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Major Rivers Of Asia

Updated on December 24, 2011

Rivers are an important resource for any country or a continent. They not only provide water for irrigation but also store water for the making of hydroelectricity. They are also big source of food in the form of fresh water marine life.

Any country with a proper river system is considered to be blessed by all means as they are the engine for running the countries economy and providing infrastructure resources in the form of electricity.

Asia which is the largest continent in the world is lucky to have a large amount of rivers especially in its south. There many rivers in Asia which are the major source of income in these countries.

Some of the major rivers of Asia are:

A bridge on the Amu Darya river.
A bridge on the Amu Darya river. | Source

Amu Darya

The Amu Darya River is a large river, approximately 1578 miles or 2539 km in length. The river flows from a plateau in the Pamir Mountains present in the Central Asia. From there it flows across southern Tajikistan, forms a border with Afghanistan after which it goes to North West to form borders with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and then finally pours into the Aral Sea.

The Amu Darya River has been an important river for centuries. It was previously called Oxus and played a significant role in the culture of Persians. It also played an important role in the military campaigns of Alexander the Great.

A view of The Euphrates River
A view of The Euphrates River | Source


Euphrates is also another historically important and popular river of Asia. The river originates from the Caucasus Mountains of Armenia from where it flows towards southeast and travels along the West-central turkey, then towards Syria, Iraq and finally pours in the Persian Gulf.

The Euphrates is the longest river in the Middle East and is around 2235 miles in length. Historically Euphrates is also very important as by the banks of this river stood one of the greatest oldest civilizations of Babylon.

The Indus River on its journey to the Arabian Sea.
The Indus River on its journey to the Arabian Sea.
The Tigris River
The Tigris River | Source

Indus River

The Indus River is not only a major river of Asia but it is the most important river of Pakistan. The river originates near Mansarovar in Tibet and then runs through India, Pakistan and then meets the Arabian Sea.

The Indus River is around 3200 km long and has twenty tributaries. This river plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy. The main agricultural centers of the country i.e. Punjab and Sindh use the water of this river. Apart from that it supports various industries of the country.

In past, beside the banks of Indus River, resided the ancient Indus civilization which flourished greatly because of this river

Tigris River

The Tigris river of Iraq originates from the mountains of Southern Turkey and then travels to southern part of Iraq and then it joins with the Euphrates to form Shatt al Arab which then joins the Persian Gulf. The river has many small tributaries and is 1180 miles or 1899 km in length.

The Ganges River
The Ganges River | Source


The River Ganges or the Ganga River in Hindi is the most important river in India. The river is not only important for agricultural point of view in India but it is also a very important river from a holy point of view. The Hindus worship the river.

The river runs through Northern India and Bangladesh and is around 2510 km long. The river along with the river Yamuna forms a deltaic land which covers Bangladesh, India and the West Bengal.

The population around the river is very dense as Hindus consider the river as their god. Because of its extreme usage Ganges has become the most polluted river however Hindus still believe that by bathing in it their sins will go away. It is also one of the most historically important rivers in the world.

Yangtze River at Shanghai, China.
Yangtze River at Shanghai, China. | Source

Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is one of the largest rivers in the world and is located in China. The river it self is a combination of four great rivers of China namely: the Fu, Jialing, Qu and Wu.

The Fu, Jialing and Qu join the river from the left while the Wu joins from the right. The Yangtze River cuts along the Mountain systems. It is a very important river for China’s economy however it has also caused a lot of flooding in many parts of the country.

Sunset at Irrawaddy River
Sunset at Irrawaddy River | Source

Irrawaddy River

The Irrawaddy River which is also called the Ayeyarwady in Sanskrit (which means elephant) is the most important river of Burma. The river originates from Kachin and flows over Myanmar and Burma.

The river is the largest river in Myanmar and is 1350 miles in length. The river has always played a major role in the economy of Burma. Even in ancient times the river was a mean of agriculture and transport for the Burmese people.


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