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Some fiction about life.

Updated on December 16, 2014

Magnetic seeds - a fiction story

“We don’t really know what gravity is, or what magnetism is,” said the Physics professor to his class of about ten students. “All we can do is measure it and describe it.” The year was 1976 and Herb Truehorne was attending college over the summer in an attempt to graduate faster. He thought he wanted to be a physicist. The college was a small four year university and Herb had returned after working in the computer field for thirteen years. Thirteen years earlier he dropped out because of a good job offer and a marriage and children.

Divorce does things to a person

Now his wife had divorced him, and he found himself returning to his alma mater to finish up his bachelor credentials. The college was now a full university offering graduate and post graduate programs. It was a beautiful campus nestled next to the Ginko mountains on the side of a hill.

He was looking out over the campus below from a large picture window in the library.

“Hey!” a tall blond girl said to him as he gazed out the window. “You’re the guy in my physics class along with those six people from India.”

Herb looked up and smiled, “Yes, that’s me. Still thinking I want to be a physicist, but upset over the fact that we still don’t know what all this is. Gravity, magnetism, electricity. We know how it works. We know how to generate it. We know a lot about it but we cannot said what it really is.”

The God Particle

“My names Lisa,” she replied with a hint toward getting acquainted better. “Have you heard of the God Particle?”

“No, what is that?

“Well some scientists have this theory there is a very small particle that is the building block of everything else. It works out mathematically, but they can’t prove it exists without creating some kind of an accelerator that will bombard the atom and trace the particles that are left.”

Herb smiled and said, “That will cost a fortune.”

“It sure will! I can’t imagine them doing it in our lifetime,” Lisa replied. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“No I haven’t. Would you like to join me at the cafeteria?”

“I’d love to.”

The cafeteria had large open tables next to the library where Herb was daydreaming. They walked over and picked out some things to eat and set at a table that looked out over the valley below.

“I think I’m going to go with a different theory than the God Particle,” Herb said as they were eating. “I kind of like what they tell about in the ancient books where we are all part of everything. Everything is one and the ancients knew it. Have you heard of book ‘The Complete Zohar?’

“No, I haven’t,” replied Lisa.

“Well after studying many ancient books, I’ve come to believe our very ancient ancestors knew more about the world and what it is than we do today,” Herb said.

The Earth is a magnet

“Kids know what electricity is. They are intrigued by magnets, but they could tell you in a heart beat what a magnet is. We can see, and experience these things and still know nothing about what they really are. We can watch, study and measure the actions of these things. So everything we know about them is because we have experienced the actions of electricity and magnets. Our senses give us satisfaction without an inkling about what they really are.”

“Yes,” said Lisa. “It’s frustrating and at the same time kind of exhilarating. I mean, if our minds can have the ability to affect the physical world, it will have a profound effect on the world today.”

“It sure will, and that’s where I think my theories are leading me. This idea appeals to me, that we can be the masters of our own universe. Mind over matter becomes a reality.”

“The Earth is a huge magnet,” continued Herb. “It has magnetic north and south poles.


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