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Maintaining the Best Human Model

Updated on January 3, 2015

Unequivocally, undoubtedly, unarguably the best ideal in life involves humanity; it nourishes and encourages continuity of human values and its very quality of being what it is means it is well worth “what it is” and well worth existing throughout. As it is worthwhile in life involving life scenarios, upholding and sustaining the humane disposition should predominant wherever one is at this moment and across the seas. It scales logically for the human person to represent it, willfully kind, compassionate and sympathetically spirit filled. This means comfort in knowing it is yet present and being maintained by the good and fair hearted. One’s fortune is best served in its presence and one however inadvertently always hopes for its existence. Nothing looks better than the maintenance of humanity. Maintenance becomes apparent to proof of need when one imagines looking down the tube to the other end and seeing too late it was not maintained. Thereby only in witnessing its absence one realizes its worthiness. There is no valid argument to contesting its maintenance and relevancy. Therefore it should be kept polished and shined-up and displayed attractively for recipients and onlookers too, daily. It is at its best when creviced deeply in the hearts sustained and kept relevant in society, i.e. the world.

Humanity is the one main angle that has persisted in debunking the bad in society but unfortunately rivals particular divisions of inhumanness that attempts their own debunking. This debunking is noted for what it is as follows. In the time period of 1922-1994 a professor from Wesleyan University named Philip Hallie reminded of the greatest debunker of humanity of all times. It is cruelty. He explicitly exposed cruelty for what it means in opposition to humanity. Principally cruelty is the number one challenger of humanity, automatic and unquestionably the worst threatening whip simply because of what it means especially when it draws blood. This absence of humanity called cruelty can hurt equally even if blood is not seen. Any cruelty simply for what it means delegates to inhumane and heartlessness. Acclaim reserves for those who take on the quest of debunking such inhumaneness directing the maintenance of humanity to be practiced and preserved centuries forward.

Cruelty’s potential to dissect is most threatening when it dissects into “Substantial cruelty”. Hallie regard such cruelty as the maiming of a person’s dignity and the crushing of their self-respect essentially, the epitome of violating humanity. This type of violation is undeniably inhumane, indisputably disrupts and defies and urgently summons hospitality to essentialness.

Therefore what is essentially needed as a combatant is hospitality. It shares wings with humanity and rivals the disgrace that cruelty brings and fans essential to the theme of humanity. Cruelty however tagged combines into different degrees of misery and causes nothing productive. Hallie substantiated hospitality rivals it best. Hallie goes on to imply cruelty is worse than causing bloodshed, therefore reminding one does not have to bleed to feel hurt. It is not remiss to believe hurtful cruelty is something any society should be ashamed of, by now. Societies should know these types of negatives out in the atmosphere takes a society down a one way tube to destruction and contributes to a legacy left for others to fix. Humanity is humanity and hurt is hurt, whether hurt cause’s physical pain or mental pain, humanity is the healer and preventer also. Cruelty is an unfortunate cue representing the illogical non-limits of pain. It causes those treated inhumanely to unfortunately become the best qualifiers of judging the feel of cruelty. Hurt from such cruelty reminds of its potential to stem a legacy needing fixing as well.

A blindness toward the tubed certainty from a lacking of humanity is, in honest, scary. It is essential to recognize the absence of humanity because it principally means a dangerous mindset for any society. Cruelty over humane, for those need reminding is counterclockwise on the wheel of humanity and so is bloodshed and as the wheel reverses they hold a society hostage to declining rather than flourishing. Humanity is best when it yields innately and eternally in the minds, souls and dispositions all over here and there and everywhere. Hallie’s association is worthy to reminding a lack of it means some are not looking down the tube to see what is at the end.

The times are more fitting for promoting the right humanity for good societies and may even be long overdue. One must reasonably consider the tubed reality, being reminded we are far beyond ancient times, where our biggest quest meant conquering people and land, acquiring power and controlling. Cruelty has clearly brought society toward looking better when upholding the best human model; letting go of what is apparent to being outdated and has transcended to requiring saluting a more appropriate order called civility for a good and better future. Consequently, it is hoped civility will help to fill humanity’s vacuum as it associates toward the best conduct to be found in societies and causes solace when it is present. Its presence requires being replete and ever abounding or at least it should. Hints are suggestive all around symbolically supporting a garnishing of humanity at all times and not limiting its theory and practice. The ideal of humanity should ellipse all about us at all times, creed after creed. Perhaps Plato’s creed should be eternally reminding it prioritizes us as “Rational, social animals”. However when manners are exercised against humanity it defies this very recommendation. Let us not let the humanitas (Latin based) concerning education hold humanity hostage. Any indication humanity is more resolute in the intellectual and the cultural minded is a scary non-ideal and should be sidestepped. Societies should actually expect humane values to continually infuse a society through teachings in all places as well as educational institutions. The humane perspective reasons as an integral need in society at all time and among all, the educated and non-educated. The lay minded ultimately strains toward the ideal of the worthwhile prospect that humanity may be served best by them, the population’s power in numbers.

Ultimately humanity means a general moral excellence that is unquestionably intrinsic to humanity and is not to be overtaken by other lyrics from sects of cruelty. There is always something inherent to what the heart can offer. Crucial to the offerings of the heart are merciful and moral tendencies. When these tendencies are not found it means society is turning backwards. Children’s paths are being obstructed and ultimately different lyrics will bring a different language; prospect a different culture and different people if society is not mindful of its transitioning toward an absence of what is eternally needed. Do not let hearts of darkness thorn the children’s path.

Finally, a lacking of humanity does not confine itself and therefore is always a threat because of its ultimate propensity. Essentially the best recourse to this threat resides in maintaining humanity; always removing the dicey, assuring it remains core and eternal in society.


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