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Criminal Imposters and Scams

Updated on August 8, 2013

Frank Abagnale Inspiration for Catch Me If You Can

Frank Abagnale the real con artist of Catch Me If You can now works for the government, got over a million from the airlines
Frank Abagnale the real con artist of Catch Me If You can now works for the government, got over a million from the airlines | Source

Different Characters

There are people that make up different things to get attention. It could be just for a little while or longer. It could be termed pathological lying or compulsive lying. There could be a question of a personality disorder or the person is just doing it on purpose. Sometimes they just cannot stop themselves.

Some people such as Frank Abagnale, who was a check forger, are just pretending to be someone to get money. They just want to be able to make money. It may also be a little fun on the way to pretend to be someone that they are not.

Jesus - A person on the street in Hollywood was pretending to be Jesus. As it is the city of dreams it is fairly easy to do that there. It is also a city of actors. So acting out characters can be seen there as also acting and not so terrible. Johnny Depp was there and had a conversation with the person pretending to be him. Obviously, it was not really him. But there is that element of surprise there. It surely must be something for the person to do. If people were really to believe that it could be of great concern. The person doing this probably did not really believe it.

Also some guys really do look like Jesus. After awhile after being told that, it could be a temptation to try pretending to be him. That could be for other pretending as well.

Joan of Arc - Thinking that they are Joan of Arc or a similar historical character can be a serious mental illness. It gives them a lot of authority that they can use. This is one that you can tell right away that it is not true.

A Rockefeller - There have been a couple of people over the years that pretended to be a Rockefeller. It could be a story of them being a distant relative. There was the French impersonator even. It is strange how the person never really checks up on them.

A Millionaire - This is a fun character for some jokers to play. If a survey company calls them up it is fun for them for the demographics to then pretend to be very wealthy. It would throw the survey off. That really happens all the time and at different times and places.

A Rock Star - This is a fun one for some guys to pretend to be. If they can get away with it and they look similar they can talk to different chicks with this persona. They could even be just a roadie. I had someone pretending to be a guitar player that I had met. He came over in the same type of blue van and I was fooled for a couple of minutes. He was going to take me to a recording studio so I assume he worked there. I know it was not him.

Your Sweetheart - This could be especially damaging because it can be quite easy for them to do. All they need to do is to pretend to love you. They may want to get your money. It can also turn deadly as in the Lonely Heart murders.

A Vampire or Wolfman - I have not really seen any of these but they do pretend to be them. They can strongly identify with them with a deep need to be different and to gain attention. I had a girl tell me that she knew these guys and that they had different wolf eyes transplanted into their eyes. It was of course most probably made up.

Director or Producer - Pretending to be someone in this type of industry can get the guys a lot of attention if the girls believe it and they do not check up on it. They can make up a lot of different things to meet girls.

Cue Card Writer for TV - A guy doing a scam told many women that he had a job on TV and that he was in need of money. They helped him with the money believing that the story was true. He had affairs with them and tricked them out of a lot of money.

The Catch Me if You Can Guy - The guy that was the inspiration for this movie had pretended to be a doctor and a lawyer while he was still very young. He cashed a lot of checks that were not really his. The FBI could not catch him because he was not in their database. You see how he exudes confidence in the photo.

Native American - This can be interesting to a guy if they have Native American heritage. One of the English comedians was asked if he was one and he answered yes. He then continued to act as if he was to get the girl. He was not it turned out.

Girl Pretending to be a Guy - There was a girl in the office that was spending a couple of hours a day pretending to be a guy on the Internet in different chat rooms for fun

Cool Black Guy - On one of the episodes of Catish on reality TV another black guy pretended to be a black guy that had a good body on an Internet chat site to meet women. He had used the other man's pictures. He was not him and when she went to meet him he admitted it. There were others pretending to be people that they were not. It is something that does happen on the Internet.

Hot White Guy - A guy pretended to be a guy that I had talked to and had given me his number. He came over instead and must have thought that it was a blind date. I thought I was mistaken at first but then I realized that it was a different person. He must have gotten the phone number.

Fortune Teller - This is deception also in some cases. The person will be doing a fortune telling. They can either be deceiving people or they think they do have psychic skills. The person then will try and get more readings or money donations from the person. Those get to be expensive. It is up to the person if they want to go ahead and get more readings. The police do have trouble with some scam artists. Looking for a dead relative is also done. The psychic themselves could think they are really in touch with someone.

Victor Lustig - A famous scam artist, known for trying to sell the Eiffel Tower to people.There are other scams that are similar going on in France now. They are selling some of the land on the seashore that is later washed over by the sea when the tide comes in.

Son of Mayor of Yokahama - This could be pretending to be the mayor's son or something similar. A Japanese guy told us that he had told many people that he was the son of the mayor. He was not but he said that everyone was nice to him thinking that he was the mayor's son. He said that Americans believed him and he thought they were stupid.

There could also be different girls pretending to be someone else online or elsewhere. It could also be a person from any other type of ethnic group pretending to be someone else that they are not.

This is just a start of who they can pretend to be. It is something to watch out for. If the guys like someone they can pretend to be all kinds of things. Of course, it is not past the girls either.

Victor Lustig

Sold the Eiffel Tower to People in the picture on the left not the guy standing there.
Sold the Eiffel Tower to People in the picture on the left not the guy standing there. | Source

Disorders and Criminal Intent

The disorder can be a mixture of truth and fiction, a fantasy world they have created that they partly believe in or can share with others that they partly like or want to teach a lesson to in some way. The story is a way for them to get attention. Of course, you can imagine what happens to this if it is partly true.

Hollywood Set


Fake Identities

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