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Madness- some thoughts

Updated on September 28, 2014


By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Eloquent though the mutterings of madness be, the madness remains. Defined not by its eloquence, madness may entreat consolation and company, and to its own end seduction. For fear is stirred by solitude, the isolation of torment a pariah’s nemesis.

Madness is sanity’s affront, its opposed brother, and for however it is seen madness weaves a web that is both disarming and illusory. By its very nature it undermines the thoughts of sense and peals them back to essence, questioning their validity in such a way to confuse.

Assessing madness is questionable at best; sight through the mind of bewilderment a difficult feat. Intellect can be questioned as a contributor to sanity, and it often drives madness to new heights, the exploration of manufacture infinitely more detailed.

The greater the imagination the more eloquent the expression, and madness appears to expand exponentially, deeper and more complex in its manifestation. Beyond internal torment, how does madness appear other than different, a set of behaviours that defy what is considered normality? Should not artists be considered mad, the creative pursuits driven by torrid creativity, casting aside convention and aligning to a stream of abstraction and individuality? Madness can manifest in this way, be seen in this light.

Perhaps then madness is only viewed as such when the torment and behaviours are detrimental to the individual or society. Perhaps the gauge is less about madness and more about the box in which it is placed, metaphorically. Human beings are about boxes, clean and cut labelling. Madness presents indefinable, unpredictable and misunderstood and therefore too broad a category to be labelled with certainty.

Madness then becomes a relative term, of which there is no clear-cut case of identification, only the listed symptomatic causes of unconventional behaviour. To that conclusion I must judge myself as mad, considering my thoughts and their directions. The only reason I have not fallen to judgement is that I can uphold the view of balance through following convention and knowing how to play this game of life. However what goes on within my skull may be viewed otherwise.

Madness is subjective, only seen to be through expression. Intellect can be its capacity for diversity and creativity and can in no way legitimise sanity. On the contrary, I believe that madness has a distinct element of reality unseen by most of us. The views of insanity are often so creative that it is difficult to follow the thinking. This doesn’t mean that this train of thought is invalid only that most of us don’t get it.

Normality or what is accepted as normal behaviour is often boring and lifeless, without the creativity and expression that is within grasp. There are cases where insanity is caused by brain damage or congenital causes, but I believe that many who reside within the walls of institutions are more than just mad. They have potentials unexplored and are not just damaged goods that society needs to place in boxes or disregard. The human mind is vast and the thoughts and opportunities of exploration are infinite. Many people considered insane are simply, for whatever reason, exploring an unchartered course, the expression of which we judge not as different but as madness.

Everything is relative.


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