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Majuana and society

Updated on April 6, 2012
There are many positive and negative aspects of marijuana use. An argument towards legalization and/or prohibition should be based on facts from both perspectives and then weighed towards the most viable and positive solution. Everything inherently has a positive and negative aspect in some way the issue is determining which perspective or ideal weighs the heaviest towards positive outcomes. Clearly everyone accept maybe the dealers who use marijuana recreationally or medically would love to see it legalized for many different reasons. A short list could consist of it promoting stress relief, medicinal purposes, increase in creative thinking, and improved focus for those suffering from ADHD or ADD or just because they like how it feels. In opposition to these would be that it is considered a mind altering drug, it is a “gateway” drug, if we legalize that we have to legalize all the other drugs to, smoking is bad for your health, recreational or not the drug’s effects impair and alter reality making it a hazard to the person using having it illegal protects people from this. These are all viable arguments if they are substantiated by facts. The fact is that alcohol and nicotine are no different in there impairment and alteration of perspective to reality. Alcohol is widely known to do this causing many accidents, fights and other personal calamities. Nicotine however is a little harder to recognize. The reality is that when someone smokes a cigarette because they are stressed it is being used to alter their perspective and behavior towards their environment by chemical induction. There are many things in this world that can have those same effects. What is it that makes some legal and others not? Two things. Profitability with control and socially created policy. In other words it will only become legal if society forces the issue and the government can establish a way to control it and profit from it through big business in such a way that their control and profit are better than they are with the system they have in place currently. Think of all the money the states and government take in from the fines and fee’s related to possession, cultivation and sale of a plant. It is illegal because society has deemed it to be, just as alcohol and nicotine are legal because that is what the people have chosen. We are supposed to be country of likeminded people striving for the betterment of our society and life, placing profit in that mix creates greed and from that many other destructive forces.


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