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Magnetic Generator Free Energy

Updated on December 14, 2011

Magnetic Generator Inventor

The Inventor of the Magnetic Generator taing picture next to his Invention
The Inventor of the Magnetic Generator taing picture next to his Invention | Source

Everyone is looking for free energy, all over the world people seek for it, yet there is no real evidence someone have actually succeed in doing so. The form of so called free energy people are looking for is through natural forces... these forces are well known and using these powers is not free at all - it comes in a price that we need to evaluate like any investment we make.

As an example - if you think about solar panels - the first set up cost for a house can be around $30,000 and it will generate electricity for your house for 20 years - that means - it will cost you about $1500 a year to power your home - so it is not free - although it might be cheaper than paying your electricity company the same amount.

So - basically every free energy technology there is a hidden price (or not so hidden) 

We can make these calculations for almost every source of natural energy: Wind, Hydro, Sun, Water, Nuclear, Heat and others...

Magnetic Generator

The new source not many looked at is Magnetic Generator, which if you believe the claims that are made - it can produce electricity using the power of the magnets to repel and attract each other. These forces when aligned correctly can make a perpetual motion that in its turn can be converted into electricity. The cost for building a Homemade Magnetic Generator is around $200 using simple materials that can be purchased in any hardware store. so - it is not free energy but it is very cheap one.

Free Energy Generator inside a Bunker


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  • perihelionecho profile image

    perihelionecho 7 years ago from Michigan

    Very interesting idea! I've never heard of it. Thanks for the post!