year around. I would be very surprised if such places did not exist.


Above, is this a lake shore with waves?
Above, is this a lake shore with waves? | Source

The reason for my interest in this is that I am the author of science fiction, and I research and use my research as a tapestry of true data behind my fictional story. I hope this page is on interest to readers.


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