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Major Mountain Ranges Of The World

Updated on September 13, 2012

A Mountain Range is a collection of several high and low mountains, often termed as its peaks. It may consist of several valleys and river channels formed by water rushing down from melting glaciers.

Mountain ranges consist of several peaks and each of this peak has its own physical features, but still they have something in common like height and mountain formation according to type. In the famous Himalayan mountain range, most of the mountains are over 7200 metres, including the highest peak Mount Everest.

There are many famous mountain ranges that exist in almost every continent and have been summarized in the following text. But out of all these mountain ranges, one very important Mountain Range is the Ocean Ridge, which is the longest mountain range in the world.

The Andes Mountain Range
The Andes Mountain Range


When we talk about world’s major mountain ranges the first name comes is our minds is Andes, Andes is one of the supreme natural feature of earth.

It is biggest mountain range of the world, on the surface of a continent. It lies in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.  This chain of highlands is along with western coast of South America.

This range is about 8900 kilometers long and 700 kilometers wide. The famous Mount Aconcagua lies in this range at the border of Argentina and Chile. 

The Rocky Mountain Range
The Rocky Mountain Range

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains, informally known as Rockies, are mountain range on North America. This range includes all uplands and mountains of New Mexico, British Colombia and north Alberta in Canada and United States of America. 

The highest peak of this range is Mount Elbert. From physiographical point of view that is soil, landform and drainage and from geological point of view that is types of rocks, their origin and age.

This range is divided into four sub-divisions; southern Rockies, northern Rockies, middle Rockies and Canadian Rockies. An approximate length of this range is 6035 kilometers. 

The Himalayan Mountain Range
The Himalayan Mountain Range


The Himalayan, mountain range has some of the highest mountain peaks in the world including the gigantic Mount Everest, and is in Asia.

This range, excluding Karakoram and Hindu Kush, is 2400 kilometers long and about 400 kilometers wide, forms an arc from west in Indus river valley to east Brahmaputra river Valley. 

Many of Himalaya’s peaks are scared of Buddhist as well as for Hindus. The countries in which this chain of top peaks spread includes: Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.

The Himalayan Mountain Range

The Great Dividing Range
The Great Dividing Range

Great Dividing Range

Great Dividing Range or the Eastern Highland or Eastern Cordillera or the Great Divide, all refer to the world’s fourth largest mountain range in Australia.

This range is a bit different from other mountain ranges. It is not a single mountain range in fact a complex cluster of escarpments, plateaus, uplands and mountains. The range has an ancient, interesting and complex geological history as it was home to the ancient Australian Aboriginal Tribes.

Great Dividing Range falls in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. This range is approximately 3500 kilometers long.

The Tien Shan Range
The Tien Shan Range

Tien Shan

Tien Shan is a mountain range in central Asia. This mountain range is spread in China, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The range stretches approximately 2500 kilometers.

It bisects the territory of Turkistan. The highest peak of these mountains is Victory peak. Other than being the highest peak of Tien Shan range, Victory Peak is highest spot in Kyrgyzstan. It is formed by collision of Indian and Eurasian plates. This collision had occurred in The Cenozoic era. 

The Alps Range
The Alps Range


Alps or alpen (in German) or alpi (in Italian) or aples (in French), all are names of a vast mountain range in Europe.

This range of mountains and uplands starting from Austria in east and ends in Slovenia going through France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The range is about 1200 kilometers long. Sources of many major Europeans rivers; like Rhine, Rhone and Po, lies in this mountain range. Being not as huge, high and wide as Andes and Himalayas but still it is responsible for many phenomena related to geography. 

The Silk Route in the Karakoram range, near Hunza River
The Silk Route in the Karakoram range, near Hunza River
The magnificent K2
The magnificent K2


The Mountain range on the Pakistan-India-Iran-Afghanistan border is known as Karakorum Range. This range is about 500 kilometers long. Being exactly on the borders, this location gives this range an extraordinary geopolitical importance.

This range has mostly glaciated parts of which the two most famous are; Siachen Glacier and Biafo Glacier, outside the polar region. Karakoram is home of K2, world’s second highest peak, after Mount Everest.

The range is concentrated with many peaks and the high altitude in the terrain is the main reason of less inhabitation. For geologists, Karakorum (and Himalayas) is a main center of attraction to study the diverse nature of this region.

The Atlas Mountain Range
The Atlas Mountain Range


The Mountain range 2500 kilometers long extending though Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria is called Atlas mountain range or Atlas Mountains.

This mountain range is and was the home of many animal species of Africa like; atlas bear, Atlas cedar, atlas mountain viper and Barbary leopard.

Many of the African plant species such as European black pine, Algerian oak and dippers; are also found in these Atlas Mountains. Majority of inhabitants of the Atlas Mountains are Berbers, the ancient African tribes.

This range is further more divided into three subdivisions called; anti-atlas, middle-atlas and high atlas.


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